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Sex Life Upgrade: Find a Style That Connects Your Body & Mind

Layla Martin & Mistress Natalie

From tantric to BDSM, there’s pleasure, fun and even healing benefits for everyone.  

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Mistress Natalie, above left. Layla Martin, above right.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… two experts with very different approaches to sex illustrate exactly how one size does not fit all. Sex is a uniquely personal choice.

From the mystical to the unconventional, this podcast doesn’t shy away from candid conversations about sex. There’s a lot to learn. No matter what your life stage or circumstance, understanding how sex benefits your body and mind can dramatically improve your life.

“Sexpert Extraordinaire” Layla Martin (pictured top right) and professional dominatrix, life coach and entrepreneur Mistress Natalie (pictured top left).

Layla Martin studied human sexuality and human biology at Stanford and then spent a decade learning from Tantric masters in the jungles of Asia. She combines modern science with the effective practices of Tantra to inspire people to heal trauma or shame and fully awaken their sexuality. As the founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, Layla teaches people how to experience more epic sex and legendary love through her trademarked VITA™ Method.

Mistress Natalie lives at the intersection of BDSM and biohacking, a unique (and pretty cool!) place to be. She’s spent more than two decades doing BDSM with her clients, specializing in kinky coaching, luxury domination and BDSM therapy. Along the way, she’s continued to evolve and research her field. She also earned certifications in life coaching, personal training and yoga. More recently, she’s explored the idea that practicing your kinks can lead to some serious performance upgrades.

"Being connected to your body, understanding your energy system, and having an ability to feel heightened sensations all contribute to being excellent in bed."

Layla Martin

There’s more! If you liked this special episode with Layla and Mistress Natalie, listen to their full podcasts about sex. And check the “Links & Resources” section below for other info to upgrade the many aspects of your sexual wellness.

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  • Learn about how Mistress Natalie’s uses sex as a biohacking tool (suitable for over 21):

Enjoy the show!

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