12 Days of Bulletproof: Your Biohacking Gift Guide

The gift-giving season is here! If you’ve hit a wall figuring out what to get for your friends and family, look no further – you can hack your holiday shopping with this biohacking gift guide. The following 12 gifts all enhance performance; there’s something for everyone, from your nutrient-injecting, diehard biohacker friend to your buddy who still thinks you’re crazy for eating so much fat. Enjoy!


1) The attention hack – Nicotine spray

Nicotine can be a badass brain hack if you use it carefully. It enhances attention, memory, reflexes, and fine motor skills, among other things. Nicotine spray delivers a tiny but effective dose of nicotine without other nasty ingredients, making it the most Bulletproof option. The spray is also inexpensive, running you about 20 cents per dose.

Nicotine’s a very powerful chemical and it’s important to understand how to use it. Please read this blog post before you give it a try, and pass the article along to anyone to whom you send nicotine as a gift.


2) The thinker’s hack – Racetams

Racetams can also take your mind to a higher level. Piracetam was one of the first big modern nootropics, and aniracetam and phenylpiracetam are slightly different relatives of the old classic. There isn’t much quality research on racetams in healthy humans. You can read about the research that does exist here (look for the subsection about hacking your brain).

If you’re up for a little self-experimentation, aniracetam and phenylpiracetam are both solid places to start.


3) The food hack – Bulletproof: The Cookbook

Let’s face it: The Bulletproof Diet can make an awkward present. It’s often tough to give a diet book to friends without their hurting feelings.

A cookbook, on the other hand, is a great gift. Bulletproof: The Cookbook has 125 Bulletproof recipes, each of which helps you diversify what you eat and enjoy your food to the fullest. The cookbook is as good for Bulletproof beginners as it is for seasoned veterans. Try a couple of the recipes for free here.


4) The baking hack – Cassava flour

Cassava is a Bulletproof starch, and cassava flour’s mild taste and moisture retention makes it a good option for everything from waffles to taco shells. It’s a stellar present for a paleo or gluten-free friend who likes to get creative in the kitchen.


5) The holiday party hack – NutriDyn Alcohol Detox pills

The majority of holiday celebrations include alcohol. Even the most dedicated biohacker will usually have a drink or two (or three or four) during the holiday season.

Nutrition Dynamics Alcohol Detox pills interact with alcohol at several stages of metabolism to prevent it from giving you a hangover, regardless of how many drinks you had the night before. In the comments section of this article, organic chemist and Bulletproof Radio guest Steve Fowkes gives a tremendous explanation of how the pills work. For even greater damage control, take glutathione at the beginning and end of the night.


6) The “get fun stuff in the mail” hack – Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Box BIO04_01

A Biohacking Box contains an assortment of handpicked biohacking goodies valued at more than the price you pay for the box. Each box has a theme; past themes include vitality hacking, travel hacking, and essential upgrades. Click here to subscribe!


7) The coffee hack – Ceramic burr coffee grinder

Hack your morning coffee routine with a ceramic burr grinder. The ceramic lasts forever and won’t rust, and it stays cooler than stainless steel grinders do (some coffee aficionados say the heat from a metal grinder burns off precious coffee oils, although the topic is up for debate). A Hario grinder lets you adjust your grind very precisely; you can change the flavor of your coffee and switch between a fine grind for espresso, a rough grind for French press coffee, and so on. The hand grinding encourages you to slow down and take time to prepare and enjoy your coffee every morning.


8) The coffee hack, part II – AeroPress with a metal filter

Here’s another coffee upgrade. The AeroPress has taken the coffee community by storm. There’s a reason it made it into the very first Biohacking Quarterly Box. The AeroPress consistently ranks among top-rated brewing methods, despite being compact and cheap (it’s only 30 bucks). It’s also quick – it uses pressure to speed up the brewing process, so you can make a delicious cup of coffee or espresso in under a minute. If that weren’t enough, the AeroPress has no moving parts and won’t break easily. It’s basically a simple plastic tube (BPA- and phthalate-free, of course). You can even travel with it.

The only downside is that the AeroPress uses paper filters that bind to tasty, cancer-fighting coffee oils like kahweol and cafestol. To keep the oils in, buy a $2 reusable stainless steel filter.


9) The anxiety hack – Float center gift certificate

A float tank removes almost all sensory input from your body. You’re suspended in magnesium solution in a lightproof, soundproof, temperature-controlled pod. It feels like you’re drifting through empty space.

Floating is a great way to decrease cortisol in a short amount of time. Studies suggest that it also improves markers of depression, anxiety, sleep quality, and optimism. To top it off, you absorb the magnesium solution through your skin, which balances your magnesium levels.

There are a surprising number of float centers across the US. This list includes many of them. Bonus tip: some places offer group deals, so if you’re going with friends be sure to ask if there’s a discount.


10) The social hack – A home-cooked meal073480_Ribs_05

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best ones. Invite a few friends over and spend the day cooking a
three-course meal (One last shameless plug: if you’re looking for recipes, Bulletproof has you covered). Catch up with one another, share some gratitude, tell a few stories, and savor Bulletproof food in good company.


11) The toxin hack – HEPA air purifier

An air purifier is an especially good gift for someone who who lives in an apartment or in a city with poor air quality. Here’s an excellent option. It has three parts: the activated charcoal filter removes indoor odors and dust, the hospital-grade HEPA filter traps microscopic pollutants like dust mites, mold spores, and pet allergens, and the UV-C light kills airborne viruses and bacteria. You’ll have cleaner air within hours.


12) The sleep hack – TrueDark glasses

As strange as they look, they’re powerful for hacking your sleep. The Daywalker blocks excess blue spectrum light during the day, which prevents damage to your delicate eye tissues. The Twilights filter out all blue wavelengths, allowing your body to produce higher levels of calming melatonin.

If you’re giving any other cool gifts, drop a link to them in the comments with your thoughts. Thanks for reading and happy biohacking!

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