How to Find Your Own Winning Lane – Danica Patrick with Dave Asprey – #825

Tips on how you can challenge yourself, conquer fear through curiosity, get grounded and discover your own flow state.

On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, pretty intense professional race car driver Danica Patrick joins the show to talk about her winding journey doing all the things that excite and scare her the most.

She lets her curiosity drive her, including doing what she fears. Could be bungee jumping, diving out of airplanes or eating scorpions and running wild with Bear Grylls. “It’s not like I’m over the fear,” Danica admits. “I just like to know that if I have to overcome it, I can. I just like to know I can do it.”

Danica started racing go-karts when she was just 10 years old. She left high school and moved to England to race when she was a teen and worked her way up to driving an IndyCar going 240 mph at age 23. She’s had gigs as a sports announcer, starred in 14 Super Bowl commercials, hosted the ESPY sports awards, created a clothing line and written a book. She’s currently a vineyard owner, hosts her own podcast, and a whole more.

“I just like challenging myself,” Danica says. “I’ve realized that that’s where I thrive, whether it was pushing a car to the very limit or interviewing someone that I’m intimidated by or hosting the ESPYs and not being funny at all. I’m like, how am I going to do this? Or even in a workout. I like to challenge myself.”

This episode offers a great conversation on how we can get past the internal obstacles we tend to set up for ourselves and find our own kind of flow state. Danica’s approach to life is grounding, and we talk about how it frames everything from her foray into biohacking to her racing career.

“I think that that’s what’s being asked of us, as humans, is that we learn how to get back into that emotional body and let that be the ultimate lie detector test for situations,” she says.

Be sure to check out her podcast, “Pretty Intense™.” She interviews fascinating people from vastly different backgroundsagain, letting her curiosity lead her. She even has some great tips for all you other podcaster out there on how to write questions and give a fruitful interview.

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How to Find Your Own Winning Lane – Danica Patrick with Dave Asprey – #825


Danica Patrick
Pretty Intense Website:
Book: “Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan That Will Absolutely Change Your Life”

Key Notes

      • I feel like I’ve hit that point in my life where I’m like, mm, I need to biohack, think. – 2:11
      • I started racing go-karts when I was 10. It continued to progress. When I hit 23 and got into an IndyCar and started going 240 miles an hour.  – 3:11
      • When you think about yourself when no one’s asking you, what is the voice in your head say or something else might have been. – 8:19
      • I have a podcast, is because I just love talking to people. I love learning.  – 8:37
      • You don’t look or feel stressed. You actually have a pretty chill, happy curious vibe. Is that real? Or are you just projecting that?  – 17:02
      • You’ve got your wineries and you’ve got a podcast and you’ve got a book and a bunch of different projects.  – 18:28
      • I loved executing with precision and perfection. I loved being so dialed in and so focused and hitting my marks, everything from turning to apex, to throttle, to wall. I loved nailing it.  – 23:43
      • Bear Grylls and I did a lot of that. I ate a scorpion. – 26:53
      • We need other people to bounce off of to actually see ourselves. In seeing this person act in a certain way, you can see yourself to be a very fair person.  – 32:52
      • Our nature is truth and kindness and love. Anytime that something comes in that’s not that, whether it’s something done to us or something we do to ourselves, there’s the lack of resonance, because it’s not actually who we are. – 35:49
      • There’s so much going on that keeps us distracted. I think this is why meditation has become more popular. – 40:28
      • There should be a book on all the modalities. Because what works for one doesn’t always work for another, just like a diet. – 42:17
      • What are the biohacks that you’re using these days? Because you’d mentioned earlier, you’re starting to biohack. What’s working? – 49:19
      • I’ve been learning from Barry Morguelan, I have my sheet of paper up here. There’s like eight categories, and one of them is getting in the zone – 1:02:33


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