Powerful Peptides for Your Anti-Aging Arsenal – Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez – #678

There’s real, raw power in peptides—you’ll notice a difference in how you feel, think and sleep.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we take a deep dive into the exciting topic of peptides—what they are, what they do and ideal dosages. We’ll also introduce you to a brand-new mitochondrial peptide that’s being looked at as a global anti-aging molecule.

My guest is a board-certified anesthesiologist and fellow-trained interventional pain medicine physician who graduated in the first-ever class of physicians trained and certified in peptide medicine.

Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez founded the Regenerative Institute of Medicine in Naples, Florida. She also founded Peptology™, the study and clinical application of peptides in living beings, both human and non-human. She uses peptides in all areas of her practice, such as regenerative treatments, advanced aesthetics, sexual health, hormone therapy, preventive medicine, and advanced lab testing. She also trains other physicians in specific Peptology™ protocols at her institute.

Peptides are the real deal. After using them for a period of time, “There’s a noticeable difference in how you feel, how you think, how you sleep,” Dr. Heather says.

And while she works with a broad range of peptides, she has her favorites. “I think that my love with epitalon is… I love that peptide. I think it’s the most understated peptide in our toolbox and I use it a lot. It has tremendous capability and it works in so many different areas. It’s one of the true antiaging peptides, in my opinion, and it promotes better sleep, healthier sleep, much healthier sleep, and when it’s used in combination with certain other peptides, you get a synergistic effect. Literally, people can feel their brain getting younger when they’re using epitalon regularly.”

You’ll find out in this episode why peptides are such a powerful treatment for many health conditions. Their use can improve both your healthspan and lifespan.

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Go to DrHeather.net/Dave to get the free “Ten Common Conditions Treated With Peptides” booklet. You’ll learn about each condition or symptom and at least one peptide that is used to treat it.

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Powerful Peptides for Your Anti-Aging Arsenal – Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez – #678



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Key Notes

    • Study of peptide medicine – peptology 03:40 
    • Bio-identical hormone replacement 05:00 
    • What was the shift from hormones to the study of peptides? 05:40 
    • IGF1’s impact and its impact on recover 08:20 
    • What is the weirdest and most unknown peptide that you are excited about?  09:50 
    • Top 10 things you can treat with peptides 13:01 
    • The reasons why you should be careful when sourcing your peptides 16:00 
    • Talking about Epitalon 18:20 
    • What are the benefits of taking Epitalon at night time? 21:00 
    • Benefits of Melanotan  22:35 
    • Maintaining the energy of sex is one of the most important anti aging things you can do 31:00 
    • Talking about side effects of taking peptides 34:00 
    • The proper way to administer an injection 37:25 
    • Why BPC 157 a favorite peptide 39:25 
    • What are Thymosin Alpha 1 and beta-4 used for 43:00 
    •  Is it ok to combine peptides in a syringe? 46:00 
    • Exciting mitochondrial peptide SS31 is making it’s debut in March 49:00 
    • Information on peptides is available through show notes and on Heather’s website 54:00 
    • Summary of peptides and their benefits 55:30 

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