Andy Hnilo: Skin Care (Special Episode) – #128

Today’s episode of Bulletproof Radio is short and sweet, but packed full of Andy Hnilo. Andy is a model and actor who had a life-changing car accident leading him to create a skin care line that he personally used to heal his injuries and detox his skin. You will also hear him share the science behind clay and how you can combine these age-old techniques with new ones to improve sleep and sex. Stay tuned for a full episode with Andy where he talks more in-depth with Dave about the benefits of clay.

Andy had a life-changing event when he was run over by two SUV’s that left him with his jaw wired shut and injuries all over his body. This event transformed him and drives his passion to share his learning. Enjoy the show.

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:24 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   1:44 – Welcome Andy Hnilo
  •   3:12 – Andy’s skin and protocols
  •   5:45 – Systemic benefits of clay
  •   8:00 – The science behind the clay
  • 10:15 – How to use clay and the Sleep Induction Mat together
  • 12:50 – Sex insights and tips


Alitura Clay Mask

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Erewhon Market

L-Arginine for vasodilation

Gelatinized Maca


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Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat


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Dave:              Today’s cool fact of the day is that the DNA of an 8,000-year-old skeleton from Spain showed that the man was unable to digest lactose which is milk sugar or sugar. Funny. The rise of farming was about 10,000 years ago which is why people started eating more carbs. It’s also why they got fatter, had more tooth decay and got shorter. Apparently, the owner of this particular skeleton had dark hair and dark skin and blue eyes, which probably allowed him to absorb more sunlight so he could get more Vitamin D, which was good because he needed that because all those carbs and starches were putting a tax on him that Vitamin D could help with. We know that prehistoric hunter gatherers got tons of Vitamin D from meat, the kind of meat that comes from grass-fed animals not corn and grain fed industrial animals. They also ate fish and eggs, which are other sources of Vitamin D. they were getting sunshine, they were out hunting, walking around, eating animals. It’s funny to look at what happened only a couple thousand years later. I have no idea what people are going to say about our skeletons when they look at us 10,000 years from now but I’m pretty sure they’re going to say, “Good god.”

Today, we have someone you might recognize if you’re watching this on YouTube versus just listening in your car. We’ve got Andy Hnilo back on. If you remember, Andy used Bulletproof techniques to recover from a really serious hit and run accident on Melrose Avenue, which broke his jaw, kind of opened up his face and caused a lot of scarring and 6 weeks later, he was actually modeling, which is incredible. Do I have this right, Andy? By the way, welcome, man.

Andy:              Thanks, man. Good to be here. It was … I talked to my mom. It was actually 7 weeks later, 7. On the podcast I said June but I think it was mid-May but either way …

Dave:              It was 7-ish weeks. All right. Not 6 weeks, 7 weeks. We’ll be accurate. Basically, no one who looks at you now, I mean we’ve got really good camera studio lighting. Not all of the podcast have this. I’m actually shooting the Bulletproof Upgraded Mind today here in LA so I know you’re down here. I’m like, “Come on in. Let’s use the extra camera time,” because you have this amazing skin, this really healthy glow. You’re a model and all that. It’s your business to look good.

Last time, we got tons of comments on the forum, just crazy traffic talking about this clay stuff that you’ve invented. We’re going to talk more about skincare and give people an update about what’s going on with the skin mask that you’ve made.

Andy:              Well, the response has been awesome. I’ve had hundreds of emails around that same number of orders and people are just … They don’t even want to try it. They just want to buy it and order it. It’s been great. It’s been super overwhelming because I only had enough for myself to last me a few months. I originally made it for myself just to … And then you go forward. You get something you’re confident with and then you start calling it a product and then you come up with a name and then that’s where I’m at right now. It’s unbelievable. It really is. it’s kind of funny, an ex-athlete, now like a skincare … so into skincare but it’s something I’m proud of and if it makes people feel better about themselves then I’m all for that. It’s something that really helped me. I had abrasions and scars everywhere after that accident and not only does it help exfoliate and build skin cells but it also removes the impurities that are so close to your brain. I do whole head masks and shoulders too. It’s just something I’m super passionate about and I’m happy to share it with the public now and it’s actually really cool. Every single e-mail that asks about the product and how I came about making it, it’s really cool to invent something as you know and then have people be so stoked to try it and believe in it. It’s a pretty surreal feeling. There’s nothing like it as we saw at Erewhon. There’s nothing like it ingredient by ingredient so it’s going to do good things.

Dave:              Speaking of Erewhon, Erewhon is the most high-end health food natural store in all of the LA area, just incredible place. They have a full selection of Bulletproof products, which is amazing and we had a giant response. We posted a photo of it on Facebook and 1,400 people are like, “Oh, oh, we totally want to do that. this is great.” It’s definitely my favorite place where you can actually buy Bulletproof Coffee and they’ll make it for you at the tonic bar there so shout out to Air One. We went there. we looked together at all the different stuff you can get to put on your face and most people are like, “Here’s a clay,” and you’ve mixed different ones to do different things. Last time we touched on his a little bit but a lot of guys don’t take care of their skin. All right. you got sort of a wakeup call about that because not only do you work in industry but when you get it damaged, it’s well you have to take care of this. What benefits do you think you’re getting aside from just looking good which everyone wants to do but you mentioned some more systemic benefits from it? what’s going on there?

Andy:              Absolutely. The bentonite removes impurities. You have any type of toxins from the air that we’re breathing. Say you come back from a flight and you got all that radiation from just airports and all those little scans that you got to go through. I always make sure I do one when I get back from the airport or from a trip around the country because of that. if I’m in a type of funk because of those toxins, it helps remove those impurities from the system.

Dave:              You actually a funk from airport toxins or other toxins in your life.

Andy:              A little bit. A little fog, not a funk but like just locked in, a little bit. Do you?

Dave:              Absolutely like when you’re dialed in and you’re operating at full level, there’s lots of things like the first part to go is that edge, the edge is the most sensitive to toxins and if you live constantly with your brain all the way, the air you breathe, the ionizing radiation that happens just from being out during the day up in the sky, I don’t know exactly which one it is. I suspect it’s more the oxygen and the toxins in the re-circulated air but I use a lot of glutathione. I use activated coconut charcoal. I’m actually incorporating your mask now.

Andy:              Nice.

Dave:              You’re going to take a shower you better after you get off a plane like when you get to your hotel because it’s really good to get that stuff off your skin because they’re going in through the pores, right?

Andy:              Absolutely. It’s your largest organ. Included with removing impurities, it stimulates circulation and blood flow to the surface of the skin so a big thing is these capillaries underneath the eyes aren’t getting circulation. It’s like people ask what to do about under eye circles and stuff like that. I’m like, “Well, how about you get that blood flowing.”

Dave:              I just use lasers.

Andy:              Yeah. well, that … that works too apparently.

Dave:              What are the ingredients? How do they work? Is there a science behind it? I think people will care about that.

Andy:              Absolutely. The rhassoul clay is from Morocco and a big quality of rhassoul clay is stimulation to the sky and increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. The bentonite removes heavy metals and impurities, has an incredibly powerful quality of doing just that. The cow adds like … it’s a little more coarse so it adds an exfoliant to the product that he others don’t. the others are really soft and absorbed with the apple cider vinegar base that I add to it. the coarse texture of the cowin clay is what helps exfoliate the skin. I add grass fed colostrums, Vitamin C, organic kale powder with sodium alginates kind of remove radiation and toxins as well that we absorb every day walking around everywhere we go.

Dave:              Let’s talk sleep because this is one of those things. What are the latest things you’ve been doing around sleep? Because like you said, you sleep a full night so you show up at the casting call and you’re down and ready to go.

Andy:              I don’t have internet in the house so those radio …

Dave:              I can’t hang with you. no internet at home?

Andy:              Yeah, not internet in the house.

Dave:              Alien, alien.

Andy:              I took your advice. I put my phone on airplane mode and then I have your Bulletproof sleep mat that I always throw in a movie before I go to bed and I drift off and then I’ll usually wake up so I only get 30 minutes on that. I don’t wear shirts so those things are poking into me and kind of like loosening up the pores.

Dave:              You’re laying on the mat and watching a movie, just kind of chilling.

Andy:              Yeah, drifting back. I do the diatomaceous earth. I have a nighttime tonic that I do as well as my morning tonic but the nighttime tonic is more grounding of the diatomaceous earth clay and the pearl powder and then that combined with turmeric and the aloe and the he shu wu and the different amino acids that I take. It kind of grounds me and gets me off into a totally relaxed state by combining the glutathione, collagen, Vitamin C.

Dave:              You’re doing a full stack at night.

Andy:              Full stack.

Dave:              So cool.

Andy:              Full stack. I get like these lucid dreams.

Dave:              Wow.

Andy:              Yeah. Full suite.

Dave:              We’ll have to write down some more about that and make sure we can get a sampling of that kind of stuff just for like what they can try this other experimental things. It sounds like you got quite the recipe there.

Andy:              Yeah, I actually got a funny story about the Bulletproof Mat. When I got it, I laid back and it started poking at me a little bit. Next thing I knew, it was 1 in the morning, shoes I mean I’m talking just side of the bed. I wasn’t even laying down. I was just passed out, shoes still on, fully clothed and I was you’re like so out of it, 1, 1:15 in the morning.

Dave:              It knocked you out.

Andy:              Yeah, it knocked me out.

Dave:              With endorphins.

Andy:              Yeah.

Dave:              I actually have that Sleep Mat. This is the one you have, right? The one like that?

Andy:              There it is.

Dave:              It’s pretty cool. I was amazed when I first started experimenting with the longer spikes that we put on these because you just … it just knocks you out, right?

Andy:              What I do actually is I started to do … You recommend whole head, like wrapping it around the head and kind of … it’s like aerating your lawn a little bit.

Dave:              Yeah, but not quite the eyes. That never worked for me.

Andy:              Yeah, no, not the eyes but all around the neck, face then I’ll do the mask.

Dave:              Oh afterwards?

Andy:              It’s like aerating the lawn, you’re infusing the face with all those good, nutrient dense ingredients and the mask was pretty sweet before but I think that kind of activates and the ingredients.

Dave:              What a good idea. I’ve seen using spikes … even finer spikes for hair loss. There’s a little roller you can do and then you apply it like on topical things to help with hair growth. I never thought of just using that to stimulate circulation and then putting the mask on. That’s brilliant, man. Super brilliant.

Andy:              Yeah, I do it all over the head too so like you press it on.

Dave:              Like up here right.

Andy:              Yeah and then right after that, they’re not … You don’t get any marks or anything like that. you just but you do see a little bit of glowing right after. It’s great. That was actually a good thing that I read from you and then putting the mask on top of that is just like … I mean forget it.

Dave:              Super cool.

Andy:              Yeah, that’s a big thing.

Dave:              Andy, all of our audience but most especially the women who are watching on YouTube instead of listening in their cars or maybe watching on iTunes. We’ve got this just launched on the iTunes video channel. They’ve got to asking themselves like, “All right. What about sex hacking?” I talk about that so what’s your practice around that? is that a part of what you do as a bio hacker like pay attention there?

Andy:              Yeah, actually. I think that’s a really good way to see how healthy you are is with like just sexual health. I’m really passionate about that. That’s just like …

Dave:              Do you measure your swimmers or something like that?

Andy:              No, I don’t do that. I’m not opposed to doing that. Yeah, I would love to do that.

Dave:              It’s

Andy:              I think I should start doing that.

Dave:              I mean I thought of doing that but you get like a three-day trail of am I toxic for the last three days. If they’re not swimming, you’re not living right.

Andy:              Yeah, I mean I’m just all about blood flow and just proper nutrition through amino acids have been huge for that specifically L-arginine.

Dave:              L-Arginine, yeah.

Andy:              Huge, that’s …

Dave:              Do you know the mechanism behind L-arginine?

Andy:              I don’t. do you?

Dave:              It has to do with stimulating of endofibrial nitric oxide, which as and a lot of those like $12 pills you buy at 7-11 that like … Male performance extension max or whatever, it’s mostly that.

Andy:              That and just fillers and sugar. It’s incredible. Arginine, getting the saturated fats up there through nutrition and diet. Gelatinized maca has been great.

Dave:              Not raw maca strangely. What drove that?

Andy:              I have been told that the locals wont and they won’t do raw maca.

Dave:              It’s exactly that. Raw maca’s not good.

Andy:              Okay.

Dave:              Actually, I know some practitioners, ones I trust, who recommend raw maca but I know when I take it, I always get weird GI problems and the gelatinize seems to work better for me.

Andy:              Works better for me too.

Dave:              Okay.

Andy:              I actually threw that in my coffee and forget it.

Dave:              If it’s a clean raw maca and there’s the good science from the people it could be really good but my gut doesn’t handle it as well so.

Andy:              Gelatinized for me is less … I use less and the results are definitely there so that’s good.

Dave:              Do you practice any kind of … the talked about don’t have too many orgasms because it’ll make you week or anything like that?

Andy:              actually, among … no, I don’t actually.

Dave:              You have 4 or 5 a night.

Andy:              No, I just … I was talking to a buddy about that because I did read that you had a article about that and I just that’s not something that I’ve been practicing.

Dave:              You’re just not manly enough to handle that.

Andy:              I don’t know, man. As clean as we eat and the supplements and just the diet and the super foods, I mean sometimes you just got to release and … Yeah, so it happens.

Dave:              Do you have a girlfriend, wife? What’s the situation there?

Andy:              No girlfriend at the moment. I just …

Dave:              There’s like 50,000 people who just heard that and like 40% of them are women so you might get some phone calls after this, Andy.

Andy:              A couple that have reached out through the podcast, well several are beautiful so I’m not opposed to that. You got a lot of beautiful Bulletproof women out there and it’s great.

Dave:              We just filled your calendar for the next two months.

Andy:              It’s good. You develop a routine and you stick with it. not that I’m opposed to being a relationship it’s just I’m pretty happy with the way life’s going right now.

Dave:              Yeah and you’re about to go on a busy time I think because I have good feelings about this new mask.

Andy:              Thank you.

Dave:              I’m super stoked to help you grow it by putting it on the store.

Andy:              Right. You too, man.

Dave:              My pleasure.

Andy:              Right on.

Dave:              Thanks, man. Give us your Twitter handle again so people can reach out to you if they want to.

Andy:              It’s @andyhnilo A-N-D-Y-H-N-I-L-O at Twitter and then Facebook, Andy Hnilo, A-N-D-Y H-N-I-L-O. H is silent.

Dave:              Andy, it’s awesome to see you again, man.

Andy:              It’s good to see you too, Dave.

Dave:              Thanks for coming out.

Andy:              Yeah, thanks for having me.


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