Healthy Aging/Anti-Aging

Toxic Zombie Cells_header new
anti-agingArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingmitochondria

To Live Forever, Get Rid of Your Body’s Toxic Zombie Cells

Why You Should Ditch the Alkaline Water and Drink This Instead_header
ArticleDietHealthy Aging/Anti-Aging

Why You Should Ditch the Alkaline Water and Drink This Instead

Helminth Therapy_header
ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-Agingmicrobiome

Helminthic Therapy for Autoimmune Disease (Or, Why I Gave Myself Parasites on Purpose)

Earth BioGenome_header
ArticleDNAGenomeHealthy Aging/Anti-Aginglongevity

Earth BioGenome Project: Sequencing Life For the Future of Life

lab tests_header
ArticleBlood TestsdiabetesHealthy Aging/Anti-Aginglongevity

These 3 Lab Tests Will Help You Live Longer, Says “Wheat Belly” Cardiologist William Davis

Deepak Chopra_header
anti-agingArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-Aginglongevity

How to Live Forever, According to Deepak Chopra

Man going over test results with doctor
ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-Aging

Tired of Feeling Like Crap? Request These Medical Tests From Your Doctor

dry brushing
ArticledetoxHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingskinVideo

Why Dry Brushing Should Be Your New Detox Practice

krill oil_header
Articlebrain healthHealthy Aging/Anti-Aginghealthy fat

What to Look for in a Krill Oil Supplement

Curcumin Max supplement
ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-Aginginflammationsupplements

How a Curcumin Supplement Can Help You Deal With Inflammation

5 Reasons to Get a Home DNA Test_header
ArticlebiohackingDNAHealthy Aging/Anti-Aging

5 Reasons to Get a Home DNA Test

baking soda_header
ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingNews

A Daily Dose of Baking Soda Can Treat Autoimmune Disease, Study Finds. Here’s How to Drink It

The Key to Living Longer and Better Protect Your Telomeres_header_New
anti-agingArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingstressVideo

Protect Your Telomeres to Live Longer (and Better)

New Study Links Aging with Having Children. Wait Moms There’s Hope_header
anti-agingArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingNews

Moms Age 11 Years Faster, Says New Study. Here’s How to Stop It

Shortcomings of the Alcohol-Longevity Study_header
ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-AginglongevityNews

New Study Links Alcohol and Longevity. Here’s What It Gets Wrong

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