Think About Your Thinking: Lessons in Entrepreneurship. Dan Sullivan #485

Understanding what’s going on in our heads and in our companies!

Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan has a good 30 books under his belt… So if you want to know something about high performance, something about being an entrepreneur, or just what’s going on inside your head, Dan is the man.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio you will hear how stockpiling friends, money, and purpose will keep you plugging along way past retirement.

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Think About Your Thinking: Lessons in Entrepreneurship. ?Dan Sullivan #485

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Show Notes

  • ‘But, okay, here you are … I’m just kidding. But you’re 73, and you are blatantly out there saying, “I’m going to live until 156,” and that’s actually way more audacious than my goal, because I’m a little younger than you are, but you are in supremely good health, and you actually spend a substantial amount of time each day taking care of your hardware. You didn’t always do that, so two things. How did you reach 156, and another thing is, when did you get into realizing that this mattered?’ -Dave
  • “Someday, I’m going to be this operating in this way,” and they get there at, let’s say, 55 or 60, and they’ve never been smarter, they’ve never been more influential, they’ve never had greater freedom to really do what they want to do, and they say, “Okay, the game’s over now.”
  • “But Dave, it’s just a thought and was a silly thought that I kept to myself for about six years, but I noticed that after a while, I couldn’t think of a normal age like, you know, 75 or 80, of dying, and my moment I thought about my lifespan, the number 156 came up, and it encouraged to start really taking care of myself. It encouraged me to start thinking long in terms of entrepreneurial plans. I’m 74, and I’m just starting the best program that we’ve ever created, which is called the Game Changer in about two weeks, and I’m just committed that what we’re going to do until I’m 99, so from 74 to 99.”



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