Build a Memory Palace to Upgrade Your Productivity – Alon Braun with Dave Asprey, Part 1 – #841

Learn how to build a memory palace to store your memories, help you be a better decision-maker and manage your priorities.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, guest Alon Braun scales enterprises and scientific innovations, especially in the deep tech industry.

He founded Neurotech Analytics, a neurotech-focused analytical hub that produces advanced analytical reports on the whole scope of neurotech industries. That said, my first question to him could be, “what can’t you do?” He’s been a marine biologist, a member of Israel’s cyber special forces unit, a children’s book author, a body movement teacher and more.

Using his background in technology, Alon’s developed a kind of virtual machine we can use to boost our brain power. In this first of a two-part episode, I talk with him about how to create a new relationship with your memory by building a memory palace. When you do this, it boosts your efficiency, creativity and decision-making ability.

Before Alon started using a memory palace, he was barely able to remember six numbers in a row. After he started using memory palaces, he was able to remember 100 numbers forward and backwards. But it’s not just a technique you use to show off your memory.

“You put all the wants [into your memory palace],” Alon explains. “I took all this project management system, and I uploaded it to the memory palace. I needed to make an object for every project. Make an object that reminds me of this want, and I took the list of objects [and put it into my memory palace].”

This technique allows him to work and cross things off his to-do lists without checking his phone or computer. It can allow you to connect with a project while still going about your day.

On a mathematical level, building a memory palace is about creating an algorithm for your brain to prioritize your values. On a general level, it’s about creating a sorting process for everything going on inside your brain.

“Right now we have so many choices,” Alon says. “You open Netflix… you open the internet, what do you choose?”

He says that building a memory palace is a skill we can develop for multi-criteria decisions and choice according to your own preference and values that aren’t recommendations by a technology algorithm.

“We need to do the ground work and work with our children,” he says.

This is an exciting episode that gives you great tools to hack your memory, Make sure and tune in for part two, where we’ll dig into entrepreneurship, mission and how to build your vision.

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Build a Memory Palace to Upgrade Your Productivity – Alon Braun with Dave Asprey, Part 1 – #841


Book: “The Entrepreneur’s Journey: 8 Steps from Inspiration to Global Impact

Key Notes

  • Alon’s book the Entrepreneur Journey, you’ll find there is if you wanted to really understand what’s going on as an entrepreneur this guy does the deep thinking because if you look at personality frameworks not a lot of people tie those back to entrepreneurship  – 1:28
  • Then that wasn’t enough, so you decided to become a Feldenkrais. A body movement, energy work practitioner, right? – 4:25
  • I think first the area that would be really impactful for people is talking about memory palaces.  – 8:47
  • I started to work with Nelson Dellis in how do I improve the software level, you know? We started testing my memory, and I see my memory is actually pretty bad.  – 12:04
  • I managed to improve myself to remember 100 numbers now. So after I reach 100, and I can recite 100 numbers forwards and backwards, that was already like “Okay, something is working. Whatever it is, it’s working”.  – 13:20
  • I needed to make an object for every project. Make an object that remind me of this want, and I took all this list of object which looked very random.  – 18:35
  • What you just said reminds me of Getting Things Done methodology. – 20:27
  • Using the AHP I built the entrepreneur journey book which look at… I felt I will minimize all the ends to entrepreneurs, or artists at least, have a goal to make a change in the world, and I actually cut the journey into steps.  – 29:21
  • You are the right person to solve the energy, and mitochondrial problem, and I will follow what you do, and in order to enhance my hardware. That’s the reality of things. I’m working on the software level exactly like that.  – 31:54
  • I think that this is a skill that we need for our children, and multi criteria decision, choice, fast according to his preference, not according to Netflix preference. – 36:27
  • There’re times when your computer science brain says “All right, I’ve made this choices”, but your non rational, non computer science body has an intuitive thing that says “Hold on, my calculations say to do this, my gut says don’t do this”. How do you know when that’s happening, and what do you do?  – 41:22



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