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1167. Good Energy: Transformative Metabolic Health Tips

This episode offers practical tips for improving your metabolic health, covering areas such as diet, sleep, stress management, and reducing inflammation.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, you’ll learn how to enhance your health and longevity with insights from Dr. Casey Means, a Stanford-trained physician and co-founder of the metabolic health company, Levels. You’ll learn how to achieve good energy by enhancing metabolic health. Dr. Means shares valuable information on how food choices, metabolism, and chronic diseases are interconnected. She explains the science behind mitochondrial function and how your everyday choices impact your body’s ability to generate energy. 

This episode offers practical tips for improving your metabolic health, covering areas such as diet, sleep, stress management, and reducing inflammation. You’ll hear about the importance of continuous glucose monitoring and personalized health data in maintaining metabolic health. 

Get ready to uncover the truth about modern healthcare systems and learn how to empower yourself with knowledge. Whether you’re dealing with chronic conditions or looking to enhance your health, this episode is packed with essential information to guide your journey. 


"To truly heal, we must address the root causes of disease, not just the symptoms."


(00:00:10) Introduction and importance of metabolic health 

  • Dave discusses the significance of metabolic health for longevity and overall well-being. 
  • Introduction of Dr. Casey Means and her expertise in precision health. 

(00:01:25) The connection between food and pharma systems 

  • Overview of the issues with the current food and pharma systems. 
  • Reference to previous episode with Dr. Casey’s brother, Callins. 

(00:02:29) Dr. Means’ background and new book “Good Energy” 

  • Dr. Means talks about her new book focusing on energy and lifestyle decisions. 
  • Emphasis on the importance of metabolic health. 

(00:03:33) The metabolic foundation of chronic diseases 

  • Discussion on how most chronic conditions are rooted in metabolic dysfunction. 
  • The need for better education in medical schools about metabolism. 

(00:05:59) The failure of Google as a health search engine 

  • Critique of Google’s health information filtering. 
  • Dave and Dr. Means emphasize using PubMed for reliable research. 

(00:06:18) The link between migraines and mitochondrial function 

  • Dr. Means explains how improving mitochondrial function can alleviate migraines. 
  • Practical tips for managing migraines through metabolic health. 

(00:07:52) Dr. Means’ transition from ENT surgeon to metabolic health expert 

  • Personal story of Dr. Means’ career shift and her motivation. 
  • Importance of addressing root causes rather than symptoms in healthcare. 

(00:10:25) The role of inflammation in chronic diseases 

  • Exploration of how inflammation is linked to various chronic conditions. 
  • Importance of anti-inflammatory diets and lifestyle choices. 

(00:14:16) Working with her brother on the book 

  • Insights into the collaborative process of writing “Good Energy” with her brother. 
  • The personal and professional journey behind the book. 

(00:18:07) The story of Dr. Means’ mother and the healthcare system’s failures 

  • Dr. Means shares her mother’s experience with chronic disease and the healthcare system. 
  • Highlighting the need for a better focus on metabolic health in treatment and prevention. 

(00:20:55) Empowering patients with their health data 

  • Discussion on the importance of patients having access to their health data. 
  • Benefits of continuous glucose monitoring and personalized health information. 

(00:22:32) Addressing fear and misinformation in healthcare 

  • How fear and misinformation impact health decisions. 
  • Encouraging people to seek accurate information and take control of their health. 

(00:30:44) First steps to improving metabolic health 

  • Practical steps to start improving metabolic health, focusing on food and lifestyle changes. 
  • Importance of real, unprocessed food and nutrient density. 

(00:37:17) The impact of fear on health 

  • Discussion on how fear affects health and the importance of cultivating a positive mindset. 
  • Strategies for reducing fear and stress in daily life. 

(00:44:20) The concept of biochemical fear 

  • Dr. Means introduces the idea of biochemical fear and its impact on health. 
  • The role of mitochondria in regulating fear and anxiety. 

(00:50:04) Integrating natural signals into modern life 

  • Importance of spending time outdoors and incorporating natural elements into daily life. 
  • How modern lifestyles can be adapted to support metabolic health. 


Enjoy the show!


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