The Healing Power of Oxygen-Dr. Paul Harch #475

You’re going to love today’s episode, because we go deep, so to speak, on something called hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This is something that has broad applicability to almost anything that you might want to do, e.g., be more resilient, perform better, recover faster or recover from almost any disease you can think of, regardless of whether it’s short-term or long-term.

Dave Asprey chats with Dr. Paul Harch, one of the world’s top medical professionals in the field in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

To quote Dave, Dr. Harch is a “total oxygen bad ass.”

Enjoy the show!


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The Healing Power of Oxygen-Dr. Paul Harch #475

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Show Notes

  • “It changed my life, and specifically the powerful results I saw clinically with patients in the way it changed their lives, just left me no choice. I couldn’t walk away from it. You go through life, and you watch pitchers come across the plate, and when this finally came, it was so powerful that I had to take a swing, and I did. It’s been very rewarding.” Dr. Harch on Oxygen Therapy.
  • “People don’t realize it, but it affects the brain.”
  • On aging. “For if we look at what normal aging is, which is a DNA based process, and we now know how hyperbaric oxygen works, which is through gene expression and suppression, it makes all the sense in the world. That this can be done as an ongoing process, not only to combat our every day toxins, wounding, exposures and so on, but just potentially the process of aging.”
  • “There’s kind of two forms of hyperbaric treatment. One is, just pressure and the other one is, pressure plus breathing oxygen or pressure with oxygenated air.”
  • What happens if you’re just playing with pressure on the body? I have a piece of gear at Bulletproof labs in Santa Monica in one of my house that lets me decrease pressure on the body, to go up to 22,000 feet elevation. Then come down to sea level and sort of rapidly cycle through different pressure things, which triggers nitric oxide and all. -Dave on his personal biohacks.
  • What if you don’t breathe pure oxygen, what if you’re just under compressed air, is that enough?
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