Censorship Costs Lives: Brian Rose Keeps it Real in London with Dave Asprey– #776

Questioning the freedom to listen to someone else’s ideas, get new information or have sovereignty over what’s affecting your health, work and life.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is a little different. I’m featuring Brian Rose, the founder, CEO and host of the wildly popular London Real podcast, livestream platform, TV show and multi-media company. He’s a great friend, longtime supporter and the current frontrunner in London’s political race for mayor.

Brian left a career in banking that spanned Chicago, New York and London to start the London Real podcast in 2011. He wanted to broadcast content he couldn’t find in the mainstream media. His aim was to have real conversations with real people, so his show featured guests that could come on and speak in unscripted, unedited and uncensored ways. “I do not agree with everything you say,” he proclaims, “but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

With that mindset, he’s created a multi-media business reaching billions (yes, billions) of people around the globe.

“And then 2020 came,” Brian says. “And there was a lot of fear out there. And people didn’t know who to trust and people weren’t trusting the mainstream media. They weren’t trusting the governments. And so we decided to start having voices on that might offer some alternative opinions.”

In April, one of the YouTube London Real episodes was deleted and banned without notice because “it violated their community guidelines.” After nine years on a channel with half a billion views, Brian realized just how heavily censorship limited the content he could create.

“I soon realized that censorship was real,” Brian says. “We got censored on Facebook, on Instagram, I got kicked off of LinkedIn, my TED Talk disappeared off their channel for about a week, PayPal, Vimeo pulled my videos, Dropbox pulled my account.”

So, he took action and created his own livestream platform, raising a million dollars in 11 days for what’s now called the Digital Freedom Platform. There, he’s interviewed Nobel Prize winners, scientists, doctors, nurses, professors emeritus from MIT, four star generals and more.

But that’s not all. He wants to make change on an even more massive scale, so he’s running to be mayor of London as an independent candidate. Through his Transform London 2021 plan executed with strong leadership, he believes he can make London a world-class capital city once again and one of the most desirable places in the world to live, work and visit.

“Our mission statement on the wall [at London Real] is to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered conscious and cooperative species,” says Brian. “But being mayor of London is the way I could really, really do that. So, it’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s nerve wracking, it’s uncomfortable, but I love it.”

I can’t wait for you to hear this episode, where Brian and I talk about censorship, current events, and his larger plans for transforming London.

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Censorship Costs Lives- Brian Rose Keeps it Real in London with Dave Asprey– #776


Brian Rose/London Real
: londonreal.tv
Facebook: facebook.com/LondonReal/
Instagram: instagram.com/therealbrianrose/
Twitter: twitter.com/LondonRealTV
YouTube: youtube.com/c/LondonRealTV/featured

Brian Rose for Mayor
Brian Rose for Mayor:
Facebook: facebook.com/brianrose4mayor
Instagram: instagram.com/brianrose4mayor/
Twitter: twitter.com/brianrose4mayor

Key Notes

  • He’s running for mayor of London, because he knows the city that he loves and he knows how to run it better  – 1:05
  • It’s been a fascinating year, a really eye-opening year when it comes to censorship  – 2:45
  • This was trending to go on to be watched 40 million times which would have made it the most watched video podcast in history. – 4:21
  • I soon realized that censorship was real. We got censored on Facebook, on Instagram, I got kicked off of LinkedIn, my TED Talk disappeared off their channel for about a week, PayPal, Vimeo pulled my videos, Dropbox pulled my account.  – 5:51
  • We’ve had Nobel Prize winners, scientists, doctors, nurses, professors, emeritus at MIT, four star generals, all on that platform since. And some of those messages were actually more correct than what the government and the main stream media was doing.  – 7:51
  • First a Digital Freedom Platform, but then running for mayor of London?” What went through your head to decide you’re going to do that? – 9:43
  • “You know what, it’s one thing to criticize, it’s another thing to offer a solution.” And I always tell all my team here, I said, “Don’t come to my office with problems, come to my office with solutions.” – 12:12
  • People on the streets are stopping me, not saying thank you for London Real, not saying thank you for fighting censorship. They’re saying, “We’re voting for you for mayor.” – 14:48
  • For London, as the mayor, my job is, though, to promote this city, to promote the fact that we want commerce to happen here. We want as many international people as possible to make that happen. – 17:17
  • What is the first major thing you would fix? – 17:30
  • Also think we’re kidding ourselves with remote working being effective, but just that simple leadership could change the conversation. – 24:13
  • It’s like everyone wants to whether they’re good or not, I want to do something. But doing something that doesn’t work is worse than doing nothing. And that’s where a lot of our policy has ended up  – 26:45
  • I’m coming in to do this job for three years. And that’s it. I want to do this job, I want to set London back on the right course. And then I want to go do some other things. So I don’t intend on getting caught up in this loop. I’ve got other things to do. But our current mayor doesn’t have anything else to do. He’s got one job, which is to get reelected. – 29:27
  • From mindset, to what you do with your body, what you eat, everything. I mean, imagine if we can get a city on that wavelength, I think we can make some massive change. – 32:35
  • We’ve got to really do some big things with the Metropolitan Police. We’ve got to reduce knife crime.  – 37:33
  • They took one of my videos down for a quote, unquote, hate speech, that had been up there for two years. – 39:22
  • Has there ever been a mayor of London who has videos of himself breakdancing on the internet?  – 41:13
  • My chief of staff, when he sat down and said, “Brian, are you sure you want to run for office because they’re going to dig up everything.” I looked at him and he said, “Oh, your whole life’s on YouTube, I forgot.” – 42:25
  • I want listeners to understand censorship comes from deep platforming, it also comes from just hiding. – 48:22

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