Ep 1063 – Emily Morse

Unleash Your Sexual Potential: Date Nights, Fantasies, and Healing in 'Smart Sex'

Emily Morse

“Smart Sex” is a book by Emily Morse that provides practical advice and real-life examples for enhancing relationships and enjoying fulfilling sex lives. She joins the show today to talk about its teachings and how beneficial they can be for our long term health. 

Ep 1063 – Emily Morse

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode, Dave Asprey interviews sex expert, Dr. Emily Morse, about her book “Smart Sex: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your Pleasure.” They discuss the importance of regular date nights for couples and overcoming shame to talk about sexual fantasies. Emily suggests using the “yes/no/maybe” list as a fun way for partners to explore their desires. 

They also touch on therapeutic approaches and the impact of diet on sexual health. Overall, “Smart Sex” offers practical advice for enhancing relationships and enjoying fulfilling sex lives – and this conversation picks up right where it left off.

“That's why I got into this business; I did not want to fake orgasms anymore.”


00:02:00 — Catching Up With Dr. Emily Morse

00:10:14 — Sexual Intelligence & Conscious Sex As Soul Nourishment 

  • What is sexual intelligence? 
  • Dr. Emily Morse previews the 5 pillars of sexual IQ
  • Environmental, social, and pharmaceutical triggers 
  • One solution set does not fit all 
  • Unpacking the pitfalls of hormonal birth control 
  • Hack Your Way To A Better Sex Life – Dr. Emily Morse #373
  • Being comfortable enough to ask for what you want 
  • Can I see the menu? Creativity in sex
  • Faking orgasms is bad feedback

00:24:49 — Broaching Sexual Fantasies with Safety & Comfort

  • Communication techniques for an open heart 
  • Considering tone, setting, and feeling
  • Syncing breaths and staying present during sex 
  • Why it’s ok to stop and take a break
  • Closing the orgasm gap 
  • Benefits to not ejaculating during every encounter
  • Assessing the sex coding of our Meat Operating System (MOS)

00:44:06 — Tips for Taking Your Sex Life to the Next Level

Enjoy the show!

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