SEXUAL ENERGY SERIES-3: The Shock & Awe of Penis Evolution – Emily Willingham, Ph.D. – #789

A fun look at how evolution and the natural world prove that the penis doesn’t really have a reason to be cocky.

Welcome to part 3 (of 6) of our Bulletproof Radio Sexual Energy Series! We’re bringing you lots of new information about sexual health, wellness, research, devices, and performance. We’re combining that with special offers, discounts and all kinds of resources on the Dave Asprey blog. Be sure to scan the show notes below for details!

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re taking a look at penises in the animal kingdom and the lessons we can learn from them. Some shocking. Some entertaining.

This fascinating topic is based on the book, “Phallacy: Life Lessons from the Animal Penis,” by health, medical and science writer Emily Willingham, Ph.D. She’s also a research scientist specializing in the biological sciences.

The richly illustrated “Phallacy” explores the historical and contemporary context of the penis and all the hype–and oddity–that surrounds it. In her book and in our interview, she answers a range of fun and serious questions about animal and human penises and their relationship to reproduction, pleasure and even power.

“When you look at the animal kingdom, one of the lessons we learn is that it’s not our most impressive organ,” Emily says. “It would be great for people to be able to relax a little bit about theirs, I think.”

By breaking down the penis to its biological origins, Emily reminds us the penis wasn’t always a “worshipped obelisk of masculinity.” Rather, it’s a reproductive organ that many creatures have in all sorts of shapes and sizes One that has adapted and changed throughout our biological history.

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SEXUAL ENERGY SERIES-3- The Shock & Awe of Penis Evolution – Emily Willingham – #789


Book: “Phallacy: Life Lessons from the Animal Penis

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Key Notes

  • Why did you decide to write a book about penises? – 1:02
  • The more bells and whistles a structure like this has, the penis has, the more likely there is to be a little bit of tension in the mating process. – 3:56
  • There are some species that they’ll pass along these structures called spermatophores, which I refer to as sort of like sperm lollypops  – 6:43
  • When it comes to sexual satisfaction, and there are lots of other features that get involved, including hands and things like that. It’s more how much do you know about what you’re doing than the tool that you’re doing it with. – 9:36
  • When it comes to sexual satisfaction, and there are lots of other features that get involved, including hands and things like that. It’s more how much do you know about what you’re doing than the tool that you’re doing it with. – 9:36
  • One of the things that evolutionary biologists fight about is why female orgasm exists at all. Why do human women have orgasms? – 10:39
  • Let’s talk about duck penises, which I talk about a lot. People really want to know about duck penises. They’re famously, they’re corkscrew shaped. – 14:40
  • If you’re looking proportionally there’s this almost microscopic barnacle that has a penis that’s many, many, many times it’s body size, so it’s really in that sense by far the big winner. – 17:50
  • In some invertebrates they have penises that have bespoke parts that break off – 20:40
  • You also wrote a chapter called Small But Mighty Like a Sword. – 22:12
  • She had done something called parthenogenesis where her eggs started acting like they were embryos, like just a single-celled embryo, and started dividing and made all these little anacondas – 24:35
  • The Rise and Fall of the Phallus towards the end of the book. The fall of the phallus, tell me about the fall. – 28:01
  • One of the lessons we learn from this big, big, take a step back, look at all of this whole array of penises is is that it’s not our most impressive organ. – 33:48
  • I went to Iceland because that’s where the world’s, it was so claimed, only penis museum is. – 37:10
  • One of the first pictures that they seemed to have done in working with the king’s anatomist was a penis. It was a very detailed drawing of a human penis with labels, veins, all the body parts. – 40:29
  • When you study Darwin’s work you definitely see he was ahead of his time for his interest in sex  – 43:49

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