The Biohacker’s Holiday Gift Guide

biohacker's holiday gift guide

We’ve all been there. “Sorry, you Bio-what?”

Yes, that confused look while you’re attempting to explain why you’re sending samples of poop to be analyzed or why you’re not drinking that 99-cent upgas station coffee.

So, what is biohacking?  Biohacking is the process of using self-experimentation to optimize your brain and body and to gain control of systems in your body that you didn’t know you could control or even have access to.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a great time to share your biohacking favorites with family and friends, whether they’re novice or experienced biohackers, or somewhere in between.  But explaining the science behind everything you eat and every product you use is overwhelming to some at first – and often met with looks of confusion and concern.

Worry not: this guide will help Bulletproof your gift giving and even help with the explanations.  Throughout the month of November, this guide will offer 3 tiers of holiday biohacking cheer, updated each week: gifts for beginner biohackers this week; gifts for enthusiastic biohackers next week; and gifts for the most hardcore biohackers the last week of November.

Buh-bye confusion, hello biohacking!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE PART ONE: Never heard of biohacking?

To help a beginner get started biohacking, these are three of the most important buckets to focus on that can make immediate impacts in a loved one’s life:

The gifts selected below are designed to do just that.  If you want to share some of the things you’ve learned along your own personal journey with those you love, these are a great place to start.

1. The Bulletproof Diet Book

If you already eat The Bulletproof Diet, you know it will change the way you think about food and wellness forever. Optimizing what you eat is the single most important biohack you can make right now to improve every aspect of your life.  You will stop craving sugar, stop counting calories, and eat high levels of healthy saturated fats instead.  The book is available to order now.

Eating the Bulletproof Diet will kick your body into fat-burning mode and turn on all the lights in your brain, giving you higher energy levels than you’ve likely ever experienced. The book explains how to gain maximum benefit from the food you eat, as well as the science behind why the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap works so well.  It also includes several new Bulletproof recipes so newbies can easily get started the same day.

2. Bulletproof Coffee Kit

Bulletproof Coffee is the bread and butter of being Bulletproof…or in this case, just the butter. This kit contains the coffee and Brain Octane oil your body needs to run in fat-burning mode all morning: just add (unsalted, grass-fed) butter!

By replacing your breakfast with Bulletproof Coffee (recipe here), you will feel sustained energy and focus all day without the typical crash or jitters associated with coffee.  This is thanks to the laboratory tested low-toxin Bulletproof® coffee beans, which is now also separately available as ground and decaf coffee.

3. Bulletproof Smoothie Kit

If your gift recipient is already on board with the Bulletproof basics above, the next step is this delicious chocolate, vanilla, whey protein, and XCT ™ oil kit – good for the busy, on-the-go student, parent, or entrepreneur.

Love to workout and want to hack your recovery faster? A nutrient-dense post-workout shake is a great start.  This is also a good starter kit for most Bulletproof baking and cooking recipes – it goes far beyond smoothies.  Here’s what you get:

  • Upgraded Whey: You need proteins to act as building blocks. Upgraded Whey provides the foundation for a protein and MCT-rich smoothie you can rely on for long-lasting energy. Upgraded Whey contains pasture-raised, grass-fed whey protein from milk, unlike most other commercial whey.
  • MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is the Ferrari of saturated fats. MCT penetrates our cells and feeds our brain its favorite food: ketones. XCT oil consumed in the morning with Bulletproof® Coffee works to fuel our entire body and brain exclusively on healthy fat, thereby igniting sustained metabolism that brings higher energy levels and mental focus.

4. Sleep Induction Mat

Sleep, glorious sleep! Sleep is the next crucial step to optimal health for so many reasons.  Unfortunately, due to our chaotic lives, many people have difficulty getting to sleep or spend the night tossing and turning; both sleep quantity AND quality are extremely important to measure and improve upon.

The Sleep Induction Mat stimulates acupressure points up and down your back to ease your body into a deep relaxation response, which quickly increases blood circulation and releases stress and tension held in the muscles.  This then causes your body to release endorphins and beneficial hormones in response, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly, then sleep more deeply.  It also rolls up to be travel-friendly and is about the size of a pillowcase.

  • Another sleep-enhancing gift idea: sleeping in a dark space is so important that I also recommend replacing old nightlights with a low-blue, amber LED nightlight that does NOT emit ANY visible blue wavelengths of light, known to suppress melatonin unlike ordinary bulbs.  This may not be the sexiest Christmas gift, but it works wonders for anyone who may wake up in the night.

5. HeartMath Inner Balance

It wouldn’t be serious biohacking without a cool self-quantification device thrown in – this one might just be my favorite for hacking stress, and it only takes 5 minutes a day.  The Inner Balance (for iOS) and the EmWave2 are innovative biofeedback devices that train you to change your heart rhythm pattern to facilitate a state of coherence and enter “the zone.”

One of the main goals of biohacking is to learn to control your nervous system, so that a bad day at work, a fight with a loved one, or a bout of road rage doesn’t throw off your entire day.  The Inner Balance & EmWave2 teach you how to control parts of your nervous system you couldn’t access prior – you can read more about what it does and why I love it here and here.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE PART TWO: Intermediate Biohackers

And now that you have the ‘blank stares’ covered, what about any “intermediate” biohackers on your shopping list…

Your friends or family who may have tried Bulletproof Coffee… but still reach for a donut on the side… Or aren’t quite sure what to say about The Bulletproof Diet, except that they “feel great”?

Here’s a list of our top picks to help them (or YOU – it’s okay if it’s you…) step up their biohacking and make 2015 even more Bulletproof:

6. Unfair Advantage

If you still occasionally miss “energy drinks”… Unfair Advantage gives you a quick and lasting burst of energy without the crash. By powering up the mitochondrial power plants deep inside your cells, you’ll give your brain and body a powerful boost that leaves you the last one standing when all your friends are slumping in their chairs. All in an ‘ampule’ the size of a pen cap that you can take with you anywhere…

7. Collagen Protein

If you’ve looked at the labels on conventional “protein powders”… then you already know that all protein is NOT created equal. Most proteins are damaged during harsh processing, and add insult to injury with harmful artificial sweeteners, colorings and flavorings that rob you of peak performance. That’s why Bulletproof Collagen uses pure 100% grass-fed collagen powder (the same rare nutrient found naturally in bone broth) that builds lean muscle mass plus gives you added benefits unique to collagen – like deeper sleep and even better skin!

8. Glutathione

If you’re feeling the symptoms of the colds and next-day headaches that all too often follow holiday get-togethers… you don’t need to reach for the medicine cabinet this year. Because your body naturally makes the best cold and hangover killer known to science. In fact, this amazing ‘antidote’ – Glutathione – is the most powerful antioxidant in your body… protecting you from toxins, infections and pathogens, heavy metals, inflammation and more. Unfortunately, your liver often doesn’t make enough Glutathione on its own to maximize your performance. And that’s where Bulletproof Glutathione comes in to give you a convenient, highly absorbable dose of Glutathione anytime you need it. Make sure to have some in your pocket or purse on New Year’s Eve… then keep it as your own ‘secret weapon’ to help you stay healthy and clear-headed all year round…

9. Bulletproof Vibe

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level next year? Then skip the gym: First used by astronauts to quickly regain muscle strength and bone density after zero-gravity space travel, Whole Body Vibration therapy is now a biohack of choice for pro athletes and sports teams. (You could get a similar effect by jumping up and down on a trampoline – if you could jump 30 times every second). By delivering safe vibration to every cell in your body – simply by flipping a switch – you can immediately enhance the effectiveness of your workouts… detoxify and strengthen your immune system… shorten your recovery time after exercise… and even stimulate healthier brain function. All in a daily session of 15 minutes or less!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE PART 3: Advanced Biohackers

Then there are the advanced biohackers on your list – if in doubt, you can pick them out of a crowd by their tinted rockstar glasses…

They already have high performance dialed in, yet they’re still always on the lookout for an extra edge…

And that means even though these seasoned high performers may look hard to shop for, you can still get something Bulletproof for the biohacker who has everything.

Here are just a few next-level performance hacks they (or YOU) may still be missing:


If you’ve tried all the usual nootropics and you’re looking to take your cognitive performance up a notch next year… CILTEP works synergistically with a brain-boosting stack like Choline Force. With a unique combination of ingredients including Artichoke extract and Forskolin, CILTEP goes to work increasing what neuroscientists call “Long Term Potentiation.” And that means, if you need to master new tasks or focus intently, just 2-3 capsules per day can stimulate your brain’s production of dopamine for enhanced motivation, learning and memory. All without the negative side-effects of dopamine-increasing drugs like Adderall or Ritalin. In fact, many experienced biohackers say CILTEP’s effects match or even beat Modafinil.

11. Greenwave EMI Filters Travel Kit

Is “dirty electricity” sabotaging your sleep? Generated by unusable electrical energy in household appliances like TVs, halogen lights and dimmer switches, growing evidence suggests this electrical pollution can undermine everything from your rest to your cognitive performance and even your mood. So what’s the solution? You could live inside a giant Faraday cage… or you could simply plug Greenwave EMI Filters into your electrical outlets. These devices work silently to remove erratic surges of energy from your home wiring that can radiate potentially harmful EMFs – so you can sleep soundly at night and even work more productively during the day. The new Greenwave Travel Kit gives you two filters – more than enough to cover your bedroom at home or your hotel room when you’re on the road.

12. NeurOptimal Personal Trainer

EEG neurofeedback may be the most powerful brain hack you could ever experience – studies show the profound benefits range from stress reduction to better sleep and heightened cognitive performance. The trouble is, taking advantage of this kind of technology normally means traveling to a professional lab and paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars per session. The NeurOptimal Personal Trainer lets you tap into advanced neurofeedback technology right from the comfort of your own home, using an included laptop computer loaded with pro-grade feedback software, solid silver EEG sensors and a full 300 sessions of training (that comes out to less than $20 per session).

13: Soma Pulse

Electromagnetic energy controls everything from your heartbeat to your brain function to your digestion. And when you’re sick or injured, the electromagnetic exchange between the affected cells stalls gets disrupted and stalls.

That’s why even though harmful EMFs can sap your energy, the right frequencies of electromagnetic energy – known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Stimulation (PEMF) – can stimulate recovery and healing. The Soma Pulse device allows you to harness this powerful technology at home and safely direct it anywhere you need it to repair damage to tissue, joints, bones, or tendons… reduce swelling and inflammation… and even enhance your performance in sports.

Biohacking 101: Next Steps

Not able to buy a gift for everyone you wish you could?  These free resources are a helpful starting point to share with friends.

Best resources for new biohackers to get going:

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