Activate Invisible Networks of Movement in Your Muscles with Weird Tech – #441

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Want to learn how to “turn on” your muscles, for more strength and less pain? Do you know how to activate your psoas? Mike Hoban, seasoned strength/conditioning coach and founder of Elite Speed, knows how – and in this fascinating discussion with Dave, he teaches Bulletproof Radio listeners this cool technique, too. From the latest, greatest technology that Mike uses with his pro-athlete clients, including amino neuro frequency and dual-wave electrical stimulation, to the simple method that can trigger muscular activation, to the most effective routines Mike focuses on at his sports training facility, you won’t want to miss this in-person conversation at Bulletproof Alpha Lab, filled with awesome hacks.

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Show Notes

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  • Why you want to listen to today’s entire episode until the end…what you’ll learn
  • Cool Fact of the Day: Your brain actually dumps waste products through the lymphatic system…which completely changes how we should think about the brain and the immune system!
  • Check out the Bulletproof Coffee 3-Roast Variety Pack (Original Roast, The Mentalist & French Kick)
  • Exciting news – “The Bulletproof Diet” has been published in Hungarian! Check it out here!
  • Dave introduces strength & conditioning coach + original Bulletproof Conference attendee Mike Hoban, founder of Elite Speed
  • Mike is with Dave in person from Alpha Lab! If you want to watch video of this episode, go to
  • Mike talks about his experience as a strength coach, how he got started working with pro athletes, and working with kids
  • Mike talks about the types of athletes he works with most often, and he explains the three major muscle groups and how they work
  • What is a psoas?
  • Mike explains how he can reactivate a tissue by finding the right points
  • Fun Fact: Mike actually wrote the exercise manual for the Bulletproof Vibe
  • Mike teaches us the easiest way to activate our psoas – via the belly button!
  • Mike discusses how often you should activate your psoas
  • Mike talks about some of the new technology he’s using with pro athletes, amino neuro frequency, which also applies to the regular population to manage pain
  • Mike shares how he was introduced to this amino neuro frequency technology after his own injury, and how he’s using it with athletes now
  • Mike talks about some of the other tech he’s using, like dual-wave electrical stimulation
  • How much foam rolling is too much foam rolling?
  • Dave mentions the Bulletproof Vibe once again, and what it does
  • Mike reveals the workout strategies that still work best (in the least amount of time) for his pro athletes
  • Mike mentions U Perform Better Institute and his seminars; email Mike at
  • Mike’s three most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • If you like today’s episode, check us out on iTunes at and leave us a 5-star, positive review

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