Living Life Without Limits. Chenoa Maxwell #492

Gratitude and grace. And how a fake smile eventually turns into a real one!

On this episode of Bulletproof Radio Dave Asprey has an incredible interview with emotional intelligence expert Chenoa Maxwell.

From being a ward of the state in a mental institution, to her own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Chenoa now helps celebrities and successful entrepreneurs live a limitless life.

Enjoy the show!

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Living Life Without Limits. Chenoa Maxwell #492

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Show Notes

  • “Now, you became interested in this limitless living because you sort of did the opposite of that? You talk about how you stopped talking for an entire year when you were an entire year to just be less noticeable at home. Here you are now, you’re on TV and teaching people how to live limitlessly.” -Dave on Chenoa’s history.
  • “Every single time I said something, if we ran up a stair or just by breathing, we would get hit. That was kind of my circumstances, and I just learned if I’m invisible and I didn’t speak, then I would be safe.” Chenoa on her childhood.
  • “And you don’t act like someone who had an extraordinarily abusive childhood. What did you do to change?”
  • “She told me that I am not my circumstances and that I can change my life at any moment. That I’m beautiful, I’m smart, and that it is not my conditions that will make me. It is my decisions that will make me. It is learning who I am and why I react the way I react that’s going to change everything.”
  • “She basically taught me all of the things that I’m teaching my clients today. It was really miraculous, because I went from being a very unhappy, depressed, overweight child into a woman who really understood herself and understood where she was going, why she felt the way that she did, and that we’re not our feelings.” -Chenoa on learning how to do breath work.
  • “Listen without adding. Every single person wants to be heard, seen, and loved. ” On teenagers!
  • “How do you define love?” -Dave
  • “For me, I think that love, it’s not just for me, it’s actually the truth. Love is the largest and biggest connective energy in our whole entire world. It is conscious energy. It is the thing that is constantly creating what is every single moment. If we can tap into that love energy, that energy, that of gratitude and of grace, it changes and shifts everything. It’s such an easy thing to say. It’s a harder thing to actually practice.” -On Love
  • “I would just walk by and just fake it. Ironically, that faking it became my habit, and then that habit changed my life. Why? Because when I started to smile, I appeared differently for other people.” On faking a smile, and how it changed her whole life.
  • “First of all, it’s get quiet. Spend some time really doing some journeying on the inside. Find out where your pain is. Where is it stuck inside of your body?”
  • “Absolutely. I think most people operate in habits, in habit loops. They focus on what they either can or what they can’t control. It’s really important to break up the patterns.” -Chenoa
  • On things Chenoa can do that Dave can not! “I agree. I hate to say that, but yes. I believe that our cellular makeup, who we are, who we’re here to be, it doesn’t just start when we’re born today. It happens through many, many lifetimes ago.”
  • “There are things that are happening in our world that are unexplainable. They really are. How is it that certain things come to fruition? If you can understand that there’s a greater force, that there’s a greater energy that is always happening around you, but that you are also part of this energy, then you can, first, because it’s the first thing you have to do, is you have to open your mind to experiencing it and believing it.”
  • “I think at every point in life, there’s a reason and a season for something, and there are some times when we’re not able to just do it on our own. We really do need professional guidance.” On seeking help when needed.
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  • “Are there such things as guiding angels, or those things, are they real?”
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