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What Is Biohacking: Infographic

A young boy imagines reading minds of his two friends with a homemade science project. They are dressed in casual clothing, glasses and bow ties. They are serious and sitting at a table with helmets on their heads in front of a beige background. Retro styling.
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Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain, Improve Your Cognition


Video: The Bulletproof Executive speaks at the Stanford School of Medicine Quantified Self Meetup

image by Beth Scupham
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Step 4: Learn To Use Your Body

Happy Swiss Cow by Artnow314
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Step 1: Bulletproof Your Diet

Joel Salatin
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Joel Salatin: Real Food Improves Your Performance

Top 8 Personal Upgrades
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Top 8 Personal Upgrades: Series Introduction

Dance Like No One is Watching

The Top 5 Reasons Vitamin D Makes Women Bulletproof

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Chris Berka: Monitoring Your Brain – #28

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Top 3 Mistakes You’re Making On The Bulletproof Diet and How To Fix Them

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Dr. Terry Wahls, MD: Minding My Mitochondria – #27

a doctor tossing an apple isolated on white.
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How To Find A Bulletproof Aligned Doctor

body by science
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Dr. Doug McGuff, MD: Body By Science – #26

william davis pic
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Dr. William Davis, MD: Wheat Belly – #25

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Listen to Our Interview with Abel James (Fat Burning Man)

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