It’s Time for Us to Disrupt and Rebuild – Ankur Jain #613

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Ankur Jain, founder and CEO of venture fund Kairos, is tackling healthcare, housing, food, student loan debt, transportation, childcare, elder care, and burnout and retention issues facing millenials.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio focuses on some different aspects of your life that may be influencing your overall health and making it tough for you to thrive day to day.

My guest is Ankur Jain, who asks, “What are the life needs that are hurting people the most today?” And in this episode, he gives some realistic—and doable—life hacks that you can check out today.

He’s the founder and CEO of Kairos, a venture fund that’s supporting the creation of startup companies that tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Since 2012, Kairos has helped launch and grow more than $6.5 billion dollar’s-worth of companies that address problems in healthcare, housing costs, student loan debt, transportation networks, childcare, elder care, and burnout and retention.

Ankur is on the forefront of tackling these problems for millennials, as well as even younger generations, because he sees an urgency in the mounting financial, work and general life pressures facing them.

  • 40% of millennials have zero savings
  • 80% of all income from millennials now is just consumed by housing, food, transportation, healthcare, and childcare. The remaining 20% for about half of millennials is going to just student loans.
  • 60% of Americans in general can’t afford a $1,000 emergency expense

“These markets we’re talking about—housing, childcare, healthcare—are the largest industries in the world,” Ankur explains. “They’re antiquated. They’re not built for the financial realities of our generation. It’s time, just like any other antiquated sector, for us to go disrupt it, and go rebuild it for a way that works.”

Enjoy the show!

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It’s Time for Us to Disrupt and Rebuild – Ankur Jain – #613


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Key Notes

  • Where income for millennials goes 00:11:00
  • Most people don’t have access to tax credits for childcare 00:16:50
  • Jeff Bezos is actually president 00:23:40
  • Baby food is the worst 00:30:10
  • The biggest driver of inequality 00:33:00
  • To make it in life, you need to be in debt 00:43:10
  • It’s ok to be vulnerable through humour 00:49:45
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • How to fix childcare costs 00:13:00
  • The baking powder wars 00:18:50
  • Is it ethical to make money with philanthropy? 00:20:25
  • Voting with your spending 00:24:30
  • The masturbation business model 00:39:20

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