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1162. Unlock the Benefits of Light and Sound Therapy

Dr. Patrick Porter and BrainTap are pioneers in the intersection of neuroscience and technology, transforming the way we approach mental and cognitive health.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

We’re previewing the 10th annual Biohacking Conference in Dallas, Texas, (May 30 – June 1) on The Human Upgrade! 

Dr. Patrick Porter and BrainTap are pioneers in the intersection of neuroscience and technology, transforming the way we approach mental and cognitive health. BrainTap, a device developed under Dr. Porter’s guidance, merges light and sound therapy with guided visualization to enhance the brain’s neuroplasticity. This technology not only offers a leap in personal development but also aligns perfectly with the biohacker’s toolkit for optimized mental performance. 

In this episode, explore the established benefits of BrainTap technology, a favorite at the Biohacking Conference. Attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how BrainTap’s approach to brain enhancement can invigorate daily mental health routines, making sophisticated neuroscience accessible to individuals seeking to maximize their mental capacity. 


"Every cell, we have a thinking nervous system, a thinking immune system, so how is our body responding to our brain?"


  • (00:01) Overview of the Biohacking Conference and its importance. 
  • (01:20) Introduction to BrainTap’s technology and its scientific underpinnings. 
  • (02:11) New research on BrainTap’s effectiveness in enhancing nurse’s cognitive functions and sleep patterns. 
  • (03:27) How BrainTap’s technology parallels the effects of psychedelics on the brain without the use of substances. 
  • (04:49) The broad applicability and success stories of BrainTap users. 
  • (06:17) Explanation of how BrainTap facilitates beneficial neural pruning. 
  • (08:12) The educational role of subspace and its importance in cognitive training. 
  • (11:17) Insights into recent BrainTap studies focusing on dementia and academic performance. 
  • (14:04) The unique community experience at the Biohacking Conference and its impact on attendees. 


Enjoy the show!


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