The Future is Now, and it is Awesome – Jason Silva – #476

What are we all going to do with ourselves when technology takes over?

Futurist and Emmy nominated host of National Geographic’s BrainGames Jason Silva sits down with Dave for an incredibly fascinating chat about where technology can take us.

Jason also takes the opportunity to ask Dave about all sorts of Biohacks. From his take on cannabis and smart drugs, to neurohacking and even how depressing it is to look at boring Buildings!

Plus all about his upcoming live tour. Your special code is JASONLIVE for 15% off.

To quote Jason, “We’re the canvas. We’re the work of art, and rage against the dying of the light.”

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is a wild ride. Enjoy!

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Enjoy the show!

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The Future is Now, and it is Awesome – Jason Silva – #476

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  • When Jason is “In the Zone.”
  • On going into a flow state. “But, the hack does leverage inducing a flow state, so it’s figuring out how to get outside of my own way. And so you trust the 10,000 hours in terms of all the reading, all the thinking I have been doing, all the notes I have been taking, and that’s all happening sub-consciously all the time. I just do that by default, but then, when the moment comes that I’m in the beach and with my camera guy, the only real preparation that took place is to make sure that I rested well the night before, and that I have the camera guy around. The actual delivery, that’s the magic that I have to trust. If I take care of all the other variables and all the other triggers, then once I’m in a flow state, it’s going to be meaty.”
  • How Jason frames his encounters. “but ultimately what I have to remind myself, before I get on stage, is why am I here. What do I care about? Why is this significant to me, and that gives me the psychological permission slip that frames the encounter in a way that I feel, okay, I’m here to tell the truth. I’m here to talk about why this is significant to me. What do I believe?”
  • “It’s amazing how reverting to honesty and authenticity just clears the way for flow.”
  • The word psychedelic means to manifest mind. What is the manifestation of the mind, more literally than an iPhone for example?
  • On not being afraid of disruption. “If all digital technologies are subject to these same exponential growth curves, then what becomes possible is unbounded in any way. It’s beyond our intuition, because our intuition is still linear.”
  • Dave on Technology: “But, what do you do when you have off-loaded all this stuff? What’s left in there, and what are we going to do with that?”
  • “They won’t just be amplifications of human capacity. They’ll replace human capacity. And so it raises the philosophical question of what are we going do with ourselves? Because if people don’t have a purpose, if people don’t have a noble aim, they get depressed. They get anxious. I mean, the existential reality of our condition becomes a real burden when you can’t distract yourself with some kind of job that gives you, or fulfills you, with meaning.”
  • “I’m really into this idea of the unknown unknown. I don’t know that I want what I don’t know about yet.” –Jason
  • Are we already in virtual reality? “And whatever religion or nationality you are is also virtual reality, and the virtual reality, once you invest yourself in it, becomes real. It bleeds into the real, and so, he says, we already do that, again, with religion, with identity.”
  • “Also, this idea of the relationship between flow states and your geographical surroundings … that’s huge for me. I remember reading this article called The Psychological Impact of Boring Buildings. It’s all about how bad design, whether is colors, shapes … bad design creates anxiety, adds stress, spikes cortisol. But, the inverse is also true. Good design uplifts mood. Good design boosts cognition.”
  • “I would urge you to expose yourselves to different cultures. For some reason, I feel really creative when I’m enveloped in another virtual reality, like when I’m in Amsterdam, when I’m in Copenhagen … Just seeing ordinary people go about their day in a different country is fascinating to me.” Jason on travel.
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