Be Unlimited – Dr. Mark Atkinson #472

Who do you want to become? What do you want from life? Dr. Mark Atkinson, founder of the Human Potential Institute and creator of Human Potential Coaching, and Dave chat about hacking your way to becoming a better human.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is all about the courage and willingness to face reality, a commitment to know what is true, and how to upgrade the “ego.”

Plus, Dave Asprey on, “If you become a more powerful person… And you’re a jerk, you just become a more powerful jerk!” How to avoid that!

Enjoy the show!

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Be Unlimited – Dr. Mark Atkinson #472

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Show Notes

  • Self mastery. The guest on the show today is someone who you’re familiar with if you’re a long time listener. It’s Dr. Mark Atkinson, who’s founder of the Human Potential Institute and creator of Human Potential Coaching.
  • Mark is a leader in personal development and has 20 plus years of working in the field.
  • Abraham Maslow’s and there’s similarities here. It’s basically saying there’s some core fundamental needs that when met will relax you to the degree to which the focus on things of even greater depth and importance than survival.
  • I’ve come to understand this starts with one commitment. The commitment, for anyone listening to this, you got to figure out whether what I’m going to share with you is true for you.
  • You say, “I just want to know what’s true and what’s real.” -Dr. Mark
  • It’s about watching your ego with amusement. I call it amused observation. -Dr. Mark
  • Dr. Mark teaches Dave “centering practice.”
  • “So for your sake, for the sake of the people around you, for the sake of the society and community you live within, not just for us. But as a part of our contribution to contributing to our high functioning society. Because as you learn to move beyond the fear based narratives of the ego and you start operating more from a way of presence innate to which is a lot of the qualities we seek, kindness, joy, ease, flow, connection. You see, what you seek is who you are. Who you are is discovered when you come out of the head and ego, into the present moment, in the body in a way which is open and allowing.”
  • “I just had to do a lot of anger work, a lot of rage work. I had to have very difficult conversations. I had to learn how to work with and manage my stress, my emotions. I learnt to meditate. I learnt to completely rebuild my biology. I sorted out my diet and realized, “Wow.” When I came off sugar after two days, I was like a different human being. It’s like the light bulb went on. I was like on fire. I started eating more healthy. I started working out.” – Dr. Mark on getting to where he is today.
  • You can just ask yourself, “Who do I want to become?” You have a really powerful … I’ll probably finish on this one. A really powerful question is this, we kind of go throughout life and we kind of say, “What do I want from life?” -Dr. Mark.
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