Dr. Robert Rowen: Treating Ebola & Ozone Therapy

Dr. Robert Rowen is known as “The Father of Medical Freedom” for pioneering the nation’s first law protecting alternative medicine, and has used ozone therapy to treat a host of different ailments since 1986. Dr. Robert was trained at Johns Hopkins University and UCSF Medical School, has been board certified and recertified by the American Boards of Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, and also served on the Alaska State Medical Board and as president of the International Oxidative Medicine Association. He is currently the Oxidation Workshop Chairman for the American College of the Advancement of Medicine, and as one of the foremost experts in the use of nature’s natural cleanser, ozone, he has been running training courses for medical practitioners in all forms of ozone therapy as an oxidation teacher since 1994.

Why you should listen –

Dr. Rowen comes on Bulletproof Radio while in quarantine to discuss his experience presenting Ozone therapy to medical practitioners in West Africa, the benefits and types of ozone therapies, the power of oxygenation therapy as a treatment for curing and preventing ebola, and how you can find treatments or even set up ozone therapy in the comfort of your own home. Listen to this podcast to hear about some ozone therapy I did myself as well – it was really effective combatting toxic mold exposure.  I used it for about 18 months every night at home and it successfully reversed the problem.  (And you wouldn’t believe where I put it…) Enjoy the show! Bulletproof Executive Radio at the iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:10 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   1:00 – Welcome Dr. Robert Rowen
  •   1:48 – Taking Ozone to West Africa
  •   9:09 – The benefits of Ozone therapy
  • 11:48 – How Ebola works
  • 13:05 – How ozone inactivates Ebola
  • 14:51 – Methods of ozone delivery
  • 19:18 – Isn’t ozone a form of pollution?
  • 20:40 – Other diseases & conditions ozone has been used to treat
  • 30:06 – Why is there resistance against ozone treatment?
  • 34:35 – Setting up ozone therapy at home
  • 41:30 – Finding ozone therapy near you
  • 45:23 – Top three recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!


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Dave:             Hey, everyone.  It’s Dave Asprey with Bulletproof Radio.  Today’s cool fact of the day is, we’ve all heard that unnecessary antibiotics are bad for you because you get immune to them, but a lot of people don’t know that your gut flora never returns to its original condition.  That means if you took antibiotics once as a child, that you probably don’t have the same gut flora that you would have otherwise had.

The more of them you take, the worse off your gut flora becomes forever.  That means it’s harder for your body to fight off infections naturally, as well.  I know this because I had chronic sinus infections every month, or strep throat for many, many years.  Like more than 15 of them, and I’ve taken more antibiotics that most horses get before they die.  Not good for me, but I’m completely bio hacking that.

This podcast today, is an amazing one because this is with a guy whose affectionately known as, The Father of Medical Freedom, because he pioneered the nation’s first law protecting alternative medicine, which is amazing, in and of itself.  What’s more amazing is he’s actually on quarantine because he just came back from treating Ebola victims with alternative medicine in Africa.  We’re going to talk about the experience of that, and we’re going to talk about what alternative medicine he used.

Our guest today is Dr. Robert Rowen.  Robert, welcome to the show.

Dr. Rowen:  Thank you very much, Dave.  It’s a pleasure and honor to be with you.  May I make one minor correction?

Dave:             Please.

Dr. Rowen:  I’m on quarantine but I actually didn’t treat Ebola patients, myself.

Dave:             What did you do?

Dr. Rowen:  I went there to teach.  I went there to teach the doctors in Sierra Leone about ozone with my colleague, friend and colleague, Dr. Howard Robbins.  He pioneered a unique method of ozone delivery that is perfect for Ebola, absolutely perfect.  It doesn’t involve contamination.  It’s dirt-cheap. We went there to teach it.  I was going to go, I put him up to it.  I said, “I’m going.”  At first he didn’t want to go and then when he thought about it, he said, “I can’t let you get all the credit for this, so, I’m going to go.”

We went together and I was there for a week.  He was there for 5 days.  We taught.  We even met with the President of Sierra Leone.  By the way, this was on an invitation from the President of Sierra Leone.

Dave:             Wow.

Dr. Rowen:  President Koroma.  We met twice with him.  He actually received the treatment.  We prepared talks and lectures before scores of people, especially their doctors.  We met with some of their most prominent doctors.  One of whom, the President of Sierra Leone Medical Dental Association walked in the door very skeptical.  When she left, she’s on my You Tube Channel, incidentally, my You Tube is Robert Rowen, M.D.  That’s my channel.  Anybody who wants to go to it, youtube.com/user/RobertRowenMd.

She just melted.  She melted.  Came in skeptical and melted, and to the point where she came in to receive her own ozone treatments.  She did a treatment on me.  I let her do one, so she would know how to do it.  Everything was cool but the problem was, unbeknownst to us, there was some skullduggery and even though the President wanted this, and it appeared his Chief Advisor wanted it, there were some things happening behind the scenes in the Ministry of Health.

Dave:             Let’s talk about that in a minute.  I’m sure people who are listening are a little bit curious about even what is ozone?  Most people think it’s a gas that’s bad for the environment, like a pollutant.  I should also disclose that we first met when you presented at the Silicon Valley Health Institute, the nonprofit that I run in Silicon Valley, that I’ve been using ozone therapy going back since 8, 9 years.  In fact, last night I gave myself an ozone treatment because I was filming my documentary on toxic mold.  I started getting upper back pain, which for me is a sign of neurotoxin exposure, and ozone treatment really helps me with that.  It breaks up my mitochondria.

I’m an active ozone user and I plan to have ozone available for my own use, pretty much til I’m dead.  Not everyday, but when I need it.  That’s kind of a background.  People who are listening, who listen to lots of episodes, they know that I do all sorts of interesting thing for performance. ozone is a seriously huge one, and most people have just never heard of it.  You’re one of the guys whose been using it since 1986.  You’re treating some of the most dangerous things ever with it. You’re like a world expert on ozone, and you just got back from Sierra Leone. Tell me what the Minister of Health did there but that background is really important.

Dr. Rowen:  It’s what the Minister of Health didn’t do.  Of all people who didn’t come to our lectures, the Minister of Health and his staff didn’t come.  Don’t think this wasn’t deliberate.  It was.  We had to jump through hoops going to meeting after meeting, driving over horrible roads, rutted roads, traffic that you can’t describe.  It’s not like it’s an LA Freeway, but there’s people walking on the street in front of you, on the side of you.  It’s like you’re dodging people on the street.  We went through meeting, after meeting, after meeting and finally, on Wednesday, which was the last day that Howard was there, we got to the Ebola czar, Paolo Conte and it was like pulling teeth to get there.

We got there about 4:30 in the afternoon and he listened to us.  We said, “Do you have any questions for us?”  We were there with a National hero, Kojo Carew, a physician, whose a National hero there. He saved a lot of lives during their wars, 10 years ago.  He’s an icon. Paola Conte said to us, “Yes, I have one question.  How come this isn’t being used already in the Center?”  I mean, here’s the Ebola czar saying, “Why isn’t it being used?”  We thought we had final clearance at last. Howard left that night.  Next morning we started off in jubilation to the treatment center.  Remember, I didn’t go there to treat Ebola myself.  That would have raised great consternations, straight up.  I didn’t think I needed to do it.  There’s plenty of people to do it.  I wanted to teach this treatment.  We get to the Ebola center and there’s a containment building that is far enough away that I thought, “Okay.”  Then we go into their meeting area where there’s a lot of people, staff, doctors and nurses.

This is not a contaminated area.  No one is there in space suits.  The doctors that we had trained previously during the week didn’t show up, so we’re ready to train new staff and new doctors, and they’ve got some skepticism but we explain it to them.  I show them a You Tube video that I made on their doctors, that’s posted on You Tube.  It’s called, Prozolone Comes to Sierra Leone. They saw it and their jaws dropped to the ground.  They couldn’t believe the miracles they saw on people they knew. They lined up for treatment.  Prophylactic preventive treatment.  They lined up. In the meantime while this was going, a call comes into the army guy, the major whose in charge of this treatment center and it comes from the Deputy Minister of Health and I’m quoting, “If you value your job there will be no ozone treatments there.”

Dave:             Wow.

Dr. Rowen:  Wow.  That applied to everybody.  He then got a follow up call from the Minister of Health, himself, reiterating it.  Well, we had already started the process of treating people, doctors and nurses and they were vying for treatment.  They were actually competing to get the treatment.  They wanted it because they saw it as a means to protect themselves from getting Ebola themselves.

Dave:             What evidence did they receive that ozone has any affect on Ebola. That’s a pretty major claim and there’s probably people selling fractured bark water saying that it’s going to …  I do know some of the answers.  I know that mechanism of action but walk me through what is ozone inside the body and walk me through what it does for Ebola, specifically and how you administer it.

Dr. Rowen:  I presented this to all their doctors and I even presented it to them.  Ozone has several affects on the body. Let’s go thought the simplest first.  Ozone is O3.  You’re breathing O2.  Ozone is made by splitting O2 and one of the oxygen goes off and hits an O2 and then it forms O3 which is an unstable molecule and it only lasts about 30 seconds but its natural.  It’s nature’s most powerful oxidizer. It’s a cleanser.  It leaves no toxic residue.  Believe it or not your own white blood cells make it. Scripps Institute discovered that in the year 2002 and that’s unbeknownst to most everybody in the country.

Your own body makes it.  Your immune system makes these oxidants as its defense against invaders.  We’re going to come to why in just a moment.  Effects ozone has on the body.  Ozone improves the rheological properties of red blood cells.  That means the red blood cells become more flexible and you get much better blood flow.  I’m an oxygen man. I started ozone, as you said, in 1986 and after my first treatment, I woke up.  I realized that the most important thing to the body is oxygen delivery and oxygen consumption.

It’s the root of all healing.  It’s the root of all health.  It’s the root of all longevity.  Oxygen is what makes energy and there’s a long route from oxygen out here to the cell in my finger tip.  It’s got to go through a lot of travels to get there.  Ozone improves the realogic properties of blood.  Ozone improves the ability of red blood cells to unload its oxygen cargo at the capillary and drive a higher head of pressure of oxygen into the cell. Ozone improves mitochondrial consumption of oxygen making more energy.  That’s crucial.  We get better oxygen delivery and oxygen consumption.  Ozone in a series of studies done by Velio Bocci of Italy and Cubans, and I was just in Cuba a few weeks ago where this idea to go Sierra Leone was hatched, they’ve confirmed Bocci’s work and taking it further.  Ozone modulates the immune system.  If you have an immune system that’s overactive that’s up here, brings it down to eye level and if your immune system is here and it’s not working properly, it raises it.

It balances the teeter totter of your immune system and we know that there are many diseases we call autoimmune, where the body is overacting like arthritis, for example, rheumatoid arthritis.  Then there’s AIDS where you don’t have an immune system functioning and ozone builds it up.  ozone modulates the immune system which is of particular interest in Ebola because the evidence is now showing that Ebola kills through what’s called a kind storm.  In other words, yes, Ebola is damaging all by itself, but the way Ebola works is, it’s a stealth pathogen and it comes in and suppresses our immune system.  It basically turns it off. It’s like a coiled spring.  The spring energy is still there but the Ebola virus is compressing that spring and then finally, when your immune system awakens and it realizes there’s a bad guy there, bang, this spring comes out.  It explodes and it starts machine gunning everything in sight including our own body and that’s what’s called a cytokine storm.  That’s where you get the capillary leakage in what’s called hemorrhagic fever. You’re bleeding.  You lose fluids because your own immune system has punched holes in your capillaries trying to get this virus.

Ozone should dramatically modulate that process.  That’s one of the ways ozone could really help.  The other way, which in preparing for my lectures on Ebola, viruses have two vulnerabilities.  The vulnerability is on its outside coat.  It’s got a lipid membrane but the lipid membrane isn’t enough to get it inside the cell.  There are glyco proteins attached to that lipid membrane.  The glyco proteins, glyco means sugar, protein is protein.  It’s a molecule that has a sugar and a protein.  The active groups of proteins are generally soft hydro groups, SH groups. Now, I’m going to show you my hand.  Here’s the palm of my hand but what really does the work are my fingers. Right?

Dave:             Yep.

Dr. Rowen:  Here’s the protein. Here’s the soft hydro group coming off of the protein.  The soft hydro group is the active component of the enzyme.  We know this in the human body.  It’s soft where those HS groups or reduced soft hydro group, that’s active.  The body can inactivate it by oxidizing that soft hydro group to SS instead of SH.  Ozone does that.  It essentially chops off the soft hydro group, leaving it like this.

Dave:             That has the effect on the virus doing that?

Dr. Rowen:  Inactivating it.

Dave:             Very nice.

Dr. Rowen:  It cannot, in fact, without soft hydro groups.

Dave:             Can you walk people through the typical IV or rectal, or vaginal, or oral, or the different ways that people take ozone, and then talk about the one you’re using with Ebola?

Dr. Rowen:  The standard accepted method is called MAH, Major Auto Hemotherapy which I’ve done since 1986.  I do a particularly effective form called hyperbaric ozone therapy where we take blood out, into a bottle, pump ozone in under pressure and then we deliver that back.  Let me tell you, as far as MAH, that’s the cat’s meow.  It is the best.  I wouldn’t do it any other way.  It is so swift, so efficient, so quick, and it’s effectiveness, in my opinion, is far, far better than other forms of MAH, Major Auto Hemotherapy. Howard Robbins pioneered a method that is probably as good.  He thinks it actually might be better. That remains to be seen because it’s never been tested out.  His method involves giving direct intravenous gaseous ozone.  It’s not air,  it’s gas, but I don’t your viewers to think that we’re shoving air into people.  Air is Nitrogen, 80 percent nitrogen, which wouldn’t be too cool.

Dave:             That’s called death.

Dr. Rowen:  Yes.  This is oxygen that has been metabolically active. Yes, you could be getting 30, 60, even more ccs of gas but it’s oxygen which is consumed by your body very, very, quickly  Very quickly.  He’s pioneered a really cool method of this that doesn’t involve taking blood out.  When you’re dealing with Ebola, that’s way superior.  It’s also dirt cheap because it only requires butterfly needle and syringe.  Yes, there’s other methods.  There’s rectal.  You may be doing that yourself.  Am I right?

Dave:             Yes.

Dr. Rowen:  I do rectal, at home, as well.  It is very effective.  The Cubans have shown that, and they have actually looked in and compared it to blood treatments, they think it’s as effective.  I don’t, but it is effective.  Vaginal is good for local vaginal problems.  I don’t think that vaginal is going to do much good for a body in problems.

Dave:             Let’s explain for a minute, what rectal or vaginal is.  What you do is you have a very small hose that goes in and trickles ozone in, or in a medical settings there’s a bag of ozone gas that goes through something the size of a ball point pen, basically.

Dr. Rowen:  Exactly.

Dave:             It goes in and the way I do it, it goes one thirty second of a liter per minute.  You don’t even really feel anything.  Basically, your body absorbs the gas and it takes about 15 minutes to half of an hour.  Then you take the little hose out and you’re done.  It’s pretty noninvasive but you feel your brain wake up.  You feel your whole body just get stronger.  It’s profound what it does and it really is one of the things that turned off the Lyme disease that I had and brought me back to better than I’ve ever been.

Dr. Rowen:  I take those at home rectally on a regular basis.  I do it at one eighth of a liter per minute so my treatment is over in two to three minutes.  I use anywhere between 25 and 35, sometimes 40 gamma which is micrograms per cc.  Rectal works very well.  You can do the same thing vaginally but it’s not well absorbed through the vagina but it will treat vaginal problems.  For the common person at home, taking it rectally is the most reasonable way to do it.  Like I said, I don’t think it’s nearly as effective as in the blood, but it is quite effective, it just might take longer to get there.

Dave:             If I found that I had Ebola, certainly I would be doing both, rectally and pulling out all the stops and all the other strange things that I know about.  This is a front line thing that I use at home anytime I’m feeling under the weather or if I feel like, okay, I just got back from that three day trip to Asia or something, and I want to come back faster and I want to turn the corner, it’s a big part of my tool kit.  I don’t know if it’s because of what it does to the mitochondria or because of its anti infectious things, but I do know that it’s amazing. I also know most people hear this and they say, “You’re taking an atmosphere pollutant and putting it in your body.”  Can you explain why this is not a form of pollution and why, maybe, for instance, breathing ozone has a very different effect than taking it in your blood?

Dr. Rowen:  It does. Ozone is safe administered to the body in any form or fashion except one.  That’s breathing.  It’s very interesting but you wouldn’t enjoy breathing ozone.  If you’re breathing ozone at low concentration like after a summer thunderstorm, the air smells sweet, clean, fresh and it is wonderful.  The air’s been cleansed and it’s nature’s way of cleansing.  Ozone is just oxygen.  Ozone is not a pollutant.  Now where ozone does become a problem is in smog. That’s not natural ozone.  Ozone is a bi-product of the smog, so it is used as a measure of the level of the smog.  You’re not actually getting an Ozone treatment.  If ozone levels go up, you are breathing smog which his dangerous. I hope that helps.

Dave:             I think it does.  If you ever have the unfortunate occurrence of breathing the kind of ozone that you put in your blood or that you  use rectally, your nose will burn, your eyes will water, you’ll starting coughing and even retching.  It is very bad for your lungs.  It’s kind of shocking that you can put it on another mucus membrane and magic stuff happens.  What other diseases has ozone therapy been used for?

Dr. Rowen:  Well, I’ve used it for cardiovascular disease and I see reversals of cardiovascular disease every time, from congestive heart failure to circulatory and sufficiency.  I use it for chronic infection. If you go to my You Tube Channel, again Robert Rowen, M.D. is the channel.  You don’t want to just see videos of me. You want to go to the channel because the channel is devoted to patients.  I’ve got well over 100 posted.

Dave:             We’ll put a link to that channel in the show notes, as well, to make sure everyone can find it.

Dr. Rowen:  Thank you.  I’ve got a case where a woman who was working for me at the time came in with a cellulitis from a tick bite.  She had tick bite on her shoulder, here.  By the next day, this is not Lyme, this is cellulitis, it is a rapidly advancing infection and she didn’t want to come.  I said come to the house, we’ll give you a treatment.  She said, “Naw, I don’t want to bother you.”  Well, by a day and a half, or two days later, it had come all the way down to here, an ugly, purple rash from her shoulder down to her arm.  It looked bad.  She couldn’t even get her arm back to fasten her bra or comb her hair.

That was a Sunday she got it.  On Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m., we treated her.  By the mid afternoon, the rash had retreated up to here. By the next day, it was gone.  The other thing that was left was a tiny little crater where you could see where the tick had bitten her.  We’ve treated MRSA,  Methicillin-Resistant Staph Aureus Infection, one or two treatments it was gone. Lots of infections. I’ll get to why it kills infections in a moment. A lot of what I do is pain management.  I use a treatment called Prolozone where you inject those on into joints and soft tissue and the results are nothing short of miraculous.  One video is aptly called, Oh, My God Knee Pain Relief.  She says, “Oh, my God.”  She couldn’t believe it.  Stumbles into the office in pain, expecting that she would need knee replacement and waltzed out of the office swinging her hips.  I only needed to see her one more time.

Dave:             I referred a friend of my, a comedian in LA in for this for low back pain.  He said, “This is the only thing that’s worked for my, it was a semi ruptured disc,” if memory serves.  I’ve actually had it injected in an elbow that was giving me problems awhile back. Prolozone is so amazing that one of the members of the Silicon Valley Health Institute, the non profit that I run, came in.  She had these braces, she’d been walking for years. She showed her x-rays.  She had no cartilage, at all in he knees.  She had three injections of Prolozone in her knees and she showed us six weeks later, her x-rays. You could see cartilage in for the first time in years. She’s about 350, 400 pounds.  She was not using braces to walk.  These are what, 150 bucks a piece for an injection into the knee.  It’s not that terribly, expensive treatment.

Dr. Rowen:  It’s not when you consider what a knee replacement would cost, be in the upwards of $70,000 plus lost time of work, plus morbidity, plus risk of infection and other things.  It hardly hurts.  Go to my You Tube Channel, the patients will tell you.  No, it doesn’t hurt much.  It’s extraordinarily effective.  For knees, we get 80 to 85% per cent results.  I’ve only lost two people to joint replacement in many, many years. Low backs, is again, 80 to 85 percent.  I’m not going to sit here with my teeth in my mouth and tell you we get everybody.  We don’t.  That keeps me going out and learning more.

Hips, a little less, but we get really good results because I was fortunate.  One of the persons who came to train with me was actually a board certified Radiologist.  He taught me a unique approach to get into the hip joint which has been phenomenal.  Our results with hips have been pretty good.  In Sierra Leone I had my second instant fix of a frozen shoulder by getting the needle into the shoulder joint in a frozen shoulder and she’s on my You Tube Channel.

Dave:             The ozone when it hits a nerve as a special effect.  I know because I use those on dentistry and I had a wisdom tooth pulled where they injected ozone gas into right next to the nerve itself, and then they used it to sterilize the socket.  I never had any swelling or any pain.  It was like nothing had happened except there was a little hole healing, compared to the other two I’ve had taken out which were swollen face, talking funny and masses of pain.  It was unbelievable how painless this was and ozone was the reason.  How does that work?

Dr. Rowen:  Ozone modulates inflammation.  Perhaps one of its most powerful mechanisms.  You need inflammation. Let’s go back to Ebola for a second.  If you have no inflammation, the virus or bacteria is going to just wipe you out.  You need inflammation.  That’s your war.  That’s your immune cells coming out and going bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.  The problem is in many people inflammation persists after the invader is gone or the invader is controlled.  Osteoarthritis, for example, in your knee, is inflammation. The medical doctors aren’t going to tell you that because they think that rheumatoid arthritis is an osteoarthritis generation.  Not so.

It’s actually inflammatory.  I think it’s a smart life form, you saw me put up a slide showing that there are inflammatory mediators in joint fluid of osteoarthritis and there’s a scarcity of glutathione which is your body’s principle detoxifier.  I think SOD is on overdrive in your joint because SOD is way up to try and quell the oxidated damage going on to your joint.  When you put ozone into the joint, you modulate this, you turn down the inflammatory cytokines and you get into the joint instantly, what that joint needs more than anything else which is, David?

Dave:             I think the joint wants some oxygen. It just might want oxygen.

Dr. Rowen:  Exactly.  That’s what it wants. Because in a joint the cartilage doesn’t have a blood supply.  The joint gets its oxygen and nutrients through the capsule.  Here’s the capsule around the joint.  In the interior of the joint the black we’ll say is the cartilage.  Are you with me on that?

Dave:             Yep.

Dr. Rowen:  All right. The capsule is not touching the cartilage but it is right here because I just have to show you the model.  Oxygen has to get from the capsule up here and diffuse down to the cartilage which is a long trip.  If there is inflammation, the oxygen’s being consumed.  We’re putting oxygen right in there, and voila, those cells now can turn on, turn down an inflammation and begin a repair process and actually grow cartilage again.  Something your doctor isn’t going to believe and he’s not going to tell you it’s possible.

Dave:             It’s remarkable what your body can do when it has oxygen.  Some of this sounds unbelievable like how could the average doctor not know about this.  Even when I talk with some people who are very advanced in functional medicine, or into aging or dentists who really get it and they don’t use mercury and they’re biological and they practice neuromuscular dentistry and all this stuff, they still, like ozone, it’s pollution.  It’s one of those things where there is a very substantial body of evidence.  A lot of it comes from outside the United States but it has so many different things it does to effect any disease of chronic inflammation, like toxic molds exposure, like Lyme disease, like any sort of neurotoxin media thing, like bad stuff in the gut, like infectious diseases and the list goes on and on.

Dr. Rowen:  I saw a lot of this in Alaska, incidentally.

Dave:             Oh, did you?

Dr. Rowen:  Remember, Alaska is a damp, wet, dark environment.  Beginning in 1986 I turned everything over to ozone because during break up there’s floods, water leaks into your house through the ceiling, through the foundation.  I saw so many mold cases, literally it was a piece of cake.  Ozone was it.

Dave:             Dr. Rowen, I’ve been flying around the US for the past six months interviewing physicians, including Mark Hyman and Daniel Amen talking about toxic mold, and interviewing people who have survived it.  Certainly, I’m one of those and I live in the Pacific Northwest, now.  I just take a lot of precautions around exposing myself because 100 million people in the US are genetically susceptible to it and everyone else pays the costs.  But something as cheap as ozone can even be used to remediate your house because it kills mold in the environment but it also can turn on systems in your body that can get turned off by anything like toxic mold.  There’s other toxins like Lyme, and bites from certain kinds of spiders and things like that, that can make you really sick permanently. Why is there so much resistance to it?  You saw resistance in Sierra Leone.  Most people just don’t know about it and either it’s too good to be true, and personally, I’ll tell you it’s not, but what are the other things holding us back?

Dr. Rowen:  You mentioned Sierra Leone.  I’ve told the people of Sierra Leone that I believe their land has gone from blood diamonds to Ebola blood money.  I don’t have any doubt why what happened there did happen.  We got a call the following day after we were black balled at the Ebola treatment center, the Foreign Minister wanted us to treat his mother who lived in an Ebola area, him and his family for prevention. If it’s good enough for a Minister of Government, why wasn’t it good for the people who are dying?  Are you getting the picture?  There are billions behind Zmapp and big farm treatments of Ebola and God forbid a treatment that costs $15 to $20 to cure a patient is shown to work.  In my opinion, and I’m entitled to my opinion, and I’ve put this on my Facebook page, Robert J. Rowen, Dr. Robert J. Rowen, it’s public, anybody can go.  I’m posting a lot of stuff as it’s coming to me.  Money was involved there.  Big, big, money.  I’m happy I got out of there as I did.

Now, with regard to everywhere else, I’ll be honest with you.  In 1986 when I first saw ozone, I said, “Wait a minute.  Ozone, an oxidant?  We just learned that antioxidants we want, you telling me I should do ozone therapy?”  I saw this machine in a meeting.  I keep an open mind.  I said, “I don’t believe this but what do you got on it?”  They gave me some literature from Germany, I took it up to my room.  I stayed up all night.  I couldn’t put it down.  I stayed up all night.  I went to the exhibit hall in the morning.  I waited 30 minutes before they opened so that I would be the first one in the hall to get the machine. Bang, that changed my career.  We’re all trained to think that it’s antioxidants that oxidants are bad.  Not so.  Your immune system works on oxidants.  Your immune system makes hydrogen peroxide. It makes bleach which is sodium hypochlorite.  Your immune system is making this.  Nitric oxide, the same thing that gives a man an erection is a free radical.  You need it for, in proper amounts for vasodilation, but in high amounts it’s toxic.  It creates the peroxynitrite radical which damages the brain. There are other oxygen radicals that your body makes to fend off infections.  Why use this?  Well, and why does those then work on bacteria?  You know that you use bleach to wipe of the counter, correct?

Dave:             Yep.

Dr. Rowen:  If you’re concerned about contamination.  Well, bleach is an oxidant.  That’s how it kills. It’s an oxidant.  Now, consider the difference between bleach and ozone.  Bleach, a 10 percent solution of bleach takes about two minutes to kill the germ.  Guess how long it takes for ozone in concentrations less that what you’re using on your own body to kill that same germ?  How long does it take?

Dave:             Like a second or two, I would imagine.

Dr. Rowen:  At the most which means it’s at least 100 times more powerful, effective at killing bacteria than is bleach which is a standard.  How does ozone do this?  It’s an oxidant.  It literally punches holes in the cell wall of the bacteria which would be akin to an animal or you taking a bullet through your aorta.  You would hemorrhage to death in a second or two, right?

Dave:             Yep.

Dr. Rowen:  If you punch holes in the cell wall of the bacteria and it hemorrhages it’s guts out, it’s dead instantly.  It doesn’t have time to even think about getting resistant like it can with antibiotics.

Dave:             That’s a great description of what’s going on there, and we know that our cells make SOD which is how they turn off this pro oxidant from ozone or even from hydrogen peroxide, both of which our immune system makes.  It uses that to kill something and when it’s done killing it, it turns it off. It can protect itself and bacteria don’t make SOD.  This is like little bits of biochemistry.  Now, I’m going to put myself in the shoes of someone listening to this. Let’s say that I’m a little bit worried that there might be Ebola in the US.  Now, certainly, I’m going to go out and spend lots of money on pharmaceutical stuff because hey, that’s like what you do.  But there’s also a group of people who would like to take colloidal silver which I’ve seen talked about as a potential, alternative treatment for it.  If those people want to have home ozone which coincidentally also sterilizes water to make it drinkable, is this something that the average person could set up at home?

Dr. Rowen:  Yes, and I recommend it. There’s a company in Canada, Longevity Resources, I can give you their phone number, 877-543-3398.  They can call Longevity and say they heard me talk about water sterilization which is what the machines are sold for.  They’re perfectly legal to sell for water sterilization and then in the privacy of your home, you can convert it for use personally, perfectly legally, to give it to yourself rectally.  I’m always free to talk to people about it if they want to do that and give them some advice telephonically.

That’s how people can do it.  You asked me about colloidal silver.  About a year ago, at the meeting at the American College for Advancement in Medicine where I chair the oxidation workshop, it was a presentation made on silver and a lot of people were asking why how everybody’s claiming silver is good and the other silver is garbage, so how do we believe anything?  A chiropractor who was speaking and I decided we’d take the bull by the horn, and we did a little study.  We got a lot of promises but of all the companies that promised only two actually came through and helped fund it.  We had to fund the rest of it out of our own pockets.

We took five silver products, all brands names, brand names that you would know, and we submitted them to Brigham Young University Department of Microbiology.  I believe the professor was Roberson, I think that’s his name.  He did a study on its ability to kill microorganisms.  Not was a parts per million, not as particle size but could it kill?  Of the five, three didn’t kill anything.  Big, big, brand names. One had a two log kill.  In other words, it killed like 99 percent, maybe 99.5 percent.  But when you’re dealing with 20 billion organisms, 99.5 percent kill leaves a couple hundred million organisms.  One product kill had a six log kill, 99.999995 percent.  Essentially, it killed everything.  Only one product, so I don’t trust any silver product but one.

Dave:             Got it.  For the most part, not a good effect and this was obviously not a test on Ebola.  What were you testing?

Dr. Rowen:  MRSA. Methicillin-resistant Staph Aureus.

Dave:             Got it.  Are you willing to mention the name of the one that you trust?

Dr. Rowen:  Sure, we’re publishing it.  It’s ACS200.

Dave:             Awesome.  That means that if someone wanted to be prepared, they could potentially call Longevity Resources and order an ozone machine.  What does a typical ozone machine cost?

Dr. Rowen:  The one that I recommend and if they called the company and just say, “Rowen talked about ozone.”  They’ll know the one I recommend.  It’s EXT120.  It runs about $2,500.  I think that’s the most versatile of the machines because you can guide the concentration much better with that machine than the cheaper version.  I happen to like their company because they stand by their product. I’ve had a lot of ozone machines and I’ve gone through a lot because of patients. There have been a couple of technical problems, switches basically, not the generator itself, and they fix it immediately.  Lifetime guaranty.  That’s really nice.  You’re not dealing with cheap Chinese parts that decompose and ozone’s a problem.

Dave:             I have the cheap Chinese one that I had calibrated after I got it because I had a hard time getting hold of a good one awhile back.  The other component that people need if they’re going to get one of these is a pure oxygen source.  A pediatric flow regulator attached to an oxygen concentrator or better yet, if you can get it, and it’s very hard to get, medical oxygen.

Dr. Rowen:  Yes, I can help people get medical oxygen if they want.

Dave:             Excellent.

Dr. Rowen:  But welder’s oxygen comes from the same source but I can’t professional recommend it because I’m a physician and I can’t professionally recommend it. But I can honestly say, cause there’s free speech, it comes from the same source.

Dave:             I’m not a physician, I’m an unlicensed bio hacker, so I can say anything.  We just never, ever diagnose or treat anything cause that’s not my business.  But I’ve gone and I used to have medical oxygen and I couldn’t get a refill because I didn’t have a prescription.  I’ve looked at getting the fittings for a welding tank.  I can’t seem to get enough flow rate out of the welding tank.  Is there some special way of doing that?  I mean, I looked quite hard.  I looked at fabricating my own components.  Everyone listening, I am geek.  How do you get welding oxygen into an ozone concentrator at one eighth of a liter per minute?

Dr. Rowen:  If you had a big tank.  First of all, you can have your smaller tank if you’re … Here’s a good example.  Let’s say you have a fish tank. You’re bubbling oxygen in there for your fish.  You might want to have an oxygen tank for that, right?

Dave:             Yep.

Dr. Rowen:  You can get welder’s oxygen for that.  The welding shop will fill it up for you.

Dave:             Got it, even if it says medical on the …?

Dr. Rowen:  No, they won’t fill up a medical tank.

Dave:             Thus, the rub.  If you get into ozone treatment, you’ll find there’s a little dance you do to try and get oxygen.  It’s better to work with a physician and have a prescription but so few physicians are willing to go out there the way you have and say look, “I have a medical license and I can prescribe you oxygen for x condition that’s medically recognized.”  What most people that I know have done is, they’ve just bought a used oxygen concentrator off of Craigs List with the fine control regulator.  Mine was $350 bucks.  It’s old and kind of clunky and noisy but it doesn’t matter.  It’s in a closet and runs and it works just fine.

Dr. Rowen:  My strong suggestion, do not use an oxygen concentrator to make ozone for rectal use.

Dave:             Oh, that’s interesting.  Are you worried about the 5 percent nitrogen that’s in it?

Dr. Rowen:  Indeed.

Dave:             Yep. I would prefer to use the bottled oxygen.  I just have to get some.  Is there anything else people should know about using medical oxygen?  How would you go about finding someone in your neighborhood who uses ozone?

Dr. Rowen:  Well, I have a small website for the office, docrowen.com.  Doctors I’ve trained who want to be listed are posted there, so you know that they’ve been trained by me.  The American College for Advancement in Medicine, their doctors might indicate they do oxidation therapies.  Oxygen Healing Therapies is another one.  American Academy of Ozonal Therapy, also those people.  There’s a number of places you can go to find doctors who do oxidation medicine. Not all of them do all of the oxidation therapies like I do.  I teach all of them.  Some of them will just do ozone, some might do only ultraviolet, water radiation which is a sister therapy.  Some might do various combinations.

Dave:             If you’re listening to this, I’ll put links to everything on that list for you.  You can just check it out in the show notes.  It’s worth noting, not just because you’re scared of Ebola, but it’s worth noting that if you have chronic or really aggressive infectious things or just wounds that want aggressive healing, you can do things you’re not supposed to be able to do with ozone and it works and it works reliably with a shocking effectiveness rate. I had a second degree burn from an infrared thing on my leg.  It was within one millimeter of needing a screen graft, like a large wound.  Yeah, that’s what happens when you’re a bio hacker and you fall asleep and you have an infrared thing on a part of your skin where you have no nerves.  Anyway, this is a big wound and I used ozone, as well as some other stuff, on making it heal and it healed in half the time that a wound that size is supposed to heal and it never got infected.  Shocking what’s possible for that sort of thing.

I still have a scar on my thigh from it, but ozone really belongs in your tool kit if you’re looking at saying, “All right.  What can I do to turn on my mitochondria which is part and partial to having your brain work all the way, and what can I do when there’s something inflammatory that I just can’t turn off, and what do I do if I’m actually diagnosed with some sort of infectious thing?”  It deserves a lot more attention that its had and Dr. Rowen, it’s been pretty amazing to have a chance to have you on the podcast rather than just meeting you in person at Silicon Valley Health Institute. I have a couple more questions for you, though.  First one, what’s next?  You just went to Sierra Leone.  You’ve spent your career in oxide medicine.  Are you going to just travel to space or something cool?  You’ve got to have something to top this.

Dr. Rowen:  Oh, wow.  How do you top trying to conquer Ebola?  This was, both Howard and I felt that this was the culmination of our careers.  We lived our lives to this point.  Even though the government sabotaged it, work is being done now to see to it that Ebola gets treated.  I believe Ebola is going to get treated.  If it does and it does as we expect, then I think the world will change very quickly.

Dave:             That’s a very exciting, very big vision and one that could help a lot of people.  There’s one more question that I’ve asked all 100, almost 150 guests I think at this point who’ve been on Bulletproof Radio, and that is given your entire career but also just your entire life, your top three recommendations you’d share with people who want to perform better in their lives?  Not just perform better as athletes or entrepreneurs, or whatever, but people want to perform better at whatever they do?

Dr. Rowen:  The most important things for healing, there’s three.  This is what I teach every patient who walks in the door.  Improper nutrition is one of the factors of bad health, toxins and stress.  That’s the pillars.  Those are the three foundations.  My own belief is if you clean up your diet and you eat a diet the way the creator designed us to be eating, and by the way, I’m an organic raw food near vegan.  I’m not vegan, I do eat some dairy but other than that I eat no other animal products and I’m mostly organic.  I don’t eat GMO.  I try to detoxify myself.  I take saunas.  I’ve done chelation therapy. My heavy metal burden is exceptionally low.  It’s been low for many, many years since I treated myself.  I take ozone to detoxify inorganic chemicals.  One thing that hangs around me is stress.  I can’t seem to get away from that.  If I’m aging more than I should be, there’s your culprit.

Dave:             Doctor Rowen, thanks again for being on the show.  We’ll include the links to your blog and your You Tube Channel and make sure people can find the resources that you mentioned.  Thanks for the work you’re doing on promoting and just sharing ozone and oxidated medicine because it’s so important for people, especially people who’ve lost faith or tried all the stuff that hasn’t worked for them.  This is something that belongs in your took kit.  Thank you for decades of work in that and thanks for putting yourself on the line to go do something about Ebola.  I very much respect that.  Thank you.

Dr. Rowen:  Thank you for having me.

Dave:             I appreciate you being on Bulletproof Radio.  Have an awesome day.

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