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1176. Healing from Mold Toxicity and Lyme Disease

Dr. Neil Nathan delves into the complexities of toxic mold, Lyme disease, and sensitivity-related illnesses, offering insights into their diagnosis, treatment, and the importance of addressing environmental toxins for overall health.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, Dr. Neil Nathan joins to explore the intricate world of toxic mold, Lyme disease, and sensitivity-related illnesses. You’ll discover the profound impact of these environmental toxins on your health and the innovative methods for diagnosing and treating them. 

Learn how mold and Lyme disease can disrupt your body’s systems, and get practical strategies for protecting yourself from these hidden hazards. The discussion dives into the importance of the limbic and vagal systems, and how rebooting them can help manage sensitivity and promote healing. 

Dr. Nathan sheds light on the role of environmental pollution in exacerbating mold issues and offers tips for reducing your exposure to harmful toxins. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to maintain resilience and enhance your health despite these challenges. Tune in to gain valuable insights and actionable advice on managing sensitivity and reclaiming your health from environmental toxins! 


“Intuition is a gift that I believe all humans have to some extent. The sooner you embrace it, the sooner your body will train you about what gifts you have and how to use them properly if you just allow it.”


  • (00:01:07) Introduction to Dr. Neil Nathan 
    • Overview of Dr. Nathan’s expertise in toxic mold, Lyme disease, and environmental toxins 
    • Personal story of how toxic mold affected Dave Asprey 
  • (00:03:03) Mold Rage and Personality Changes 
    • Discussion on how toxic mold affects the limbic and vagal systems 
    • Dave’s personal experiences with mold-induced anger and irrational behavior 
  • (00:05:02) Understanding Mold Toxicity 
    • Explanation of mold species and mycotoxins 
    • Historical context of mold awareness, referencing Leviticus 
  • (00:09:04) Symptoms and Misdiagnosis 
    • Common symptoms of mold exposure, including neurological and psychological effects 
    • Challenges in diagnosing mold toxicity in the medical community 
  • (00:11:46) Environmental Factors and Increased Mold Toxicity 
    • Impact of building practices and environmental pollution on mold prevalence 
    • The role of chemicals like glyphosate in exacerbating mold issues 
  • (00:15:40) Practical Steps for Protection 
    • Recommendations for reducing exposure to mold and environmental toxins 
    • Importance of air filters, organic food, and maintaining airflow in homes 
  • (00:19:35) Testing and Treating Mold Toxicity 
    • Methods for identifying and treating mold toxicity 
    • Discussion on the interaction between mold and Lyme disease 
  • (00:25:26) Limbic and Vagal System Retraining 
    • Importance of rebooting the limbic and vagal systems in treating sensitivity 
    • Insights from Dr. Nathan’s new book on the sensitive patient’s healing journey 
  • (00:29:26) Personal Healing Practices 
    • Dr. Nathan’s personal strategies for maintaining health and resilience 
    • The role of exercise, spiritual practices, and a healthy environment 
  • (00:33:31) The Role of Intuition in Healing 
    • Discussion on how intuition plays a role in medical practice 
    • Dr. Nathan’s experiences with intuitive insights in patient care 
  • (00:39:31) Addressing Chronic Illness and Sensitivity 
    • Strategies for dealing with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other sensitivity-related conditions 
    • The importance of order in treating mold and Lyme disease 
  • (00:45:41) Emotional and Psychological Aspects of Healing 
    • The impact of unresolved emotional trauma on physical health 
    • Techniques for emotional release and healing 
  • (00:50:16) Conclusion 
    • Final thoughts on the importance of addressing environmental toxins 
    • Encouragement for listeners to explore Dr. Nathan’s new book and resources 


Enjoy the show!


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