human upgrade

Photo of Scott Lyons
Addictionbehaviorboundariesdramadrama addictionhealinghuman upgrademeditationPodcastreactivity

Too Much Crisis, Chaos & Stress in Your Life? How to Overcome Drama Addiction – Dr. Scott Lyons – #1047

Photo of David Nurse
actionfeargoalshabitshuman upgradePodcastprocrastinationproductivity

How to Fuel Your Follow-Through and Finally Reach Your Goals – David Nurse – #1046

Photo of Chip Conley
agelessantiagingbusinesseldershuman upgradeleadershiplearninglongevitymentorsPodcast

How to Navigate Mid-life Transitions as a Modern Elder – Chip Conley, MBA – #1045

Agingaging sciencebookdiseasefunctional medicinehealthhuman upgradeinflammationlongevitymetabolic flexibility

How & Why You Age, And What It Takes To Be ‘Young Forever’ – Mark Hyman, M.D. – #1044

breast explant surgerybreast implant illnessbreast implantsbreast reconstructionhuman upgradeinfectionmicrosurgeryoncologyPodcasttissue rejection

How Breast Implants Compromise Your Health and Make You Sick – Dr. Robert Whitfield MD – #1043

hashimotos thyroiditis
adrenalscaffeinechronic fatigueHashimoto’shuman upgradePodcastsupplementsthyroid

A Guide to Strengthening & Healing Your Adrenals – Izabella Wentz, PharmD. – #1042

photo of Dr. Bryan
anti-aginghuman upgradelongevitymitochondrianitric oxidePodcastSkin careStem Cells

Upgrade Spotlight: How Nitric Oxide Controls Oxygen & Nutrient Delivery, Aging, and Quality of Life – #1041

Photo of Ingrid Fetell Lee
Happinesshuman upgradejoyPerformancePodcastpositivity

How 10 Elements of Joy Improve Your Outlook and Performance – Legacy Upgrade ft. Ingrid Fetell Lee – #1040

beliefsconformitycreativityculturegeniushuman upgradePodcastreimaginerethinkrocket science

How Discovering Your Own Genius & Creativity Will Unlock Your Full Potential – Ozan Varol – #1039

C-Reactive Proteincortisoldeep sleephuman upgradeinflammationmale hormonespituitary glandPodcastpotassiumprobiotics

Hacking the ‘Middle-Age Spread’ – Interventions With Dave – David Hinds – #1038

antibioticsDietfibergut healthhuman upgrademetabolomicsmicrobiomemicrobiotaPodcastprebiotic

How to Heal Your Gut: Exploring the Latest Bacterial Science and New Treatments – Vincent Pedre, M.D. – #1037

Michael Rubino3
air qualityhealthhuman upgrademoldPodcastremediationtoxic airtoxic home

Detox Your Home: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality & Get Rid of Mold – Michael Rubino – #1036

faithhealinghuman upgradeillnessmoldPodcastrelationshipsresiliencetoxicitytrauma

Unexpected Ways to Deal with Medical Gaslighting, Biotoxins & Trauma – Jill Carnahan, M.D. – #1035

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 11/10/21 - UFC fighter and former bantamweigh champion Miesha Tate training at Exploration Peak Park in Las Vegas in preparation for UFC Vegas 43. (Photo credit Juan Cardenas @desautomatas)
athletehigh performancehuman upgradehyperbaricmartial artsmmaPodcastrecoveryred light therapytraining

Champion Insights from the Octagon: How to Train & Recover, Be a Parent, and Run a Business – Miesha Tate – #1034

body positivefemininityfitnessfoodhuman upgradeintuitive eatingmasculinitymoodPodcastshame

Heal the Relationship Between Your Food & Your Mood – Dr. Will Cole – #1033

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