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Dave Asprey is on a mission to prove that you can be healthier, smarter, avoid disease, and have better sex, every day you get older. While most people assume we will peak when we are young, Dave’s book reveals there is another way. Explore the scientific revolution that is already changing how the highest performing people in business, athletics, and science eat, work out, sleep and supplement, and discover simple changes and some truly radical ideas from the world of high-performance health—for how to start feeling like your best self, today and dramatically extend your lifespan. You Only Live Once! Learn about NAD Boosters, infrared saunas, stem cells, sleep routines, and so much more.

A self-proclaimed human guinea pig, Dave arms readers with practical advice to become Super Human at every age with his signature mix of science-geek wonder, candor, and enthusiasm.

“We are seeing that we can prevent and even reverse diseases of old aging, such as dementia, with diet, lifestyle, and targeted, precision therapeutics.  Dave’s SUPER HUMAN provides a role model for the successful aging of our minds and bodies.”

Dale Bredesen, MD
NYT bestselling author,

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“It’s my job to do unbelievable things on film, which means I have to look and feel amazing too. With the help of the antiaging tricks in Super Human, I’m now planning to do that for a lot longer than I thought was possible.”

Gerard Butler
Hollywood Leading Man

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