healthy fat

carb back-loading
biohackingbraincognitive enhancementcrossfitDietexercisefatfat burningfoodhealthy fat

John Kiefer: Carb Back-Loading – #19

biohackingbrainbuttercareer hackingChocolatecognitive enhancementcreativityDietemotionsentrepreneur

Richard Nikoley: Free The Animal – #17

Gary Taubes
ArticlebutterDietfatfat burningfoodhealthy fatsaturated fat

New “Eat More Fat” Infographic: Gary Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat” in a Nutshell

biohackingbrainbreakfastbutterChocolatecognitive enhancementDietentrepreneurexercisefat

Chris Masterjohn: Saturated Fat & Cholesterol

ArticlebutterDietfatfat burningfoodhealthy fatintelligencenutritionPerformance

It’s NOT The Calories – Quality is What Counts

biohackingbrainbuttercareer hackingChocolatecognitive enhancementDietentrepreneurexercisefat burning

Michael Vassar of The Singularity Institute – #14

mary t. newport
biohackingbrainbreakfastbuttercognitive enhancementcreativityDietEEGemotionsfat

Mary Newport: How To Upgrade Your Brain with Coconut Oil & Ketones – #13

Bill Andrews
biohackingbrainbutterDietentrepreneurexercisefatfat burningfoodhealthy fat

Bill Andrews: The Man Who Would Stop Time – #10

buttercareer hackingcognitive enhancementcreativityemotionsexercisefat burninghealthy fatheart rate variabilityintelligence

Linda Bernardi: How To Profit From Provocation – #9

James Fitzgerald
biohackingbrainbuttercognitive enhancementcrossfitDietexercisefatfat burningfood

James Fitzgerald: Optimum Performance Training – #6

Tim Noakes
braincognitive enhancementcrossfitexercisefatfat burninghealthy fatPerformancePodcast

Tim Noakes: Hacking Fatigue, Plus More 4 Hour Body Fun

Sean Croxton
butterexercisefat burningfoodhealthy fatinsomniaintelligencePerformancePodcast

Sean Croxton: The Dark Side of Fat Loss – #2

ArticlebiohackingcrossfitDietexercisefatfat burningfoodhealthy fatmuscle

Paleo Crossfit vs. Vegetarian Tae Kwan-Do

ArticlebiohackingDietfatfat burningfoodhealthy fatmusclenutrition

Photo: Abs After 2 Years of 4500 Calories & No Exercise

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