Coffee Talk: Evolutionary Biology, Food Hangovers & Conscious Parenting – #439

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Imagine you haven’t had any coffee for 25 years and then one day, you sit down with Dave Asprey at the Bulletproof Alpha Lab, blend up a cup of Bulletproof Coffee, sip said coffee, and let the conversation flow. For Eric Edmeades, founder of WildFit and one of the true pioneers of the coming food revolution, that’s exactly how this podcast went down – live on Vancouver Island. Along with Gordy Bal, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Conscious Thought Revolution (, this lively, three-way discussion touches upon food hangovers, preconditioning hunger hormones, and the downsides and surprising upsides of GMOs. From evolutionary biology, to the importance of raising conscious children, to the true value of polyphenols, this coffee-charged conversation is worth a listen!

Enjoy the show!

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Show Notes

Links/Resources for Eric Edmeades & Gordy Bal

Eric Edmeades:

Gordy Bal


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  • Cool Fact of the Day: New research about the effects of light on our cells, our nerves, and our brains
  • Listen to the whole episode + get a transcript!
  • Dave introduces Eric Edmeades from WildFit and Gordy Bal from Conscious Thought Revolution
  • Learn to the right way to make Bulletproof Coffee! Check out our official recipe
  • If you want to watch video of this episode, go to
  • Eric and Gordy are LIVE with Dave at our Bulletproof Lab on Vancouver Island!
  • Eric hasn’t had coffee/caffeine in over 25 years, so having a Bulletproof Coffee is a big deal! Dave makes the guys Bulletproof Coffee, and explains all the ingredients and the process
  • Dave explains how people process caffeine differently
  • The guys mention Tony Robbins and his favorite biohacks
  • Back to the coffee…Dave discusses why the ingredients make Bulletproof Coffee special
  • Eric reveals why he’s willing to try Bulletproof Coffee
  • The guys talk about tobacco, alcohol, pot…
  • Eric mentions “Climbing Mount Improbable,” by Richard Dawkins
  • How foods impact different people differently; everyone’s tolerance is different
  • The guys toast to their Bulletproof Coffee and Eric tastes it
  • Dave explains why he’s weary of traditional doctor’s opinions
  • The guys talk about glyphosate, herbicides, and how dangerous these chemicals are to soil
  • The guys talk about where they stand on GMOs
  • Coffee for kids – ok or not ok?
  • The importance of polyphenols; how the pressures of the natural environment create stronger and more polyphenols and nutrients in plants
  • Consciousness…when nutrient needs are properly being met, people just feel better
  • How polyphenols and nutrient-dense foods feed our mitochondria
  • Eric talks about Wildfit’s principles, and how they’ve impacted his clients’ fertility
  • Does Dave kite board yet?
  • Dave and Eric tell Gordy what the Conscious Thought Revolution means to them
  • The importance of teaching and parenting kids to be more conscious
  • Eric shares a story about his childhood to make a point about conscious parenting
  • Eric shares his three most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • Find out more about Eric at
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