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David Sinclair, Ph.D
Aging is a disease…and that disease is treatable
Dr. William Li
The new science of how the body can heal itself
Naomi Whittel
How Keto can benefit women and the study of autophagy
Dr. Steven Gundry
The latest research on your gut microbiome
Dr. Ellen Vora
Psychotropics and addressing mental health through diet and lifestyle
Dr. Dale Bredesen
The end of Alzheimer’s
Laila Ali
Empowerment and purpose in mindset, health, and life
Mark Sisson
Keto, the misunderstood healthy lifestyle

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“It’s my job to do unbelievable things on film, which means I have to look and feel amazing too. With the help of the antiaging tricks in Super Human, I’m now planning to do that for a lot longer than I thought was possible.”

Gerard Butler
Hollywood Leading Man

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