Get Your Brain Right and Your Mind Will Follow – Dr. Daniel Amen – #673

Neuroscience’s new understanding of the brain can transform psychiatry and help prevent—and even reverse—mental health issues.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’ve invited a guest who knows a lot about brains.

As a physician, double-board certified psychiatrist, professor, and 10-time New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Daniel Amen studies brains from the inside out. His clinical focus on studying brain scans has led to new understanding of behavior, brain injuries, and how the brain ages.

Now he’s taking on mental health and showing how neuroscience is transforming psychiatry and helping prevent and even reverse mental health issues. “Nobody believes it’s really biological unless you look,” Dr. Amen says. “It’s really a functional medicine approach to brain health.”

He has authored or co-authored over 70 professional articles, seven book chapters and more than 30 books. You may be familiar with some of his titles, like Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; Healing ADD; Memory Rescue; and The Brain Warrior’s Way. Dr. Amen’s newest book, The End of Mental Illness: How Neuroscience Is Transforming Psychiatry and Helping Prevent or Reverse Mood and Anxiety Disorders, ADHD, Addictions, PTSD, Psychosis, Personality Disorders, and More changes the game completely for those experiencing mental illness.

Our conversation reframes mental health as brain health. “I think of brain health really simply,” Dr. Amen says. “It’s three things: 1-Care about it; 2-Avoid things that hurt.; and 3-Do things to help it.” Listen on for practical strategies.

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Get Your Brain Right and Your Mind Will Follow – Dr. Daniel Amen – #673


Daniel Amen, M.D.

Amen Clinics

Key Notes

  • Brain health problem, not mood disorder  6:40
  • Mental health care  7:36 
  • Same pattern with obesity and mental health 9:46
  • New doc-series on YouTube 14:49
  • Positives and negatives that actually come with different mental illnesses 17:30
  • Impacts of improving, challenges, and outcomes 19:09
  • Genes only load gun for likelihood of mental illnesses 25:04
  • Getting serious about brain health 26:36
  • Study on soldiers with blast injuries 29:34
  • Learning your brain type and solutions 31:15
  • Correlation between weight going up and function of every area of brain going down 34:12
  • Toxins we are putingt on our bodies 37:08
  • Correlation between infrared saunas and Alzheimer’s disease 39:20
  • Effects of anesthesia on brain 42:21
  • NFL study 48:01
  • Mind meds vs nutraceuticals 50:22
  • Rigidity and habits, are they biological or mental 55:13
  • New Year’s Resolution asked of Bulletproof followers 57:56

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