EP 1160

1160. Spermidine’s Role in Cellular Health

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth joins me to delve into the mechanisms of autophagy and its critical role in promoting longevity and preventing disease. We explore the impacts of supplements like spermidine and discuss strategies for enhancing cellular health.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of “The Human Upgrade,” you will learn from Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, an expert in orthopedics, cellular medicine, and regenerative medicine, about the significant health benefits of spermidine, a supplement that enhances longevity and supports robust health. Dr. Yurth discusses the crucial role of spermidine in promoting autophagy, the body’s natural process for clearing out damaged cells, which can lead to better cellular health and a more youthful body. She also dives into how spermidine supports kidney health and how it can be combined with NAD to maximize anti-aging effects. Additionally, you will discover practical tips from Dr. Yurth on integrating these powerful supplements into your daily routine to maintain energy levels, improve cellular function, and sustain a vigorous and healthy life as you age. This episode provides deep insights into making informed choices about supplements that support long-term health goals. 


"The body is incredibly adept at self-repair; autophagy is your personal renovation team working 24/7."


(00:00:01) Introduction to Autophagy and Longevity
• Overview of autophagy
• Its significance in longevity 

(00:02:43) Dr. Yurth’s Journey and the Boulder Longevity Institute
• Background in orthopedics and regenerative medicine
• Focus on human enhancement and longevity 

(00:16:03) The Role of Spermidine in Autophagy
• How spermidine supports cellular cleaning
• Discussion on dietary sources and supplementation 

(00:25:37) Enhancing Cellular Health through Lifestyle
• The impact of diet, exercise, and sleep on cellular health
• Practical tips for everyday life 

(00:38:11) The Future of Longevity Research
• Innovations and upcoming research in longevity
• How understanding autophagy will change treatment paradigms 

(00:41:58) Hair Growth and Spermidine
• The benefits of spermidine on hair growth and skin health
• Discussion on topical spermidine applications 

(00:47:29) Protecting Kidneys and Other Organs
• The role of spermidine in kidney health and function
• Connection between cellular health and organ function 

(00:50:36) Klotho Gene and Its Impact on Longevity
• Introduction to klotho gene therapy
• The relationship between klotho levels and kidney function 

(00:55:38) Addressing Common Misconceptions About NAD and Spermidine
• Clarification on the roles of NAD and spermidine in aging
• Debunking myths and highlighting scientific evidence 

(01:02:02) Strategies for Personalized Health and Longevity
• Importance of tailored health interventions
• Future directions in personalized medicine 

(01:11:57) Closing Thoughts and Future Directions
• Summary of key insights from the discussion
• Upcoming projects and research at Boulder Longevity Institute 


Enjoy the show!


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