The Business of Building Wealth – David Osborn, Serial Entrepreneur – # 490

Think you are unemployable? Start your own company.

David Osborn, who Dave calls a “business rock star”  is one of the largest franchise owners in one of the top real estate companies in the world called Keller Williams with about 4500 agents and sales volume exceeding 8.5 billion, and he’s founded, get this, more than 50 companies and at least 25 of those are ongoing profitable companies.

It all started when he was 16 with a lawn mowing business and just never stopped.

He is on Bulletproof Radio to talk about work life balance and also wealth. And how being told, “You’re like a jet airplane without a pilot.” Made him change course.

Enjoy the show!

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The Business of Building Wealth – David Osborn, Serial Entrepreneur – # 490

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Show Notes

  • “What I mean by that Dave is to be successful I think you have to have a high level of integrity. And to me integrity means with yourself, like what’s working and what’s not. You can’t be delusional and if you’re delusional in business you’ll get destroyed. So you can be delusional with your buddies around how great you were in high school as an athlete or how great you were as a sales person or how great a husband you were and they’ll all buy it and buy you a beer for being so great.” On integrity in business.
  • “That’s why I love Bulletproof so much is you’re your own limitation so the more you can get out of yourself the more successful you can be. And so having a coffee that gets you kick started, having products that help you, like the glutathione force after you’ve had it, maybe you have too much to drink one night, you pop a couple of those you feel better in the morning. So just having all these tools and hacks that keep you engaged and keep you moving forward is just part of that journey.”
  • “I was treating myself the way I would never treat a child. The internal voice that I had that was criticizing me for every flaw I made, every mistake I made was unacceptable. If I saw someone talking to my kid like that I would punch him in the face. I’d kill him right. And so I thought why do I allow myself to talk to myself that way.”
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