Women, Hormones and DNA – Genetic Estrogen Hacking with Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. – #658

Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D.
What’s DNA got to do with it? Examining female hormone health through the lens of functional genomics.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is a scientist and entrepreneur in the field of genomics who is regarded as one of the most innovative leaders in the emerging personalized medicine and lifestyle genomics space.

Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D., president and chief scientific officer of The DNA Company, is considered to be a pioneer in medical genomics. He’s a classically trained molecular immunologist who has received academic and industry awards, published numerous papers, and holds patents in the general fields of molecular diagnostics and genomics research.

“Functional genomics is about understanding the DNA behaves in every definition like a language,” Mansoor says. “It has vocabulary, i.e., the genes. But it also has grammar, sentence structure, syntax, nuances. You’ve got to be able to read genetic structure at the holistic level.”

Listen on to learn more about how advancements across the exciting field of functional genomics are influencing personalized medicine and how The DNA Company is approaching female hormone health.

“We’ve chosen female health as our primary initial focus, and more specifically, taking a functional genomics’ view of the mechanisms that drive hormone health in women,” Mansoor says.

Enjoy the show!

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Women, Hormones and DNA – Genetic Estrogen Hacking with Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. – #658


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Instagram: instagram.com/thednaco
Twitter: twitter.com/drmansoorm

Key Notes

  • The WNT4 Gene 00:12:30
  • Why Mansoor chose DNA 00:15:10
  • Is DNA a language or a vocabulary? 00:17:30
  • 80% of the metabolites in the body come from the microbiome 00:20:40
  • The problem with too many white, male, genes 00:23:30
  • Most drug recalls are due to poor (or lack of) studies on women 00:25:30
  • What is specific about women and their DNA? 00:29:55
  • How many insights can you get from the tests? 00:41:10
  • “Take these supplements on these days” 00:45:20
  • Working with a health care provider 00:48:00
  • How menopause is different for different genotypes 00:53:15
  • Mansoor is like Neo from the Matrix 01:05:50
  • Using DNA for dating 01:06:20

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