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1173. Reverse Tissue Aging: The Power of Wasabi Method

Dr. Adam Gavine, a chiropractor with 17 years of experience, joins me to discuss the Wasabi Method, a revolutionary approach to shock wave therapy. Learn about its broad-spectrum applications from enhancing blood flow to promoting stem cell production and supporting overall longevity.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this in-person episode recorded right before the 10th Annual Biohacking Conference, I’m excited to dive deep into the innovative Wasabi Method with Dr. Adam Gavine. Dr. Gavine is a chiropractor with 17 years of experience, and we’ve been collaborating on a new, broad-spectrum technology for longevity that harnesses the power of shock wave therapy. 

We discuss the history and evolution of shock wave therapy, its initial use for breaking up kidney stones, and its current applications in treating soft tissues, enhancing blood flow, and stimulating stem cell production. The Wasabi Method goes beyond traditional uses, offering systemic benefits such as reducing pain, promoting collagen production, and even improving reproductive health. 

This episode is packed with actionable insights on how the Wasabi Method can be integrated into various health practices, making it accessible not just to medical professionals but also to massage therapists, trainers, and health coaches. Learn how this technology can help you enhance your performance, recover from injuries, and support your overall longevity. 


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“Shock wave therapy stimulates the body at a cellular level, promoting healing, reducing pain, and enhancing performance. It's a game-changer for both medical professionals and anyone invested in their health.”


(00:01:14) Introduction to Shock Wave Therapy 

  • Mechanism, early applications, and initial observations. 
  • Dave’s first encounter and personal anecdotes. 

(00:04:59) Adam’s Journey into Shock Wave Therapy 

  • Early career, introduction to technology, and clinical applications. 
  • Systemic benefits and energy levels of shock wave therapy. 

(00:08:10) Launching the Wasabi Method 

  • Collaboration, development, and broad applications. 
  • Physiological mechanisms: VEGF, nitric oxide, and tissue regeneration. 

(00:11:39) Treating Chronic Pain and Muscle Tightness 

  • Addressing trigger points, pseudo hypoxia, and personal benefits. 

(00:16:46) Applications for Erectile Dysfunction 

  • Mechanisms, benefits, and solutions for reproductive health. 
  • Expanding access to non-medical professionals and safety measures. 

(00:21:34) Reversing Tissue Stiffness and Calcification 

  • Addressing stiffness, benefits for tissue health, and movement. 

(00:24:35) Pain Management and Anti-Inflammatory Effects 

  • Reducing pain, inflammation, and stimulating collagen growth. 

(00:27:36) Bone Healing and Systemic Benefits 

  • Promoting bone health, healing, and fibroblast activity. 
  • Benefits for overall health, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification. 

(00:37:03) Practical Applications and Business Models 

  • Integrating the Wasabi Method, opportunities for professionals. 

(00:45:02) Increasing White Blood Cell Count and Immune Health 

  • Benefits for immune resilience and chronic illness. 
  • Addressing fibrosis, promoting healing, and practical tips. 
  • Long-term studies, clinical evidence, and ensuring safe use. 

(00:56:00) Empowering Individuals in Their Health Journey 

  • Promoting self-care, individual empowerment, and vision for the future. 



Studies referenced during the interview: 

Enjoy the show!


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