We Can Slow Down Aging Right Now – David Sinclair, Ph.D. – #626

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For two decades, David Sinclair, Ph.D., has conducted breakthrough research on lifespan extension and the treatment of diseases for aging.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is an Australian biologist best known for his research on lifespan extension and the treatment of diseases for aging.

“I’m a scientist,” says David Sinclair, Ph.D., “and I’m trying to figure this stuff out before time runs out for all of us.”

David is a professor in the department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and also co-director of Harvard’s Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging. He’s the co-creator and co-chief editor of the journal Aging, has co-founded several biotechnology companies, and is an inventor of nearly three dozen patents.

Among the career honors and awards he’s received are his inclusion in Time Magazine’s list of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2014 and “The Healthcare 50: Fifty People Transforming Healthcare in 2018.”

For two decades, his research at The Sinclair Lab has consistently focused on understanding how and why human beings age and how to slow its effects.

“We need to move to a world where we know much more about our bodies and what’s going on so we can get ahead of the problems before they actually cause us to get diseases,” he says.

David has introduced an exciting new longevity theory based on his own research and the top aging scientific breakthroughs known to date. In this conversation, you’ll learn what he’s discovered about aging—he’s “reprogramming cells to be young again”—and the exciting science behind his new book: “Lifespan: The Revolutionary Science of Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To.”

Enjoy the show!

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We Can Slow Down Aging Right Now – David Sinclair, Ph.D. – #626


Twitter: @davidasinclair
Book: “Lifespan: The Revolutionary Science of Why We Age—and Why We Don’t Have To
Blog: lifespanbook.com/blog/
The Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School: genetics.med.harvard.edu/sinclair/

Key Notes

  • Scientists are like monks 00:07:20
  • What about your current situation is natural? 00:11:00
  • The training is “doctors treat diseases” 00:15:00
  • What I would tell my 20-year-old self 00:29:40
  • I have nothing against doctors, but 00:40:10
  • Favorite way to take NAD 00:50:45
  • I don’t take crazy risks, I study it and find out what the risks are 00:57:00
  • There’s no one magic bullet 00:59:45
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • Is aging a disease? 00:10:05
  • A drug is just a molecule 00:17:00
  • How Metformin works 00:20:05
  • What does it mean to have a regime “working for you?” 00:25:05
  • How would you advise someone to get started at slow down aging? 00:29:00
  • Top 5 longevity markers that matter the most for your health 00:36:55
  • Are we going to see a change in the risk of death? 00:42:10
  • Imagine a world in our lifetime where we can all get life/health insurance 00:44:25
  • NAD+ and sirtuin 00:46:30
  • Reprogramming cells to be young again 01:06:15

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