Top Tips from the Trainer of Superheroes

Magnus Lygdbäck

There are no shortcuts. How to focus on fitness, nutrition, structure and balance in equal measure.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’ll learn how a trainer of superheroes and superstars combines core principles of fitness, nutrition, structure and balance.

Magnus Lygdbäck, a Swedish health and wellness expert, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach, joins the show to discuss powering your life in ways that most benefit your health and energy.

For more than 20 years, he’s trained some of the world’s most recognizable actors, musicians, athletes, artists, and high-performance business entrepreneurs.

Musicians like pop stars Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles and Britney Spears. Actors like Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman 1984; Mackenzie Davis for Terminator: Dark Fate; James McAvoy for Glass; Alicia Vikander, for Tomb Raider; Ben Affleck, for Justice League; and many more.

He designed Alexander Skarsgård’s incredible transformation for the lead role as a Viking Berserker in the brand new movie, The Northman.

Even with his “celebrity trainer” title (which he doesn’t love), Magnus is quick to say, “It’s not who you train, it’s how you train.”

His Magnus Method training philosophy embraces the “ethos of an athlete.” This all-inclusive approach to performance includes an athlete’s intensity and structure, while also maintaining balance and energy. Time-zone travel, long days of filming, rehearsals, and the constant demands on a celebrity performer’s time means examining all aspects of fueling, rest and recovery. The same applies to the everyday lives of mere mortals.

“We tend go from zero to 100, or going to extreme, and then you're good for a week and then you fall off the wagon and you set yourself up for failure.”

Magnus Lygdbäck

“Come up with a system where people don’t feel like they’re failing as soon as they make a mistake,” Magnus says. “Look at training from a much more holistic perspective.”

He encourages being open to learning new things and seeking out discomfort so you can grow. “Look at three things,” Magnus recommends. “One, what do I like to do? No. 2, what does my body need? No. 3, what do I want to master or get better at? That should create your weekly programming.”

You already know, and Magnus will remind you, that there are absolutely no life shortcuts to being the superhero of your own life.

“Just know that you shouldn’t even talk about nutrition and training in the same sentence,” Magnus says. “You need to get on top of your nutrition and on top of your training both in a balanced way.

In this conversation, you’ll find out how much time to spend on your workouts (not as much as you think). “What doesn’t happen in the first hour will not happen in the second,” he says frequently. Even for superheroes.

And then there’s sleep. Magnus knows firsthand that sleep stresses people out (yes, even celebrities) when they aren’t getting enough of it. Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus suggests a one-hour pre-bedtime routine of three distinct 20-minute segments that anyone can do.

  • Learn more about Magnus Lygdbäck’s journey from hockey player to celebrity trainer.
  • Find out how you can improve your own performance on Magnus’s extensive YouTube channel.
  • Get Magnus’ superhero training programs, nutrition guides, coaching and a community of like-minded people with the Magnus Method app.

Enjoy the show!

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  • You’ve got a YouTube channel and you’ve trained Ben Affleck, Katy Perry, all kinds of crazy Hollywood celebrities, and you have the Magnus Method.  – 1:25
  • We would travel the world and he would record all these pop artists, and I started working with them. And I realized that no one was looking at these artists like they were athletes. – 3:43
  • When you’re on tour, your schedule is created for you to take you from city to city, to do radio promo and to do shows, there’s nothing in there that is about you and your wellness.  – 6:51
  • I got into the lifestyle coaching, nutrition, and really started working on how I can help someone with structure and optimizing in with good habits, out with bad habits, the training’s just a little part of it.  – 8:19
  • I always get the question. How much training, how much is nutrition? Is it 50-50, 60-40?  – 9:36
  • So for me, strength training’s my number one, meditation, yoga is my number two, I need it. My three is Brazilian ju-jitsu.  – 12:52
  • When me or my clients are traveling, when you’re traveling a lot, you can do that when you’re sitting in your seat on a flight as well, just push back your spine, flatten out your neck.  – 15:53
  • Plant-based protein powder versus whey or animal-based protein powders. – 21:42
  • So raise insulin so you could lift heavy, have some whey before, have some whey after with sugar, which we’re not recommending, and you’re going to put muscle on because of insulin, but you might pay for it later.  – 25:19
  • One thing that I teach a lot of my clients is to order an extra starter, a protein-based starter. – 29:48
  • I have a lot of Europeans following me and they are confused when I keep talking about grass-fed, because where I’m from, everything’s grass-fed that’s why we don’t even say grass-fed. – 35:26
  • I did a challenge with a female YouTuber a couple of months ago who gained six pounds in 30 days by me just helping her remotely. The DEXA scan said it was all muscle. – 39:07
  • SARMs, they activate the androgen receptors that testosterone was, but testosterone might have a two to one anabolic to estrogenic ratio, these things are like 200 to one. So they just turn on the testosterone without turning on the estrogen.  – 41:31
  • What was the most challenging of all the makeovers and all the training things you had to do? The one that you’re like, “How am I going to do this?”  – 45:22
  • I find that lot of my clients that don’t sleep enough are really stressed about it. So I think you need to allow yourself to set yourself up for success by turning off cell phones, removing them an hour or two hours before bedtime if you can. – 48:23

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