Agingcognitive healthdepressionDietgut bacteriagut healthhuman upgradeketolow-carbobesity

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #26

gut healthhormoneshuman upgradeobesityPodcastSemaglutideweight loss

Hype or Hope? Semaglutide Changes the Weight Game – Dr. Robert Kushner – #896

alzheimer'sautophagycellular healthgeneeticsobesityPodcast

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #16

autophagydiabetesEpigeneticsglycationinflammationinsulin resistancemembrane instabilitymetabolic healthmitochondrial dysfunctionobesity

8 Reasons Why Obesity Isn’t the Problem, Metabolic Dysfunction Is – Dr. Robert Lustig with Dave Asprey – #820

agricultureclimate changeDietdiet warsgut healthinflammationketonutritionobesitypaleo

Truce: Paleo/Keto & Vegan Find Common Ground – Dr. Mark Hyman with Dave Asprey – #795

Cool Facts Dave Instagram
breast cancercircadian rhythmdepressionfastingobesityPodcastsleep

Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #7

cancerCovidDietdiseasefastingimmune systemimmunologyinflammationobesityPodcast

Inflammation’s Ties to Fasting, Cancer and Covid – Dr. Miriam Merad with Dave Asprey – #783

Dave Asprey_03427_NEW_2021
brainDietemotionsfastingfoodintermittent fastinglongevityobesityPodcastsleep

‘Fast This Way’ to Take on the World – Dave Asprey Interviewed by Lara Logan – #782

autophagycalorie restrictionscarbsfastingobesityPodcasttime-restricted eatingweight loss

New Research Says Fasting Beats Cutting Calories – Leonie Heilbronn, Ph.D., with Dave Asprey – #781

Gary Taubes
carbohydratesdiabetesDietdiet sciencedietingexercisefastingfatketonutrition

Bad Science and Diet Lies Keep Feeding Obesity: Gary Taubes with Dave Asprey – #778

cancerdiabetesfastinggrowth hormonesinsulinobesityPodcast

How Fasting Can Beat Genetics and Control Cancer – Dr. Jason Fung with Dave Asprey – #760

Photo of Michael Platt
AddictionADHDadrenalineangerautismbipolar disorderdepressionfibromyalgiaintermittent fastingketones

Curb Your Adrenaline, Improve Your Health – Dr. Michael Platt #610

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