Your Guide to Psychedelic Psychotherapy – Dr. Phil Wolfson with Dave Asprey – #770

Find out what really happens when you take psychedelics and why pairing them with psychotherapy can help you heal in new ways.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is Dr. Phil Wolfson, the creator of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. He shares his vast knowledge about the benefits of ketamine, and other healing chemicals like mushrooms or MDMA, as a treatment for depression, PTSD, addiction and other conditions. Dr. Wolfson leads patients through psychedelic psychotherapy sessions, guiding them through their past and present in an open, altered state of mind.

Dr. Wolfson is a specialist in psychedelic psychotherapy, a practicing Buddhist, and a “psychonaut.” His invaluable work is the result of an intense, many-decades-long clinical psychiatry/psychotherapy practice that focuses on new pathways for healing.

“There’s really no right or wrong with psychedelics,” Dr. Wolfson says. “They have special properties. People go through either a low dose or moderate to high dose experience. That experience is separated from your life here. And then the real work is the integration as people come back, [asking] How am I different? What have I learned from this?”

For example, in the first hour of mushrooms or psilocybin, you’re going to go through a psychological scrape, he says. “All the misdeeds, and things you owe to people, and how you’ve been hurt or hurt others.”

“It’s about how do we integrate our lives and relationship in this very difficult time with people and in our beings, and what practices we bring to this whole thing. So, it’s not just about substances.”

“We use our medicines in a sacred way,” Dr. Wolfson says. “We’re not doing traditional medicine; we’re not doing intravenous anesthesiology practices. We bring people in, we do invocation. We help people move into a state of contemplation before we do substances.”

He’s also the CEO of the non-profit Ketamine Research Foundation, the director of the Center for Transformational Psychotherapy and a founding member of the Heffter Research Institute (HRI), a non-profit scientific organization. HRI has been helping design, review and fund the leading studies on psilocybin (the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms) at research institutions in the U.S. and Europe.

Dr. Wolfson leads the newly founded Indra’s Net Coalition, which brings people around the world together in the midst of crisis for healing, self-expression and connection. is a worldwide universal concept about connection,” he says. “It’s about forming a network that is exists because we’re all connected.”

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A Guided Tour Through Psychedelic Psychotherapy – Dr. Phil Wolfson with Dave Asprey – #770


The Ketamine Research Foundation:
The Ketamine Training Center:
The Center for Transformational Psychotherapy:
Ketamine Psychotherapy Associates Program:
Book: The Ketamine Papers: Science, Therapy, and Transformation 

Key Notes

  • Ketamine is originally an anesthetic and analgesic put together off of PCP analog research in the late 1960s. – 1:38
  • You don’t want to loosen people up too fast and panic them. You want people to begin to flow into an experience. – 9:09
  • The first hour of mushrooms or psilocybin, you’re going to go through a psychological scrape, where all the misdeeds, and things you owe to people, and how you’ve been hurt or hurt others,  – 12:03
  • Ketamine heads the list right now about causing addiction. – – 16:05
  • Any spiritual risk using psychedelics?  – 19:14
  • Cannabis is a wonderful hallucinogenic. For 60% of people it works, for 40% they don’t do well.  – 22:55
  • Dr Wolfson walks listeners through a demonstration of a sensory experience. – 24:08
  • The hardest part, the most anxious part of ketamine journey is moving into a reality state. – 28:45
  • Why Dr Wolfson started the Ketamine Research Foundation. – 29:54
  • What about MDMA and ketamine? Do they increase growth of neurons in the brain? – 37:32
  • is a worldwide universal concept about connection. It’s about forming a network that is exists because we’re all connected. – 45:10
  • I went through a long PTSD period in which I worked but I was still struggling to recover,  I became more in touch personally with trauma, and how people suffer in my particular format. – 50:27
  • Burning Man is an aberration in the sense that we don’t do that ordinarily. And we don’t take enough of it back into our daily life. But I think that in its essential elements, what we really want to do to live together in harmony.. – 52:33

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