Bulletproof Radio Q&A – Nicotine Benefits, Bulletproof Labs & Top Hacks – #236

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On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we have carefully selected the best questions from FacebookTwitter, and the Bulletproof® Forums for another awesome Q&A. Join Dave and Zak as they answer questions about the benefits of nicotine on brain function and fat loss, getting the best source of caffeine from Yerba Mate or coffee, and bulletproof cooking along with other great questions that our listeners have submitted to Bulletproof Radio. This episode has a ton of great information all condensed into one, enjoy!


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What You Will Hear

  •   0:14 – Cool fact of the day
  •   4:22 – Bulletproof Coffee Shop
  •   9:53 – Yerba mate vs. coffee vs. energy drinks
  • 14:03 – Nicotine benefits?
  • 24:08 – Meditation
  • 28:05 – Bulletproof Labs
  • 34:36 – Bulletproof cooking
  • 40:30 – Thoughts on garlic
  • 45:10 – Wi-Fi hacks
  • 51:53 – Top three recommendations for kicking more ass and being Bulletproof!






Full fat coconut milk

Yerba Mate

Gut biome

Nicotine, the Wonder Drug?

Carbon monoxide

Beta oxidation

Nicorette lozenges

Nicorette inhaler

Cytochrome P450

Beddit (Enter “BulletproofBeddit” for a 10% discount)


Sympathetic nervous system

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Float tank



Infrared saunas



Corpus callosum

Sous vide

Cuisineart steamoven

Heterocyclic amines


Alpha brain waves

Fermented garlic



Anticancer effects of garlic


Electromagnetic field (EMF)

Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Electromagnetism and life by Robert O. Becker

Faraday cage



Unfair advantage

Choline force

Dave’s Biohacking Box

Steve Wood: Reduce High Blood Pressure & Benefits of Isometric Exercise – #234

Mark Alexander: ARX, The Future of Fitness and Exercise – #225

Opposites DO Attract: Coffee Naps, The Bulletproof Power Nap, Explained

Zen tech

Here’s Your Guide To Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting


No coffee vanilla latte

Upgraded Cacao tea

Bulletproof Vibe

Bulletproof Coffee Shop

Bulletproof Forums

Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof Conference

Moldy Movie

Bulletproof Diet Book

Free Bulletproof Diet Roadmap

Questions for the podcast?

Leave your questions and responses in the comments section below. If you want your question to be featured on the next Q&A episode, submit it in the Podcast Question form! You can also ask your questions and engage with other listeners through The Bulletproof Forum, Twitter, and Facebook!


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