The Simplicity of Tiny Habits Will Change Your Life – BJ Fogg, Ph.D. – #662

Tiny habits are key to behavior design and lasting, transformative change.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is someone who has cracked the code on a fundamental part of how human behavior works when it comes to forming new habits.

Behavior scientist BJ Fogg, Ph.D., founded the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University and is considered the leading scientific authority on habits.

“It really is surprising to people how quickly you can form habits,” BJ says, “and there are certain habits that have this transformative impact on you.” There’s one habit in particular, called the Maui habit, that he suggests for absolutely everyone. Keep listening to find out how to do it!

His behavior model is easy to learn and easy to apply to everyday life… and doesn’t include willpower. “The thing that wires a habit in is not repetition,” BJ says, “it’s the emotion you feel when you do the behavior.” He explains that behavior happens when three elements come together at the same moment: motivation, ability, and a prompt.

This is going to be the episode that sets you on the path to creating habits that last. Why? Because BJ will introduce you to the science behind forming “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything ” and give you the tools you need to hack your own behavior.

“The book does two things at once,” BJ says. “It defines what behavior design is and gives the models and methods of behavior design. Then more specifically, it walks people through step-by-step tiny habits so people can create habits quickly and easily.”

Enjoy the show!

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The Simplicity of Tiny Habits Will Change Your Life – BJ Fogg, Ph.D. – #662


Book : Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything
Fogg Behavior Model:

Key Notes

      • What three elements form behavior 00:04:00
      • How to use triggers to form habits 00:07:20
      • What is a “meanwhile” habit? 00:07:40
      • Do this one habit every day 00:09:10
      • What is behaviour design? 00:10:30
      • Everything that works is super simple 00:12:20
      • Is behavior design another word for consciousness 00:14:50
      • How do you identify a good habit? 00:20:30
      • BMAP explained 00:24:00
      • What wires a habit? 00:25:40
      • How celebrations help form habits 00:28:50
      • Actions can hardwire a habit 00:35:00
      • Does ability play a part in forming a habit? 00:36:50
      • Do habits have to happen every day? 00:44:50
      • What role does pain and shame play in habit formation? 00:46:30
      • Daily habits are important 00:51:00

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