Mathematics of Consciousness -Your Life as a Video Game. Dr. Ted Achacoso #495

Dr. Ted Achacoso…  Possibly one of the smartest guys around… On Health Optimization Medicine.

What’s that you say? He ties together clinical metabolomics, epigenetics, bioenergetics, your gut immune systems, artificial intelligence, chronobiology, evolutionary medicine, basically stuff you might have heard about if you listen to this show, and puts it all together.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave Asprey and Dr. Achacoso go from the outer reaches of space, to the inner workings of your cells, and wonder if it is all just a video game.

Enjoy the show!

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Mathematics of Consciousness -Your Life as a Video Game. Dr. Ted Achacoso #495

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Show Notes

  • “Now you are … I think the technical term is a crazy smart guy because you’ve been quoted as saying that on bad days your IQ is 186 and on good days it’s 210. True?” -Dave on Ted’s IQ
  • “The brain actually goes in cycles. Much like any other system of the body. There will be certain bodily states or states of bodily function. Your hormonal state, your nutritional state, et cetera, that can actually decrease performance, increase performance, either cognitively, physically, emotionally, and I was actually surprised. It was only a few years ago where they discovered that the testosterone levels in men, for example, would have a biphasic curve. It rises twice in 28 days. It gives men two times the opportunity for reproduction. Those kinds of cycles right now are just getting revealed to us.” On IQ and hormones.
  • “That’s kind of what computer hackers do, that’s my main background. How do you build stuff that you’re not supposed to build? How do you control things you’re not supposed to control, say like your own biology?” -Dave
  • “I’ll infuse it with energy so you’ll have bio-quantum teleportation.” -Ted helping Dave out!
  • “I love it that you’re not just an AI researcher and meaningful tech and mathematician guy, but you’re also a physician.” -Dave

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