Spiritual Hygiene: Upgrade Your Personal Definition of Prosperity – Pedram Shojai – #440

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Is it possible that stopping to say hi to your neighbor could change your life? Can taking a 5-minute break to focus inward actually “stop time” in your day? Dr. Pedram Shojai, New York Times bestselling author of “The Urban Monk” and new book, “The Art of Stopping Time,” says YES. Pedram, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, the founder of Well.org, and creator of the new documentary film, “Prosperity,” is an acclaimed Qigong Master who uses Eastern thinking to help overcome the Westernized challenges of our lives. In this intriguing and varied discussion, Pedram explains the concept of “gongs,” to optimize your time and make you more present, and teaches you how to make the time to accomplish what you want in life, without feeling stressed or overburdened. From the best deceleration rituals, to creating healthy micro-habits, to stopping time to make love, to voting with your dollars, to the importance of supporting local, sustainable businesses, you won’t want to miss this intelligent, honest hour of enlightenment!

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  • Why you want to listen to today’s entire episode until the end…what you’ll learn + get a transcript!
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  • Dave introduces Pedram Shojai, author of “The Art of Stopping Time”
  • Pedram talks about the concept of “stopping time,” how to do it
  • How your perception of time varies, depending on the day, depending on your experiences
  • Pedram explains how focusing on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking can maximize your time; developing micro-habits can help you be more present and engaged in the moment
  • Pedram explains what gongs are, why dedicated acts of self-care are so important
  • Why working out your personal, spiritual hygiene and including the things that you hold dear are crucial to stopping time
  • Pedram shares the most popular gongs and most intriguing results from his book
  • Learning to slow, calm and control your stress around time; Pedram explains how to develop a deceleration ritual in the evening
  • Why you need to give yourself permission to take a break and check in with yourself throughout the day, to move
  • Pedram’s favorite exercise hack, and how to create little, healthy micro-habits
  • More gongs that Pedram finds to be most effective – progressive relaxation, breathe work, etc.
  • Pedram discusses traumatic events, why resolving those are necessary to healing and moving on; Dave also gives his point of view on trauma
  • Why stopping time to make love is so important; finding more, real time for your lovemaking
  • Pedram and Dave talk about sexuality…
  • Dave mentions “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napolean Hill and the transmutation of sexual energy
  • Why social media is robbing us of our free time; how to be more mindful of the gift of time
  • Dave mentions “The Art of Stopping Time” again
  • Pedram talks about his documentary, “Prosperity,” about how different businesses are making sustainable choices
  • Pedram mentions his first film, “Origins”
  • Pedram and Dave discuss some of the good that’s going on in the business world, exploring conscious capitalism
  • How you can vote with your dollars and make it count, why where you bank makes a difference
  • Dave asks Pedram about cryptocurrencies
  • The issue of living wages; why and how it’s impacting immigration and how buying local and supporting small businesses can help
  • Assigning value to our values, and how positive values can spread, even to big business
  • Pedram’s three most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • Dave mentions “The Art of Stopping Time” once again
  • To find out more about “Prosperity”, visit ProsperityFilm.com
  • Dave mentions his documentary, “Moldy”
  • Pedram also mentions The Urban Monk Website and Well.org
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