Why Your Doctor is Not Your Mommy – Own Your Self with Kelly Brogan, M.D. – #635

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You don’t have to medicate your mental, emotional and physical pain away, says Kelly Brogan, M.D.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dr. Kelly Brogan, a holistic women’s health psychiatrist, shows people that they don’t have to medicate their mental, emotional, and physical pain away—that the best way out is through. She explains what led her to stop prescribing medication to her own patients and helps people decode the myths and misconceptions of the current healthcare system so they can lead a healthy, vital life.

She’s board certified in psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, and integrative holistic medicine and specializes in a root-cause resolution approach to psychiatric syndromes and symptoms.

Her new book—“Own Your Self: The Surprising Path Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Reclaiming Your Authenticity, Vitality, and Freedom”— presents a radical alternative to psychotropic meds.

She explodes the mistaken belief that symptoms—from mood changes to irritability to fogginess and fatigue—are evidence that people are sick or broken. “I became interested in the role of belief,” Dr. Brogan says. “And how what’s really happening when we’re talking about the engagement of health practices is the exercising of a belief system. So, I started to study the anatomy of that—the placebo, nocebo effect, expectancy—and really what it is to inhabit a belief system.”

Dr. Brogan says our experiences aren’t problems or pathologies; they reflect what we need to accept, acknowledge and transform in order to truly become who we are. “Authenticity has become the most powerful form of social currency.”

Enjoy the show!

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Why Your Doctor is Not Your Mommy – Own Your Self with Kelly Brogan, M.D. – #635


Website: kellybroganmd.com
Facebook: facebook.com/KellyBroganMD
Twitter: @KellyBroganMD
Instagram: @kellybroganmd
YouTube: youtube.com/user/KellyBroganMD
Book: “Own Your Self: The Surprising Path Beyond Depression, Anxiety, and Fatigue to Reclaiming Your Authenticity, Vitality, and Freedom” kellybroganmd.com/ownyourself/

Key Notes

  • Psychiatrists have an identity crisis 00:05:25
  • Why did Dr. Brogan believe that we are “meat robots” 00:07:05
  • Why Dr. Brogan believes in informed consent 00:09:20
  • What happened to change Dr. Brogan’s mind about drugs? 00:10:30
  • What a good naturopath does 00:12:05
  • Parentifying the medical institution 00:13:45
  • “I have been told that I have many past lives” 00:17:25
  • If your current self met your past self, would they even talk? 00:18:35
  • Does being a psychiatrist help with self-awareness? 00:21:35
  • What is Dr. Brogan afraid of? 00:22:45
  • How to know when you are afraid 00:25:05
  • The “order of recruitment” 00:29:20
  • How to deal with critics 00:33:15
  • The idea of Astro-Turfing 00:35:45
  • The problem with activism 00:42:20
  • “Self-care is the greatest form of activism” 00:45:30
  • “We are in an ordered universe” 00:51:40
  • Psychiatry doesn’t have any subjective tests 00:53:55
  • Sending a signal of safety 01:00:40
  • Using LSD for healing 01:02:45
  • What order of healing does Dr. Brogan recommend? 01:06:45
  • Aging backwards through a morphogenic mindset 01:14:05

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