ENERGY: 3 Ways to Find Your Flow – A Top 10 Episode with Dr. Barry Morguelan

Learn how to connect with your source energy, discover your power, and move your life forward.

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Dr. Barry Morguelan takes the No. 3 spot: The Ancient Energy Discipline That Stimulates Healing and Vitality – Dr. Barry Morguelan – #413

Dr. Morguelan is one of only about a dozen living grandmasters of Chinese energy healing techniques. He’s spent nearly four decades studying ways he can help others access their energy.

He’s also a gastroenterologist and endoscopic surgeon, with four decades of experience in Western medicine techniques. His search for ways to better help and heal his patients led him to ancient Chinese energy medicine.

He began by learning acupuncture, herbology, massage and acupressure in a traditional Chinese medicine hospital. He moved onto martial arts, which taught him a larger scope of his senses and situational awareness. He was asked to complete challenges that taught him what his body was truly capable of, and he’s taken all of those practices to help people harness their full energy.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio with one of our most popular guests, we discuss how his studies impact the way he does his current work, and how you can reach your physical, mental and emotional goals. We also get into how practice, patience and consistent work can help you access the energy you hold to be your best self.

Here’s what Dr. Morguelan has to say:

  • “When I got to work there, finally, I had the opportunity when I was in one of the hospitals to read some books that had pictures in them. And those books had pictures of people treating somebody, but not touching them, not doing anything. And the person was getting well. So I asked the doctors I was working with there, and they said, yeah, that’s the source of all of Chinese medicine.”
  • “You had to be able to stand on your hands. One of the things that people do here in the military, which is not very common for doctors, one hand pushups, then four finger pushups, three finger pushups, those things I’m not. My hands are for surgery, not for those things, but they were always intimating, which turned out to be absolutely true is that you sort of have two bodies.”
  • “You need to open your eyes and wake up to the fact that all throughout life you’ve had this, at least, maybe no one told you directly, but it’s in the culture. It’s in the cultural middle of you, that your life is supposed to go like this. And then like this, and like this, and like this.”

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ENERGY- 3 Ways to Find Your Flow – A Top 10 Episode with Dr. Barry Morguelan


Special Guided Breathing Exercise with Dr. Barry Morguelan and Dave Asprey

Bulletproof Radio:


Key Notes

  • I started practicing in ’78 and then began into gastroenterology and boards around the ’80s.  – 2:05
  • You didn’t just go to China. What other places have you been to learn about energy medicine?  – 2;25
  • Every city I would go into, I’d ask the doctors, okay, what do you have different? What do you have that you use instead of routine Western medicine. – 4:21
  • How did you get to the next level? Did you go to the Shaolin Temple, or what was the deal there?  – 6:23
  • You have the situational awareness and you still have your martial art sort of background?  – 8:58
  • I was just watching people actually doing the thing I’ve been searching for all these years and didn’t even know it existed. So finally I knew it existed. So this was like the greatest experience. I was like happy. And they didn’t even act like I existed.  – 11;53
  • What was the highest level of challenge? The most challenging one you went through?  – 15:31
  • People’s bodies are within a certain range. And then that’s not your only body. You’ve got all this energy to connect to in the world. Some people like to say your energy body. – 16:20
  • There’s like eight major areas that you can definitely see something happening dramatically. So first would be, do you want me to go into them?  – 18:46
  • One of the other eight is called serendipity on command, which is that people notice not only your relationships get better and people are nicer to you, but that also, and you’re nicer to them.  – 21:12
  • If someone came to you tomorrow and said, look, Barry, I want to be better at everything I do. I want to perform better at just being a human. Three most important pieces of advice you have for them, what would they be?  – 25:35
  • I pretty much have worked a seven day week for, I guess, about 15, 16 years. And the energy is the only way to do that effectively.  – 28:51

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