Ozone Therapy: A Powerful Tool to Slow Down Aging

Have you ever gone outside after a rainstorm and smelled that fresh, clean smell in the air? 

If so, you’ve breathed in ozone.

Ozone is a type of gas that’s common in the atmosphere. You may have heard of it in the context of the ozone layer –– a thick shield of ozone that exists about 6 miles off the surface of the earth, shielding it from the sun’s radiation. 

Down here on the surface of the earth, ozone has another, less well known use: it’s a powerful way to slow down aging. 

Here’s how ozone works, and how you can use it to hack the aging process so you stay younger and stronger. 

How Ozone Stops You from Aging

Oxidative stress is one of the leading drivers of aging[*]. It’s also an inevitable process. 

Whenever you do anything, from breathing to sprinting to thinking, your cells (specifically your mitochondria, the power plants of your cells) have to produce energy to fuel your body. 

That’s great for powering everything you do, but one of the byproducts of energy production is free radicals: little charged molecules that have an unpaired electron on them. 

The unpaired electron makes free radicals unstable, so they bounce around trying to steal an electron from a complete, stable molecule. When the free radical succeeds, it destabilizes (and sometimes destroys) the other molecule, creating another free radical. 

If you have long-term exposure to free radicals, the result is oxidative stress: a chain reaction of destruction and destabilization that spreads through your cells, causing them to slow down and become less efficient. 

Over time, you produce more and more free radicals, and your body becomes less equipped to fight them off. That’s the basis of the aging process: your body becomes less effective and more damaged at a cellular level, leading to disease and, eventually, death. 

However, it’s possible to mop up free radicals by using antioxidants –– compounds that bind to the radical and neutralize it before it can mess with your healthy, high-functioning cells. 

That’s where ozone comes in. 

Ozone Therapy Turns Off Oxidative Stress and Slows Down Aging

Oxidative stress and poor oxygen utilization are two primary culprits of the aging process. Ozone therapy works on both of these aspects.

A drug will force your body to take a certain action. But ozone therapy simply helps optimize your body’s natural functions.

Ozone therapy improves your body’s natural antioxidant system and reduces oxidative stress. It also helps deliver oxygen to the parts of your body that need it, increasing the efficiency of your breathing. 

With ozone, you can deliver more oxygen to your cells with every breath, increasing your body’s energy production while also protecting against free radical damage that ages you[*].

Clinical trials have also found that ozone is good for:

  • Energy production. Ozone gently stresses your mitochondria in a good way, making them more resilient and better at producing energy[*]. 
  • Brain function. Ozone delivers oxygen to your brain while protecting it from stressors. A 2013 study found that ozone therapy helped restore limb movement in patients who had a severe stroke[*], and other research shows a general decrease in brain inflammation and stress following low-level ozone exposure[*].  
  • Cardio. A 2017 study found that ozone improves heart function and reduces oxidative stress caused by damage to the cardiovascular system[*]. 
  • Faster wound healing. Ozone therapy dramatically speeds up wound healing by drawing an immune response to the damaged tissue[*]. It’s especially good for chronic or treatment-resistant wounds. 
  • Antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and great for black mold. Ozone rapidly destroys bacteria[*], fungi[*], and parasites[*]. Ozone also completely degrades black mold and mycotoxins[*], which is why I originally got into ozone therapy. It was the only thing that helped me with symptoms of mold exposure. 
  • Anti-aging. Ozone is a powerful tool for decreasing oxidative stress bodywide, making it an ideal way to slow down aging[*]. It’s even powerful enough to prevent oxidative stress associated with chemotherapy, radically reducing symptoms in cancer patients[*] (note: ozone doesn’t help with the actual cancer. Just the inflammation and oxidative stress related to chemo). 

In short, ozone therapy optimizes your energy production and brainpower while slowing down the rate at which you age.

Try Ozone Therapy at Home

Ozone therapy has a truckload of benefits. And here’s the crazy part… You can do ozone therapy at home for under $1 per treatment.

Yes, aging will happen. But YOU get to control the process. Along the way, you can reach new levels of health you didn’t realize were possible.

Ozone has helped me tremendously in my fight against mold. It helped me repair and optimize my health, and I’ve been using it ever since.

 If you’re looking for a good at-home ozone therapy setup, I recommend Simply O3. Their equipment is easy to use and comes with a 6-month money back guarantee, so you can try them risk-free and feel the difference for yourself. 

Ozone therapy is a powerful way to live longer and upgrade your body and mind. Give it a try; you’ll feel the difference in just a few sessions. 

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