Women, Fasting, Keto & Cancer – Amy Robach with Dave Asprey – #779

Keto and intermittent fasting can improve health at any age and life stage, discourage typical age-related conditions, and support the body before, during and after cancer.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking with well-known journalist Amy Robach, who’s covered major national and global news events and people over the past 20 years. Her most important story, however, came when she had an on-air mammogram at age 40 and was shockingly diagnosed with breast cancer.

We go into her lifestyle since the diagnosis, which has radically changed, and now is based in keto and intermittent fasting.

Amy got an on-air mammogram to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month for a special news program in September 2013. She was 40, had never had a mammogram before and had no family history of breast cancer.

Two years later, she wrote a memoir about the experience: “Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held On To Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour.” The whole notion of the book, she says, is to “take that fear and have it be that wake-up call, for you to live better.”

“What am I going to do with this fear?,” Amy asked herself. “Am I going to let it cripple me or am I going to let it motivate me, A, to live better, and B, to do everything I can to be as healthy and as strong and as fit as possible if I get that bad news one of these days?”

When she was first diagnosed she felt crippled by that fear. In the beginning, she felt weak and sorry for herself, not even able to trust her own body. But over time, she found the energy she needed. She changed every part of her life: Food, fitness, family, and her attitude. She went on Keto and started intermittent fasting. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

“If everything had gone great and I had not gotten cancer, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today from a physical standpoint, from a mental standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint,” she says.

Amy and I get into how she balances an incredibly demanding career, a blended family and her wellness—and how keto and intermittent fasting help her do it. In pretty remarkable ways. “I remember especially when I started doing keto and intermittent fasting, seeing my brain come back to me was everything, everything,” Amy says.

Her mom and dad (in their 60s) even got on board to support her and made remarkable changes in their own health. Check out her mom’s website for a ton of recipes: https://myketohome.com.

She has set up her life in a beautiful way, and has wisdom, energy and advice for anyone just trying to make a change in their own life. “It was freedom,” Amy says. “That was one of my favorite unexpected joys from fasting and keto.”

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Women, Fasting, Keto & Cancer – Amy Robach with Dave Asprey – #779


Facebook: facebook.com/amy.robach.3/
Instagram: instagram.com/ajrobach/
Twitter: twitter.com/arobach
Book: “Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held On To Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour” 
My Keto Home: https://myketohome.com

Key Notes

  • She told me, “I guarantee you, if you walk into that MammoVan, you will convince at least one woman to make that appointment, to keep that appointment and she will find her cancer early because of you. – 2:53
  • I needed to go for a follow up. For a second I thought about saying, “I’ll just wait until next year.”  – 4:50
  • I’ve changed everything in my life. It was a slow evolution because at first, like I said, you’re crippled by the fear. You feel sorry for yourself. You feel weak. – 9:39
  • It’s not about how much I weigh or even how I look in clothes. I just feel strong. I’m proud of how strong my body feels. – 13:08
  • If everything had gone great and I had not gotten cancer, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today from a physical standpoint, from a mental standpoint, from a spiritual standpoint. – 16:07
  • You’ve gotten into keto and IF. Did people pitch that to you before cancer and you rolled your eyes? – 18:21
  • I just did a seven mile run two weeks ago on a 17 hour fast and I was fine. It’s amazing what your body can do. – 23:05
  • Cancer cells love sugar. They love glucose. For that fact alone, I thought, “Why would I put?” I started looking at desserts and looking at sugar as a mortal enemy. – 27:53
  • What about omega 6 fats, seed oils and their link to cancer? Do you minimize those? – 30:10
  • Describing your evolution as a normal non-health expert to say like, “These are what I went through,” it’s really helpful for people  – 33:43
  • Men’s Health actually was the first one interestingly that sparked my interest and that was the study on metastatic mice and ketosis. – 41:45
  • He did something called insulin potentiated therapy because cancer cells love sugar so much, during the chemo, he had to inject insulin to make the cancer cells suck up the chemo. – 43:40
  • I take daily supplements. I try to get obviously all of that to my food number one, but I just do whatever I can. – 46:40
  • This is a call out to anyone who has a brain fog like that, you got to work on it and talk about it because, a, you’re not alone. – 49:13
  • Looking for recipes that don’t have all the carbs and sugar and don’t have bad fats. Guys, myketohome.com. – 51:55

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