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On this special episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave is the one being interviewed. A little while back, Dave made an appearance on perhaps the most popular podcast out there, The Adam Carolla Show. Listen to Adam and his team hilariously pick Dave’s brain on topics like his Bulletproof Diet, daily eating, politics within the food industry, unlearning dietary habits, steakhouses, halva and more. Enjoy the show!

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Speaker 1:      Bulletproof Radio, a state of high performance.


Dave:  You’re listening to Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. Today’s cool fact of the day is about vomiting. It turns out that a Brown University study revealed that many people couldn’t distinguish the smell between vomit and Parmesan cheese. That’s because both of them contain butyric acid, which is the main smell of vomit.


Now butyric acid is also what makes your sweats socks smell. It’s also named after butter. In fact, butyric or butter, the same word. That’s something that happens when you get cultured butter especially, which is why grass-fed, cultured butter is what’s best in your coffee. I say unsalted butter because salt and coffee generally doesn’t taste good.


My evidence shows that about 40% of people prefer a little bit of salt in their coffee. 60% of people think that you have coffee soup with salted butter, but 40% of us like it a little bit soupy in your Bulletproof Coffee. You can have either way as long as you put brain octane in there and you make it with the Bulletproof mold-free coffee beans because you’ll feel the difference. Either way, you’ll have not even a hint of vomit.


This butyric acid that we’re talking about, though, as I wrote about in the Bulletproof Diet, is very interesting stuff because if you eat it, it does one thing: to help with inflammation. It’s manufactured by the bacteria in your gut. They need one of two substances to make butyric acid. Substance number one that you might have heard of is called resistant starch or just fiber. Fermentable fiber can help the healthy bacteria in your gut make more butyric acid.


What most people don’t know about unless they read my book is that the number two fermentable substrate for these little critters is – drum roll – collagen. That’s right. Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen or you can make bone broth, if you wanted to, just a lot more work and has less collagen in it. Still good for you. Either one of those, or you could chew tendons, chicken’s feet, things that you might find in traditional Chinese food, or anything that has boiled bones in it. These are going to give you that collagen that then can be fermented in your gut so that you can make more butyric acid.


Who would have thought that when I started talking about sweat socks and vomit that we were going to end up talking about collagen? Hey, that’s just how biohacking works. It’s cool.


Speaking of cool, this is one of those shows that doesn’t follow the normal format where we interview someone interesting. In this case, someone really interesting is interviewing me, none other than Adam Carolla, who is the number one podcaster on the internet and a famous guy and a really, really funny guy. Very funny, because you’re going to hear him talking about halva, or, as he says, halva in a way that I can’t even replicate on the show today.


What this is is this is him interviewing me for the Adam Carolla Show. If you’d like to hear the rest of the interview, and there’s a bunch of other stuff they talk about, or any of the other ones of Adam’s brilliant, brilliant podcast, head on over to Adam Carolla Show on Podcast One and check it out.


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I’m incredibly excited to announce something to you. If you are a long time Bulletproof fan, you remember about two and half years ago we made something that looked like this. If you’re driving in your car, it looked like the car in front of you. It didn’t really. What it looked like was a small jar of yellow fat called Bulletproof Ghee. We had a really hard time getting enough grass-fed butter. We actually created a shortage of national, actually international, grass-fed butter that was publicized in lots of different countries. About two years ago, just demand for grass-fed butter hit an all time high, and it’s still there.


One of the goals of Bulletproof was to change demand so much that we would improve the health of our soil by having more cattle eating grass, and it’s totally happening, but one of the side effects of that is that now I can get you good quality grass-fed butter enough to reliably make something magic for you, something that is a much larger jar of grass-fed Bulletproof Ghee that meets exactly my standards.


Here’s what ghee is if you don’t know about it. Ghee is like butter. It’s just the fat from butter. We sit over an open flame, gently, gently cook out all of the water and all of the milk solids. If you’re sensitive to dairy protein or to dairy sugar, almost all of it is gone. Most people with a dairy intolerance, even me, can handle ghee just fine. Actually, most of them handle butter pretty well, but if you’re super intolerant, you might handle ghee better.


You want to check with your doctor. If you’re anaphylactic, you probably don’t want to do it, but if you just want to see if it works for you, a lot of people can handle ghee because it’s even lower in protein than butter, which itself is very, very low.


What we do is we clarify the butter. what you get is shockingly amazing buttery taste. It’s almost like as strong as the butter that you would put on popcorn, the real butter, not the fake butter. It’s super rich and creamy and flavorful.


Because we’ve cooked it carefully over an open flame like this, it develops a slightly caramelly flavor. It’s hard to explain, but it is so fantastic with vegetables, with chocolate. You can make Bulletproof Coffee with it, of course. It doesn’t have the same foaminess that you would find if you used, say, butter in it, but if you add some Bulletproof Collagen and ghee, you can get more of the foam that you’re used to. I put collagen in my coffee quite a lot.


As a matter of fact, you can now pick up that collagen on the Bulletproof website. You can also pick it up in some Whole Foods now, which is cool. If you can’t find it at your local Whole Foods, go to the cashier and say, “Where’s my Bulletproof collagen? Where’s my brain octane? Oh, my God. It’s an emergency,” anything like that.


In the meantime, though, ghee is not in Whole Foods yet. What you can do is you can get some ghee on Bulletproof.com and then you can use it in cooking, you can use it in baking, and, of course, coffee, like I already said. It’s sugar-free, it’s gluten-free. Of course, it’s non-GMO. It’s grass-fed, for goodness sake. It has a very, very high smoke point.


A lot of people like to use modified canola oils or grape seed oil. This is better than any of those. It is the ultimate cooking oil. What I do if I’m going to cook with oil is I use ghee and I use a little bit of water at the same time, kind of like you would if you’re going to do a wok. With this stuff is you want the water there to keep the cooking temperature down, but even if you were going to fry, which is not really good for you if you’re going to stir fry, if you use ghee in there, you can get that amazing flavor, but it doesn’t smoke. It doesn’t break down until 485 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s quite high.


It’s better than, say, Brain Octane, which I’ll also stir fry with. Brain Octane is good until 320 Fahrenheit. 320 Fahrenheit is much higher than the temperature that water makes, steam, which is about 212. If you have a little water present when you’re cooking, you can use brain octane.


What I’d do if I’m going to do a proper higher temperature fat thing, I’ll use ghee and then, at the end, after the burner’s turned off, I’ll add the brain octane. I can have a meal that raises my ketones. You can do a zero-carb meal. That way that tastes amazing. It tastes better than butter because it’s concentrated butter fat with the flavor.


If you never had ghee, you’ve got to try this stuff. It is fantastic. It’s just like a powerful aroma in your food that makes me happy. Drizzle it on any food you can think of. I have even mixed it with Brain Octane and put a little bit on a salad, like a bacon spinach kind of salad. Not bad. The uses for grass-fed ghee are endless.


The other thing, if you’re, say, a backpacker or you just don’t have a refrigerator because you live in the back of a van or, say, you’re going to Burning Man, whatever it is, it is room temperature stable. It doesn’t spoil easily at all. That means that you can order it by e-commerce and that means that you can keep it in your desk drawer at the office. Do whatever you want with it because it’s really good stuff.


It’s taken me years to get to this point, where I could reliably bring you grass-fed ghee made by Bulletproof, following all the right processes, all the lab testing, all that kind of stuff. It’s finally here. It’s finally reliable. It may sellout at first, but that’s okay. We know how to make more. We have little spikes and fluctuation on the availability of dairy, but we’ve nailed it for you, Bulletproof grass-fed ghee. All right, let’s listen to Adam Carolla, because this is one fun podcast.


Speaker 3:      … And now Alcoa presents Definitely Not a Jew on the Adam Carolla Show. Dateline: Sydney, Australia. A 21-year-old construction worker was bitten by a poisonous redback spider. The man was using the construction site porta-potty at the time and was bitten on his penis. Definitely Not a Jew.


Adam: Ow! Poor Dave Asprey, CEO of a Bulletproof Coffee. I said “poor” because that just reminded me of something. Say hi, Dave.


Dave:  Yeah I know


Adam: Good to see you, man. We enjoy your coffee. We enjoy your MCT oil. Like I said, I dump some in my coffee, off the air, this morning. I always know it’s good stuff because I’ve been around Dr. Drew my entire life. If you said to him, “I’d like to take half an aspirin,” he’d be like, “Whoa! Hold on. You got a problem. That’s not going to work for you. It’s a slippery slope. Nothing works. Nothing is effective. Nothing does anything.” He is into this MCT oil big time.


Dave:  I was actually a little afraid to go on the Dr. Drew Show when it went on because I know he’s not into supplements too much. I thought he was going to savage me. I’m like, “I’ve got science. I’m going to go in.” He was like, “Actually, I use it. I could really feel the difference.” He’s using the Brain Octane, which is like one of the four kinds of MCT, the one that works best.” I was honored. I walked out of there stunned because it was just so cool. I was expecting a beat down, to be honest.


Adam: What does it do? What does the MCT oil do?


Dave:  This kind of MCT oil raises the ketone levels in your body, almost like you’re fasting or you’re doing an aggressive Paleo diet even if you’re not. You get this mental clarity because the cells in your brain that make energy called mitochondria, they make more energy than they normally do from eating sugar and carbs and protein.


Adam: Speaking of that, we had Vinnie Tortorich who comes in on the show and does the nutritional stuff for us. Gina’s down, God, thirty pounds?


Gina:   Almost.


Dave:  Congratulations.


Gina:   Thank you.


Adam: Since Vinnie got her a coached up. Do you do a bar? My lifelong quest is to find a bar that my son can eat that’s not a candy bar, because everything else is just chocolate and peanut butter and it’s just full of sugar, and it’s a waste.


Dave:  I spent two years making a bar. It has no milk protein isolator, the junk protein. It has two grams of sugar that was just naturally in the cashews. It’s got that brain octane in there, so you’re not hungry for hours after you eat it. I give it to my six-year-old, I give to my nine-year-old. They’re full for hours. They don’t whine about candy when they get it.


Adam: They like the taste?


Dave:  They love the taste.


Adam: It’s like halva.


Gina:   Oh, so you love halva?


Adam: Do you really? Okay, first off, I feel sorry for you, dude, because you brought halva and somehow we got into redback. Now I have to take a quick detour.


Speaker 6:      What are you talking about?


Adam: We’re walking through Holland and we passed the shop, me and Mike August. Dawson, were you walking with us?


Dawson:         Yeah, I was.


Adam: We passed the halva shop. I said, “Oh, it’s halva,” and none of the other adult males had any idea what the fuck I was talking about. No one had ever tried it. I just said-


Dawson:         Count me in there. I don’t know what the hell that is.


Adam: It’s basically-


Gina:   It’s always at the front of a store.


Dawson:         Oh, so halva.


Gina:   Helluva.


Adam: This place just sold halva.


Adam: Here’s what it is. It turned into a funny conversation because it basically tastes like you poured honey in the sand and then shaped into a brick. They were like, “The Jews never stopped punishing themselves, do they?” They could get a fucking Hershey’s bar, but instead they’re like, “No, we’ve got to pour honey in the sand and then shape it like a brick. We’ll eat that. It will scratch up the roof of our mouth.”


Gina:   “It’s good enough.”


Adam: It’s so weird. I like it, but it’s really good.


Dave:  It’s addictive.


Adam: Thank you. Yeah, it was great. He always knows where I’m going with this stuff. It’s not good.


Adam: No one else liked it, but Dawson.


Dawson:         I thought everybody liked it.


Adam: Okay, Dawson. Dawson, remember the conversation about why Jews have to punish themselves?


Dawson:         It’s all right. Yes, I do.


Adam: It was based on halva. It wasn’t that halva was bad, it was that if you have apple pie, you wouldn’t eat it over anything else. That’s the whole thing.


Adam: Flan is fine. It’s not better than any other … There’s a thousand desserts that are better than flan, but flan’s there.


Gina:   If it’s the only thing they have.


Adam: Right. That was our halva. Get Mike August on the phone, see if he remembers it all. The redback was another bizarre conversation I had when I was over the pond, but we’ll get back to Bulletproof for a second. How did you get into this whole thing?


Dave:  I used to weigh three hundred pounds.


Adam: Oh, really?


Dave:  I was really successful in Silicon Valley, and then my brain started to turn off in my mid-twenties. I went to the doctor, I bought disability insurance. I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t remember stuff like the way I used to. I tried to just bring it, and I don’t have what I used to have. I got really concerned about it and I started taking smart drugs. Pretty soon I started running an anti-aging non-profit research group and I just did all this research. Eventually, fifteen years and $300,000 later, I had lost a hundred pounds and just gained control of my cravings. I never have food cravings ever. Just my brain works in a way it never has in my entire life.


Adam: How can we get on that regiment where our brains woke up a little bit?


Dave:  The Bulletproof Diet is the most dense way of getting this information. It’s a book that I wrote. It hit the New York Times. It’s available wherever you buy books. That’s the most condensed version, or it’s all free on the website, if you go to the Bulletproof website, the infographic for the diet.


It’s a really simple set of rules: stop doing the stuff that makes you weak. There’s a bunch of foods that might make you weak, but they don’t make someone else weak. I just identify these are the suspect foods. You’ve got to know which suspects are guilty for you. These are the Kryptonite foods that make everybody week and these are foods that make everyone feel good.


Just adjust yourself and, all of a sudden, dropping the hard stuff makes you feel way better than doing more of the good stuff. We strive so much to do good things but just quit doing the stuff that isn’t working.


Adam: All right. It’s interesting. You break it down into three groups. There’s the stuff that works for you, but might not work for someone else. Maybe someone is lactose whatever and then you may not be, so you can have a piece of cheese. Then there’s stuff that’s just bad for everyone, like halva. They couldn’t even give it a zesty name. Halva. They’re bringing up more phlegm when we talk about dessert over here in Israel. Halva.


Male:   It’s like an insect.


Adam: It is true that no other human being in our group knew what halva was, right?


Dawson:         That stuff was terrible, man.


Adam: Talk to Mike August. No one else had heard of it, right?


Dawson:         Correct.


Adam: Then there’s this stuff-


Dawson:         You were extremely proud of yourself.


Adam: It was a whole halva shop. That’s how popular it is over there in Amsterdam.


Gina:   Wow!


Adam: The whole storefront dedicated to halva.


Gina:   That’s shocking.


Adam: Then there is the stuff that’s bad for everybody. Get that Cap’n Crunch, or whatever. Then there’s the stuff that is good for everyone, which is … Give us five to eight things that we should be eating.


Dave:  Meat from grass-fed animals. You need meat from healthy animals, and not a lot of it. We’re not talking a pound of ribs. We’re talking a few ounces of high quality fish, wild-caught, or grass-fed animals. Dairy fat is really good for you. We call it butter. Dairy protein, not so good for you.


Adam: Dairy butter, good. Dairy … Is it cheese, or what is-


Dave:  Cheese and milk has milk sugar, which is neutral for most people, unless you’re lactose intolerant, but it also has dairy protein, like casein in and milk protein isolate, they call it. That stuff is low quality protein. It’s inflammatory. Casein’s linked to liver cancer when it’s taken in conjunction with toxins that we’re all exposed to so.


Adam: Now we got to bring up eggs. That’s protein.


Dave:  Eggs are pretty much Bulletproof, unless you’re allergic to them. There are good number of people who are allergic to eggs, but, if you’re not, egg yolks are one of the best foods you could possibly eat.


Adam: Isn’t that egg protein? Is that dairy protein, or no?


Dave:  Dairy protein is mostly casein.


Adam: It’s got to be made of milk?


Dave:  Yeah, it’s got to be made from milk. Basically, the stuff that makes cheese hard is the protein.


Adam: Right. Egg’s good?


Dave:  Yeah, eggs are good.


Adam: Vinnie Tortorich is very much about that. Again, we’ve been eating egg whites, punishing ourselves eating egg whites, flavorless egg white omelets for the last decade.


Gina:   It costs more.


Adam: It costs more and it’s not yolks.


Dave:  Give me the yolks. You can have the whites. I’ll throw away egg whites and eat the yolks.


Adam: I never really did it, but I was one of those guys that was like, “I’ll drink the skim, put the skim milk in the coffee and not have the cream because I don’t want to be the fat whatever. The reason that I bought into it … It wasn’t that I bought into it; it was just that every expert was shouting this from a mountaintop, and I’m just a lay person. I was like, “If the surgeon general and the food pyramid over there say whatever, I guess that’s what it is.”


Dave:  Usually they don’t tell you. Coffee’s the number one source of antioxidants in the American diet. It’s important to get that stuff – dark colored vegetables, chocolate, red wine, broccoli-


Adam: Halva.


Dave:  Halva, extra halva. We have a halva extract we’re coming out.


Gina:   Halva-proof.


Male:   Stepped on.


Adam: I always do this to anyone who knows this world. I’d go, “Just give me breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” I’m not super uptight, training-for-a-triathlon way but just a basic Monday.


Dave:  I’ll tell you what I did today. I woke up and I had Bulletproof Coffee. You brew with the mold-free coffee beans, Brain Octane Oil, and then you put in grass-fed butter.


Adam: You do the MCT and the butter.


Dave:  Grass-fed butter.


Adam: Is that like the clover whatever? I’m trying to think of the …


Dave:  There’s a bunch of brands. Kerrygold is the most widely available one.


Adam: Kerrygold. You put a pat of butter?


Dave:  Yeah, about a tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of Brain Octane.


Adam: Now when you’re done with that little doily that goes under the pat of butter, do you put it in the fucking middle of the entry hall so everyone who works for your edit bay can trip over it, or do you slide it underneath the sofa like you should?


Dave:  I like to put it on people’s chairs and be creative.


Adam: Oh, that’s good.


Dave:  Again, I shake it up when I’m traveling, like I am today, in a mug. I make a mug that seals really well, so you can shake up coffee. It’s all frothy and foamy. It tastes like a latte. The milk protein that’s not in the butter, it sticks to the antioxidants in the coffee, so it makes them unavailable. If I poured milk in there, the coffee doesn’t give me the benefits of coffee.


That’s why it pisses me off that we’ve been told to put skim milk in our coffee, because all that extra protein in the skim milk inactivates the coffee. You just get some caffeine, but you don’t get the antioxidants and all the other like delicate super food things.


Adam: Jesus. The part where the guy goes full Walter Payton, he gets in is his Roos-


Male:   His Roos.


Adam: He gets in his cleats, he gets in his sweat pants, puts his headband on, and he runs that sand dune every morning at 6am, that doesn’t piss me off because I go, “I’m just not doing that. I’m not doing it. Yes, he has great quads. He deserves it.” He had great quads. He deserved them. He set the NFL rushing record. He ..


Dave:  Was a hall of famer.


Adam: Yeah, hall of famer. I think Emmitt Smith beat him. Yeah, it was him. Anyway, he deserves it. I get it, he’s working real hard. It’s something I would never do, but the stuff where I would rather have that little pat of butter in my coffee then the clear blue skim milk that I’m dumping in it, and then it tastes worse the way I’m doing and it’s not benefiting me at all, that’s the part I’m interested in because that’s free.


Dave:  The normal thing that happens, and it always happened to me when I was fat, was around 10:30, the bagel calls to you, or those candy. You just get this, “I got to eat now.” When I was a kid, it was a bran muffin, but there was always you just make sure you have the food.


What happens when I have Bulletproof coffee, and hundreds of thousands of other people now drink it, you just don’t care about food anymore. It’s just gone. If someone puts your favorite food in front of you, I’m like, “I don’t really want to eat that.”


Adam: That’s breakfast.


Dave:  Yeah.


Adam: Literally, that’s …


Dave:  That’s all you have.


Adam: That’s all you need for breakfast.


Dave:  That’s three hundred calories there. It’s plenty of fuel for the body. It’s got some fat-soluble nutrients in it, but it’s not a main source of vegetable-based vitamin. I’d eat that later in the day.


Adam: Lunch?


Dave:  Lunch, I had sushi. I had a bunch of wild-caught fish with avocado on it. I poured more brain octane oil on there. That’s something a lot of people don’t know about. I pour some of that on every meal. I carry it in a little flask. People think I’m an alcoholic. I just dump it on my food, because if you had a tablespoon of that with each meal, your ketone levels are always high enough to suppress your hunger hormones. I’m in full control of my food cravings all the time. I just don’t care about food.


Adam: I had a personal question. Do you eat pussy?


Dave:  With brain octane oil only.


Adam: I was going to say, because-


Adam: That could be uncomfortable.


Dave:  It’s pretty slippery.


Adam: That’d be an uncomfortable moment.


Male:   Wild-caught.


Dave:  Wild-caught, nice.


Male:   Grass-smoked.


Adam: Free range. Then dinner?


Dave:  Dinner will be grass-fed steak, a plate of vegetables. That’s the whole thing. It’s mostly vegetables by volume. Then I put some steak on there and I add butter or guacamole or olive oil or-


Gina:   Good fat.


Dave:  Any good fat.


Adam: Keep that keep that fat level going in your body so you can keep the satiation level going.


Dave:  At least half my calories come from fat every day, and usually more like 70% to 85% of my calories from fat.


Adam: It’s 100% opposite of what we were basically told with all the stupid Snackwell cookies and all this. “These chips are puff. They’re Puff Pop. They don’t have any oil on them.” It’s the opposite of all of that, right?


Dave:  When I weighed three hundred pounds, I worked out every day, six days a week, an hour and a half, because I was motivated to lose this weight. I was like, “I’m going to die if I don’t lose the weight.” I’ve had three knee surgeries. I’m done. I cut my calories, I cut my fat. I went semi-vegetarian. At the end of it, I could bench press all my thin friends eating french fries, but I didn’t lose any fat. I felt like a failure and it, frankly, pissed me off.


Then I switched to a higher fat, lower carb diet and literally lost fifty pounds in three months. The other fifty pounds took a long time because that’s where it gets hard.


Adam: Does seem like some kind of weird national secret that politicians are being irresponsible with? It’s a never ending talk. It’s global warmings, Black Lives Matter, it’s gay marriage, or legalize marijuana, whatever it is; meanwhile, everyone’s just dying.


Male:   You’re right, because the next step is like, “Oh, we should have no more fat people.”


Gina:   It’s a health crisis.


Adam: We’ve got a serious health crisis. Half the kids are morbidly obese, and it’s like I’ve never heard a politician, other than Michelle Obama’s, “Drink water,” or, “Be active,” you know what I mean? It’s like how about some real fucking information? Being active is no shit, Sherlock. Drinking water is up there, too, with no shit, Sherlock, but how about some real information? How about a place we can go?


Go to Bulletproof is what I’m saying, but it’s sad to me that politicians won’t get behind something that’s this global. We can break everything off into, “Hey, we need a new aqueduct,” and “Hey, we need to improve the school systems,” “We need to build another prison,” “We need clean power,” but you need your health.


Dave:  Here’s why that doesn’t happen. I keep on my bookshelf a book from 1970, two years before I was born. It was by a guy who said, “Hey, eating more fat stops heart disease and makes you lose weight really radically.” His name was Robert Atkins. This stuff has been around longer than I’ve been alive and I’d never heard of it. No one told me this until I was, what, thirty and obese and I’d had just masses of health problems. There was no excuse for this.


I started Bulletproof, just saying, “Look, if I write stuff that I needed to know when I was sixteen, when I was twenty that would have absolutely changed the amount of just suffering and struggle that I had, including a lot of the emotional stuff that happens that comes from bad food. It triggers just tiredness.


Gina:   Hormonal imbalance.


Dave:  Yeah, and anxiety. It makes you yell at your friends and just act like a jerk. I had all that stuff and I just was, “If only I’d known.” I started writing this for maybe five people … I had a big job. I was a VP at a big company. I’m like, “I just want five people to read this and just change their whole life, and I totally win,” but it took off from there. That’s my motivation still. I want to disrupt these big food people.


The problem is they pay the politicians. Every time a big fat message comes out like that, the big grain companies come in and the soybean oil companies come in with just unlimited amounts of money and they’re like, “Oh, no. We’ve got to do some policy stuff. Let’s get some regulations in place to stop those fat people.”


Did you know, by the way, if a product has some absurdly small amount of saturated fat, you’re not allowed to say it’s healthy fat, even Brain Octane, even any kind of MCT oil, which doesn’t even act like other fat. It’s illegal to call it a healthy fat. What the hell?


Adam: What the fuck? What the halva? What the halva is going on? What the halva is going on around here?


Dave:  I’m sending you a ton of halva.


Adam: Hey, listen, I’ll eat it. Dawson will be all over the shit, too. Mike August, not so much.


Gina:   Wait. You found something you wouldn’t eat?


Dawson:         He ate it. Everybody ate it.


Gina:   He just ate it begrudgingly.


Dawson:         Everybody liked it.


Adam: No, but … Quiet. It was a toothpick, Dawson. What are you supposed to do?


Dawson:         He was, “Throw yourself in a canal.” It was remarkable that they give you the tiniest amount of it. That was the…


Adam: “Everyone ate it” means they ate a minuscule size on a toothpick, but did anyone double back and buy a block of that shit?


Dawson:         No, not me.


Adam: Everyone did … Me, Max, Pat. I think Mike bought cheese. They had delicious cheese over there. We did travel around with some food.


It angers me because I hate all politicians and I hate the fact that all they do is complain about shit, get everyone whipped up, and doom and gloom and all this stuff, but they never take any reasonable courses of action, like, “Here’s what we got. We got a problem. People are fat and/or unhealthy and/or … ”


My God, the amount of money we could save down the line. When these people start getting sick earlier and earlier because of the weight in the joints and the diabetes and the liver and everything else, the money we could save as a nation, if we would just put half as much effort as we do in the fucking “Click-It or Ticket” around here, but we don’t. Why is that? Why don’t we … I know they’re in bed with Monsanto or whatever, I get it, but it’s insane/


Dave:  It’s not even about big, mean conspiracies, it’s just you have these whole systems setup for a certain outcome, which is make a lot of money. You get billions of tiny, little micro decisions and you get this emergent behavior that looks a lot like a conspiracy theory. I studied that in college. It’s like it comes out of artificial intelligence. It’s an emergent behavior, and it sucks.


Adam: I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory because that would suggest some intelligence was involved. You have to get your shit together. That’s the reason why it’s like, “Hey, the government took down the Twin Towers.” It’s like, “Are you nuts? They couldn’t do that. They could never do that.”


Male:   Calling off now.


Adam: It’d still be there if the government is trying to take them up. We’d certainly all know about it if they did it. Do you think they’re that good?


Male:   No.


Adam: All right. You can go to Bulletproof. By the way, you got a podcast, too, Bulletproof Radio as well. Now doesn’t this make you all want to get all the stuff? I do.


Gina:   Absolutely.


Adam: I’m into it.


Gina:   The other thing with Vinnie, and I’ve been eating like this for a while now, a few months, the hardest thing for me was I had to unlearn everything I’ve known my entire life. I was angry at him. I was suspicious. I was like, “What are you selling me? What is this?” but it worked, and I can’t imagine going back to the way I was.


Dave:  It’s also revolutionary. If you do something like throw away a box of Cheerios and you have eggs and bacon for breakfast, like, “What’s just going on?” or if you put up a pat of butter in your coffee. We’ve been programmed since we were kids to … We’re going to die if we do that.


I remember when I started doing this, I’d been to Tibet. I drank yak butter tea. I felt different from it. I did all this research. I run an anti-aging research group, so I did real research. I was like, “You know what? All the science says this is okay,” but when I started doing it, I was doing seven or eight tablespoons. I was really pushing the limits to see what happened in my biology. I lost weight and I felt amazing. It was ridiculous.


I did a bunch of blood tests, and everything worked out the way it was supposed to. I really started talking about it then, but I was scared because, for a year now, I’ve been doing eight tablespoons of butter a day, and my testosterone went up. I got leaner and my brain turned on more. It was ridiculous, but it was scary.


Adam: It’s true that if you’re doing a sitcom and there’s a fat guy putting a pat of butter in his coffee.


Male:   Yeah. It’s a Homer Simpson move.


Adam: It’s a Homer Simpson move. It’s so funny, I was watching some UFC whatever, and they’re just going over some of the history of it. McCain was saying it’s dog-fighting and cockfighting and it’s outlawed. I think New York has just legalized it.


Dave:  Just now.


Adam: Okay, but you go back ten years, fourteen years, and it’s just banned in every state. The senators are taking stance about this, “It’s cockfighting. We don’t need this. This is horrible.” Now it’s a big sport. It’s the fastest-growing sport around.


It’s like one of those things where it’s like, first off, like the food pyramid, politicians don’t know shit. I don’t know why they even talk on the microphones. Why should we even listen to these guys? Because they’re all getting up there and pontificating about how dangerous it is and how we’re not going to … It’s dangerous like many sports, but I bet you big picture you’d rather your son did this than play football.


Gina:   Injury-wise?


Adam: It’s a lot of brain injuries. You’ll need a lot of MCT oil to patch that shit back up.


Dave:  I don’t know if you’re saying that jokingly, but if you’re on ketones, which MCT oil makes-


Adam: I do not kid about anything.


Dave:  Good deal. You’ll get less TBI. There’s less inflammation in the brain. If those fighters would go in ketogenic and they get hit in the head really hard, they’re going to get less brain damage.


Adam: Where’s McCain with that information? Now that’s the kind of stuff that every kid, every parent who’s signing up the kid for Pop Warner football should think about, right?


Dave:  If you look at TBI, even in kids from sports, it’s a serious issue. I gave myself a concussion four months ago. It was really a hardcore move. I passed out because I was throwing up.


Adam: From your concussion?


Dave:  It was from food poisoning, but I got a concussion-


Adam: Oh, you whacked your head when you went down.


Dave:  Yeah, I went down on the tile. It was very glorious and all that, but and that was a relatively mild concussion, but I was trash for a couple weeks. I’m a biohacker. I did all kinds of crazy stuff.


Two days ago, I just had stem cells injected in my brain, which ought to bring me all the way back.


Adam: Really?


Dave:  Yeah, but there’s stuff you can do preventatively. I didn’t get it nearly as bad as I would have. If you’re out in the octagon and you just get pounded like that, your brain is going to pay for it. We have the studies on it, but they aren’t paying attention. It’s all preventive. If they let these guys do testosterone, especially if they’re over about thirty-five, we’d have better fights and less injuries. I’m pissed about that. More testosterone for UFC.


Gina:   Wow!


Adam: Now we won’t have Tito Ortiz in the lab curing cancer, the good stuff, or Ken Shamrock or any of the great minds. Who knows what their potential could have been.


Male:   Boxing is checkers and MMA is chess


Male:   It’s Tito.


Adam: That’s an interesting thought. What did you get food poisoning from, some free range, grass-fed bullshit?


Male:   Some restaurant food at an airport. They said it was grass-fed guacamole. They lied.


Adam: If you go to a good steak joint, will that be grass-fed?


Dave:  Probably not. You have to ask. The better ones are now all offering at least one grass-fed steak. It tastes a little different, but the fatty acids in there are completely different. You feed a cow soybeans and corn, you’re getting soybean oil in the meat, and it doesn’t taste right. It’s mushy and gross.


Adam: You can taste the difference on the grass-fed?


Dave:  More importantly, you get a food high from the grass-fed. You just get mushy from the other stuff.


Adam: Interesting. It changes your disposition?


Dave:  They feed the cows to get their fat all marbled into the muscle. I don’t want to have marble fat in my muscles. I’d rather have just solid muscle the way a grass-fed animal does. You eat the animals that look the way you want to look.


Adam: Do you have a steak joint that does this that you’re aware of that might be around, like a chain or something? Is there something?


Dave:  There isn’t a major chain I’ve ever seen. If you go to different cities, you just Google grass-fed restaurant, you’ll always find something. There’s a few burger joints coming out. There’s one in Silicon Valley that’s done it for years called Birk’s. Down here, I’m trying to think of one.


Adam: Are you in the Bay Area?


Dave:  I used to be up in the Bay Area. I live on Vancouver Island now.


Adam: Nice.


Dave:  I own an organic farm. I grow my own food and I fly around an awful lot.


Adam: Wow! Vancouver is great.


Gina:   It’s good to live in.


Adam: All right, let’s bring it home.


Gina:   You got it. I’m Gina Grad, and that’s the news. You know what? Great. Thanks. Click.


Speaker 9:      Gina, Gina Grad.


Speaker 10:   That was the news with Gina Grad.


Speaker 9:      Grad.


Speaker 10:   SimpliSafe, man.


Adam: Oh, Taylor’s Steakhouse.


Dave:  There you go.


Male:   Great


Adam: Yeah, how many do we have?


Gina:   You know what? Great. Thanks. Click.


Adam: Yeah, SimpliSafe. The guy who did what Dave did, the SimpliSafe guy. He’s over there at Harvard, met some friends and those friends got ripped off. He wanted to figure out a way to get their stuff. He went and talked to some security places and they were all gouging and overcharging and charging too much by the month and all that. He just figured out his own system. Smart guy.


He put together system. $1499 a month, three times less than most security companies. Wireless. Just peel and stick. I was like, “How does that work?” You just peel off that 3M sticky tape, stick it right on. Put that window sensor on there, the motion sensor, whatever it is. No long term lock-in contracts and, again, no drilling and pulling wires.


That’d be perfect time for the guy to leave the access cover off the bottom of your thing, because he’d be crawling around under there. He’s an alarm guy, so he’s a dope. He’s pulling those wires underneath your house and that things out. A family of-


Male:   Possums.


Adam: I’d go with possums.


Gina:   Skunks.


Adam: Skunks move in. Who’s getting them out? Anyway, right now you get $100 off my handpicked security arsenal. They got the entry, they got the motion detector, glass break sensors, all that. Go to simply … Two i’s in there, simplisafeadam.com. That’s simplisafeadam.com. Save all that money. All right, live shows everywhere as per usual. Thousand Oaks coming up July 22nd.


Also, the cruise, man. That’s December 9th. Lots of good treats planned for that live podcast and others. It’s just $575. You get the room and you get the meals and a bottleand all that good stuff.


Adam: Oh, live Watercooler podcast this Saturday. Butterscotch. It’s formerly I’m Alfie. The same place there on La Brea. Watch the guys pack the fudge in real life at $10 at the door. The doors open at 7pm. All right, limited Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best … Dave, we need this hat.


Dave:  Absolutely.


Adam: It’s the new hat, Don’t Do Your Best, Do My Best. Oh, the Mean, Green, Endless Rant is going to be at the Watercooler Live Show, so check that out.


Dave, website, Bulletproof.com. Just go check it out, ingest the information, and then spread that. Spread the good news, would you, please? Until next time. It’s Adam, Dave, Gina, and Sam saying mahalo.


Dave:  Thanks for watching. Don’t miss out. To keep getting great videos like this to help you kick more ass at life, subscribe to the Bulletproof YouTube channel at bulletproofexec.com/youtube. Thanks for watching and stay Bulletproof.

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