5 Non-Toxic Personal Care Products for Travel

If you’re trying to avoid toxic chemicals and fragrances in your personal care products, the travel soap and shampoo section of the big box store probably leaves you feeling frustrated. Most often, you’ll only find popular mainstream brands in the dollar bins of travel products.

Beyond basic hygiene, you probably want to look and feel your best while traveling. If you’re vacationing, you want to feel refreshed every day. If you’re traveling for business, you want to feel your best for that big presentation or client meeting.

Here are a few non-toxic products that will make you feel like you have your full at-home personal care toolbox, on the go.

5 clean personal care products for travel

Drunk Elephant: The Littles

If you’re used to daily multi-step skincare and you wouldn’t dream of going to bed without going through your routine, you’ll need to pick up The Littles from Drunk Elephant. Drunk Elephant is a full skin care line that’s known for high-quality non-toxic ingredients that perform.

The set comes in its own waterproof pouch and contains a travel size each of:

  • Cleanser
  • Vitamin C serum
  • Hydration serum
  • Glycolic acid night serum
  • Marula facial oil
  • Polypeptide night cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Eye cream

Each product is 8-30 mL, so you’ll get them through airport security without hassle.

If one product is more your speed, Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro makes a great day cream because it absorbs quickly, and doubles as a luxurious night cream because it offers intense hydration. There is a travel/trial size available, but even the full size is only 1.5 oz, well under security’s 3 oz limit.

Get Drunk Elephant: The Littles here, $90

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Blue Flamingo Acclimate

When I first came across Blue Flamingo’s Acclimate face mist, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. Is it a toner? A moisturizer? A serum? Is it for the puffiness that always seems to show up after a long trip?

The answer to all of these is yes. Acclimate was formulated to be everything you need it to be, no matter what climate you land in. If your face feels dry and tight from the plane, feel instant relief when you spritz on some moisture. If you walk out of the jetway and into a wall of humidity, you can give yourself a few refreshing sprays to cool your skin. If your eyes feel puffy after a long flight and lack of sleep, Acclimate will restore your skin’s calm.

The bottle pumps out a superfine, hydrating mist that you can spray on your bare face or over makeup. The amount you use is not enough liquid to cause streaking. Oh, and it smells like a lightly floral kombucha.

Even when I’m not traveling, I find myself reaching in my bag for it often. My skin craves it.

Get Blue Flamingo Acclimate here, $42

Morrocco Method Shampoo Bar

Bar shampoo is ideal for travel. You can carefully use a kitchen knife to slice off just the right amount to take with you on your trip, and since it’s solid, you can get it through airport security without a problem. The amount you need for most trips will take up about as much space as your thumb, so it’s easy to pack.

Ingredients like French green clays detox the scalp, castor oil promotes hair growth, and other high-quality ingredients in a coconut oil base made my hair feel clean without feeling like my strands had been stripped of moisture.

The product directions say to follow up with a conditioner. I have prior experience with bar shampoo and I find that my ultra-fine hair does better with a solution of half apple cider vinegar and half water as the final step after using a shampoo bar. Apple cider vinegar adds shine and body, and no, you don’t step out of the shower smelling like a salad. Actually, I found that the refreshing lavender and rosemary scents from the shampoo bar’s essential oils lingered well into the afternoon.

Get your Morrocco Method Shampoo Bar here $15

Farmacy – coconut gel sheet mask

I learned that doing a sheet mask while you’re in flight is a thing. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s not like you have anything better to do while you’re in your seat. You may as well use your time to brighten your complexion.

Sheet masks are perfect for flights because they’re single-use and you don’t rinse them off after you’re finished — the sheet mask leaves behind a serum that you rub into your skin for continued benefit. When you’re done, you can just pop your used sheet mask into the flight crew’s trash bag when they come by.

I tested in my living room and not on an airplane, but the Coconut Gel Sheet Mask by Farmacy impressed me no less. My face felt cool on application and I could feel my skin firming up mid-treatment. I tend to get overwhelmed by scented products on my face, even products scented naturally with essential oils. This sheet mask had barely any scent at all, so I left it on for ten extra minutes.

After letting the serum dry, I followed with my normal night cream and my skin was noticeably hydrated and plump the next morning.

I’ll be sure to pick one up for air travel from now on.

Get your Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Mask here, $6

COOLA Rosilliance Organic BB+ Cream

You can pack separate foundation, sunscreen, and daytime moisturizer, or you can pack a single bottle of COOLA Rosilliance BB Cream. I was excited to try this once since I loved the COOLA sunscreens I’ve tried.

Rosiliance is easy to apply and super hydrating. Coverage is on the light side — possibly too light for some, based on the pigmentation of other BB creams. I have a dark spot that I went over with another layer and it smoothed out my skin tone perfectly. I prefer a lighter coverage and I liked the dewy finish.

It’s important to note that this cream gets an overall score of 3 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database, but when you look at the ingredient breakdown, each ingredient scores a 2 or less, which is my upper limit for tinted moisturizers and foundations. You have to decide for yourself.

Some of the companies mentioned in this article provided test product at no cost. 

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