Mini-Episode: Cool Facts Friday #1

A mix of facts about humans, humanity and the strange and wonderful world in which we live.

Cool Facts are back, baby!

Thanks to everyone who let us know they wanted to keep getting quick hits of new human and world science! We’ve taken the Cool Facts out of the Bulletproof Radio podcast episodes and curated them into a short burst just for you. This fun compilation will publish one Friday a month.

Here’s the current lineup for episode #1:

  • If robots can experience pain themselves, they might understand human pain better, too
  • People who suffer from migraines have a hyper-excitable brain that influences the visual cortex.
  • Time of day affects global brain fluctuations, especially in the brain’s visual and somatosensory regions.
  • Alzheimer’s may scramble metabolism’s connection to sleep.
  • The discovery of X-rays by German-born Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1895 upended science 125 years ago.

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