EP 1166

1166. Protecting Our Children from Chemical Toxins

Veteran activist and environmental journalist David Steinman discusses the dangers of chemical toxins in our food and offers practical strategies for reducing exposure and promoting health.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, environmental journalist and seasoned activist David Steinman, with over 30 years of experience fighting against chemical toxins, shares his expertise on the impact of these harmful substances in our food supply. He highlights the serious health risks they pose, particularly to pregnant women and children, and offers practical tips on how to shield oneself and future generations from these dangers. Steinman delves into the benefits of organic foods, the effectiveness of water filtration, and the impact of making informed consumer choices.  

Through insights from his latest book, “Raising Healthy Kids,” he equips listeners with the necessary tools to reduce toxin exposure and advocate for a healthier lifestyle. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge on how to safeguard your health and the environment from chemical toxins. 


"If you're not healthy, kids are going to have a hard time being healthy too. It's very much a nature-nurture situation we're involved with."


(00:01:12) Introducing David Steinman 

  • Steinman’s background in environmental journalism and advocacy. 
  • His mission to educate and empower consumers about chemical toxins. 

(00:02:22) Insights from “The Better Baby Book” 

  • How removing toxins and improving diet helped overcome infertility. 

(00:05:09) Fertility and Pesticides 

  • Steinman discusses the direct link between pesticide exposure and reduced fertility rates. 

(00:10:20) Simple Water Filtration Steps 

  • Practical advice on filtering out harmful chemicals like atrazine from drinking water. 

(00:21:03) Advocating for Organic Foods 

  • The significant health benefits of choosing organic and how consumer choices can drive change in the agriculture industry. 

(00:35:30) The Role of Politics in Environmental Safety 

  • Discussion on how political action and awareness can influence environmental health policies. 

(00:39:46) Maintaining Hope Amidst Environmental Challenges 

  • Steinman shares why he remains hopeful about the future of environmental health. 

(00:41:57) Personal Detox Practices 

  • Tips on reducing personal and family exposure to toxins through informed choices. 

(00:45:25) Systems Change for a Healthier Future 

  • Steinman discusses how systemic changes can significantly reduce environmental toxins. 

(00:52:15) The Power of Individual Action 

  • Emphasizing the impact of individual decisions on environmental health. 

(01:00:00) Closing Remarks and Final Thoughts 


Enjoy the show!


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