Rethinking Strength with Intelligent Muscle Training – Ben Pakulski – #652

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Mindfulness plays a key role in muscle building.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking with Ben Pakulski in person at Alpha Labs. Ben is a retired professional bodybuilder and former Mr. Canada who now educates people all around the globe on the benefits of an intelligent and holistic approach to muscle building and its effect on thriving health, longevity, upgraded consciousness, self-confidence and an overall positive outlook on life.

He also hosts the podcast “Muscle Intelligence” and is the creator of the best-selling muscle-building program MI40.

“I want to empower people to realize that the story they tell themself as to why they are the way they are now is not necessarily reality,” Ben says. “It’s just the way you’ve adapted to your environment and your scenarios. You can change. I think that’s the big messaging behind what I do is I want to empower people to change their body and change their mind, and realize that no matter what it is in this world, you can do it. You just haven’t figured out the steps yet.”

Ben uses a unique mindset-based approach to muscle-building. Listen on to learn about all the benefits of muscle, how to maximize your results in a healthy way, and the role of mindfulness in gaining muscle.

Enjoy the show!

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Rethinking Strength with Intelligent Muscle Training – Ben Pakulski – #652


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Key Notes

  • Why bodybuilders are thought to be meat-heads 00:06:00
  • Did winning contests make Ben happy? 00:08:40
  • How do you gain more muscle in half the time? 00:11:30
  • We are looking at muscle building in the wrong way 00:14:10
  • The inverted u curve of muscle necessity 00:19:35
  • Balancing values of your workout time 00:21:50
  • How to choose a yoga teacher 00:25:50
  • Is it possible to overtrain? 00:28:55
  • Most human beings don’t have the proper form or choose the right exercises 00:34:40
  • There are no genetically weak body parts 00:38:40
  • The foundation of all movement starts at the spine 00:42:20
  • How does meditation build muscle? 00:43:55
  • How Ben has changed his diet 00:48:00
  • When to eat gluten and when not to 00:50:40
  • Bodybuilders are the original biohackers 00:56:30

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