Debunking Protein Myths: What to Eat to Get Stronger and Live Longer – Dr. Gabrielle Lyon with Dave Asprey – #722

As your largest endocrine organ, muscle is your “metabolic currency.” Invest in protein to keep yourself healthy and defy aging.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re talking about muscle, protein and the benefits of meat with a doctor who focuses on Muscle-Centric-Medicine™. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is an osteopathic physician specializing in functional medicine. She says muscles function well beyond locomotion and aesthetics.

“Muscle is the organ of longevity and your survivability is directly related to the quality of your muscle tissue,” she says.

Dr. Lyon has made a career studying, training and optimizing muscle. She’s a former fitness model and nationally ranked fitness competitor. In her private practice in New York City, many of her patients are part of elite military special operations, such as Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Army Rangers and Canadian Assaulters.

Her core Muscle-Centric-Medicine™ philosophy centers on muscle as an endocrine organ and how it determines the way in which we age, our body composition, obesity, and insulin resistance. As an endocrine organ, she explains, muscle is your “metabolic currency.”

We talk about the Carnivore Diet, carbs, protein and fat ratios, and false plant-based narratives—and what those things mean for health and aging.

“Veganism in and of itself is what, 100 years old?,” says Dr. Lyon. “We simply weren’t designed to do that as it relates to muscle tissue, as it relates to aging, and it’s just not how we are biologically designed.”

“It’s so interesting when you think about fat and you think about carbohydrates,” she says. “Some people will say fat is good for you. You’ve got other people that will say that it’s not, and sugar. No one will argue that Twinkies are bad for you. But when it comes to dietary protein because it has a face, people make very emotional decisions and totally ignore the science.”

Listen on to find out much more about why protein matters for your muscles and the state of your health.

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Debunking Protein Myths- What to Eat to Get Stronger and Live Longer – Dr. Gabrielle Lyon with Dave Asprey – #722

Task Force Dagger Foundation:

Key Notes

  • Have you just taken a lot of crap for standing up and saying, “Eat more meat with faces?” – 1:30
  • There is a difference between animal protein and plant protein. – 2:30
  • Leucine is one of the essential amino acids. – 4:30
  • How many total amino acids are there? There’s 20. Nine are essential. – 8:50
  • if your muscle tissue is not adequate, your survivability and your quality of life is incredibly diminished. – 11:40
  • Vegan and vegetarians as a group, they have the worst dentition that I’ve ever seen. So their teeth and their gums, hands down the worst. Multiple root canals, just gum recession, plaque, gum recession, really have issues with their teeth. They also have the lowest bone density and they’re most likely to fracture something. – 16:44
  • The reality is that you should be hitting 50 grams to optimize the system per meal. – 21:34
  • If your thyroid is working right, you make T3 which turns up your energy in your brain and you feel good but if it goes reverse T3, it basically instead of turning up thermostat, it just does nothing. – 26:07
  • If you are going to be adjusting that fat-protein ratio, I really think that keeping an individual on a more optimized protein diet is very helpful. – 29:27
  • Going for a month of a higher fat, lower protein, switching them to a more ketogenic style diet can absolutely work. – 31:53
  • Don’t branched-chain amino acids sort of take you out of ketosis? – 32:52
  • Individuals say eating red meat is bad for the environment. If you eat red meat, it’s going to kill the environment. The reality is the majority of all greenhouse gas comes from industry, electricity, travel. I’m talking about 80% plus. – 37:02
  • But you get protein from plants. I mean, isn’t that what they’re saying? – 41:44
  • The China Study which we know is not even a … I mean, it’s not even a study. – 42;22
  • Most Important take away – Optimize protein per meal distribution, 50 grams of protein per meal no matter your age, no matter what. – 47:31
  • Second most important thing is train hard enough to get a metabolic adaptation. Interval training is absolutely key because muscle is the organ of longevity. – 49:17

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